The Energies for December 2008

The Expansion of Love and the Twin Flame Energies

Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter into this month of December, you feel the Expansion of Light and Love on your Planet! At this time, you are experiencing a Quantum Shift in Consciousness, preparing yourselves for the New Adventures and the new tasks that lie ahead in the Coming Year of 2009.

This Great Shift on Consciousness of December 2008 we will call the "Expansion of Love". For indeed, the Shifts and Transformations that you have experienced have all had the goal and purpose of allowing you to experience more of Who you Are, and to move ever deeper into the Love at the Core of your Being, that Love that is your Inner Divinity.

Now, we have called this shift "Ascension", and in the early years of this shift we likened it to a journey. You were moving into Higher Dimensions of your Being and Consciousness, as if you had a place to go, which you called "Home". But now, you have come to understand that there is nowehere to go but deeper into your own Being. There is nothing to do but expand into the Love that you already Are deep within yourself.

Beloved Lightworkers, you hold within yourselves the Dimensions of Being and the Consciousness of God. These are not aspects that are outside of you, they are not aspects that you need to seek for outside of yourselves. For indeed, as the Master Jesus once said, the Kingdom of God is within You! Beloved Ones, All that you seek is within You. Home is within You. The most glorious experiences of Radiant Love are within You waiting to be expressed and experienced by You. You are Love made manifest, the Sons and Daughters of God, the Children of the Light!

Beloved Ones, as the old reality fades together with its old patterns of fear and violence and lack, the New Earth Reality arises based on the patterns of the Sacred Heart, the Rose of the Twin Flame energies. You are discovering how to align with a Focus or Center of Energy in your Heart that unfolds like a Rose and that holds Heaven and Earth together with the Electrical and Magnetic "polarities" of the God Force energies. You are discovering how to move with the powerful flows of this God Force or Divine Intelligence as it moves within You. And you are learning to experience the powerful creative Magic of this Deep Love that flows through the Heart.

You are learning how to Expand the Love until you see that All in your Field, your Perception, your Experience, is an aspect of God-in-You, and that it is vibrating and pulsating with the Passion and Love and Desire of the Divine Source Energy. The Desire to Be, to Become and to Experience All that You can Be through the creations and manifestations of your physical being is an expression of the Divine Love of the God Force within. You are learning how to perceive life with Love and Gratitude as your perceptions move into focus and you know that you are One in the Love of God, that you are Love Incarnate, the walking and breathing representation of the Love of God. A Human Angel, unified with All Things in the Consciousness of God.

At this time, You are Becoming part of the Song of Harmony.....the Song of "One". And you are ready for the Expanded adventures of Joy, manifesting through the Sacred Rose or the Twin Flame Template of Divine Consciousness for the New Earth reality. In this process of Higher Consciousness, you are able to see All that Exists as an expression or manifestation of "the Beloved", the Love of God that is the energy that draws you back into the Heart of God. You become part of the deep passion of Divine Love that flows through all things. And you may, if you choose, experience that Joy and Ecstasy within a partnership in the material world.

Beloved Ones, on the 12th of December, the 12:12 gateway or portal in Time/Space, the Earth will pass through a Full Moon alignment where the Full Moon will be in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. Gemini is the astrological house of the "Twins", which in the New Reality represents the energy of the Twin Flame or Sacred Union. With the Sun in the Fire sign of Spiritual Passion represented by Sagittarius, and the Moon in the House of Sacred Union represented by Gemini, the fiery passion of Sacred Union will ignite in the Hearts of those who are awakened to this Love and will assist them to Expand the Love within their Field of Experience and Perception. And these ones will become the Leaders for the next cycle of Conscious Evolution into deeper aspects of Divine Love and its expression on the Planet.

The energy will continue to build up to the 21st of December, the time of the Planetary Solstice, when the Southern Pole of the Planet, representing the Feminine Polarity of the Earth, will align directly with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. The Galactic center is the Heart of the Galaxy, that Sacred Space where the energies of the Galaxy are held in Sacred Union. It is the place from where Oneness and Harmony flows. The Earth will align with these powerful flows of Oneness and Harmony and Love will open the Hearts of those on the Earth who are ready to receive the Song of Oneness into their Core Being. The powerful wave of Twin Flame Love that you will experience between the 12th and the 21st of December, will indeed "lift" you to a new level in your Experience and Perception of yourself as a Human Angelic Being and Consciousness. The Twin Flame Love of Source will ignite the Twin Flame Love within, and will create Miracles of Compassionate Love that will be deeply felt by those who are ready to accept this new manifestation of the Love of God.


The Energies for December 2008
The Full Moon will fall on the 12th of December, and will be in Gemini with the Sun in Sagittarius. As we have already noted, this is an ideal time to celebrate the energies of the Twin Flame and the Sacred Union within. It will also be a good time for attracting that Love in its manifestation as a relationship or partner if that is your desire. The seeds may be sown at this powerful time of Love and Union, and the desire itself will bring an expression of the reality when the time is right!

The Solstice will fall on the 21st of December, and this will be the Winter Solstice in the North and the Summer Solstice in the South. Again, a time of powerful alignments with the Divine Feminine energy and the energy of Sacred Union within.

The 25th of December is the traditional Festival of the Birth of Christ, and as Lightworkers it can be a good time to celebrate the birthing of the Light of Christ Consciousness through the coming of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to hold the Golden Star of Sacred Union and the imprint that "Star" as a Template for Sacred Marriage within the Energy Field of the Planet. For indeed, the Golden "Star" that guided the Mages to Bethlehem was the Golden Star of Sacred Union created by the Sacred Union of those two Gold Ray Souls as Twin Flames within the Etheric Field of the Planet.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd of December, and many of the planets will pass through Capricorn in December. There is now a general shift of focus from Sagittarius, the house of Spiritual Fire, to Capricorn, the house of the manifestation of Earth wisdom and leadership. The Planet of Transformation, Pluto, passes into Capricorn now, and will not transit back into Sagittarius again. That cycle is over and complete, the new cycle is about the manifestation of the New Reality on the Planet.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 27th of December will be an ideal time to consider the "seeds" for the next cycle of Manifestation and Adventure that begins in 2009!

Beloved Ones, we here in the Angelic Dimensions congratulate you on work well done, may you enjoy the Golden Light of Love in your lives in this month of Joy and Change. May the Adventure continue, and may you enter into the Deep Desires and Dreams of Love that your Souls wish to express on the New Earth!



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