The Energies for February 2006

Dearest Lightworkers, as you move into the second month of this year, many of you are having to come to terms with the deep and significant changes in the Planetary energies. Indeed, the changes have been so profound that many of you may still be struggling to adjust to this new way of life. But we would encourage you and say, "Welcome Home". It is time to realize that you are "Home", and that it is time to enter into the flow of Magic and Miracles.

We see many of you still struggling with your reality, and we say to you, it is may be time to "lose" your mind, so to speak, and enter into your Hearts. For what you will see and hear and feel in this time may be beyond the parameters of the mind. The mind may struggle to accept this new reality. That is why so many of you feel a little lost and directionless, and maybe even depressed and confused right now. The mind needs constant direction and movement, the Heart seeks Peace and Stillness. When your mind can release the need for constant striving and accept the space of Pure Being, you will begin to understand how "Heaven" works. There is no need to strive and pursue, everything flows in its own due time. Patience and Serenity and Grace allow Heaven to manifest in your lives.

Home is a Gentle Place

With the coming of the Blue Star Children to anchor their Higher Consciousness into the Paradise Grid, the energy of Peace and Gentleness returns. For Home is indeed a soft, loving and gentle place. You will be able to tell when you are in New Earth energy. You will feel the softness and the gentleness.

Indeed, dearest Lightworkers, the vibration of "Home" is like being supported on the gentle wings of ten thousand angels. You will feel safe, protected and supported. You will know and trust that miracles will occur and that prayers will be answered. Above all, you will be so aligned with your Higher Aspect that you will feel safe and loved and protected at all times. This alignment with your Higher Aspect is the essence of "Home". There will be no separation.

Tensions between Old and New Energies

Dearest Lightworkers, in this period of transition, you may find yourself often having to make conscious choices for the New Reality. The Old Reality will pull at you, and the mind will sometimes refuse to accept a world that is flexible, changeable and miraculous! The mind demands that you live in a rational world of cause and effect and consequences. The Heart knows that you live in a miraculous world of creative energy, intention and love, and that anything can be reshaped and changed if there is intention and love. Unconditional Love is the "currency" and "exchange" of "Home" or the New Earth.

But not everyone has reached "Home" as yet, and some may not be ready. And so, at this time, humans on Earth are existing on many different levels of awareness, or "dimensions" of being. So what is "real" for you may not be for them. And so, dearest Lightworkers, you will experience a kind of "shifting" and "sorting" as individuals of similar consciousness form communities of thought and awareness. The movement between levels is still very fluid and open, and you will need to keep choosing "Home" with its energy of Peace, Gentleness and Love, above all the dramas of Separation and Anger that are on offer on the lower dimensions at this time.

This will be increasingly important after March, when the choices will become very clear as each "level" of reality unfolds into the intentional direction of that grouping or level.

So, dearest Lightworkers, now is the time to call in your Soul Families and Clans and align with Communities of Service. Align with the Highest possible vibration of "Home". At this time it is available and open to all who seek it! Welcome Home, Human Angels!

Physical Experiences of the New Energy

Dearest Lightworkers, the energies have changed! We will be giving you more about this in the coming month. The new energies being brought in by the Blue Star Children and the recent recalibration of your Lightbodies, is creating significant movement within your systems. The Earth is moving onwards with her Ascension journey, and so are you. So many of you will experience "symptoms" that may remind you of earlier Ascension experiences as you moved into the Fifth Dimension. You are moving again, choosing a new level, and so you are feeling the symptoms of this shift.

These energies will include the following:

  • Strange feelings in the body, electrical vibrations and currents, as well as energy moving through the body at times. The Electric Blue energy of the Blue Star Children will often feel strange to you. Your body will need to adapt to this new energy.
  • Nausea and dizziness, and a strange "vortex" feeling in the Solar Plexus. Maybe accompanied by anxiety. This is your nervous system responding to the new energies.
  • Intense emotions and feelings. These may be positive and loving, you may experience deep love and connection. These may be quite negative, anger, grief, depression. They will pass, it is just old "stuff" coming up to be cleared
  • Strange Dreams and many dreams. These will not have much real significance, and will often reflect old issues that need to be released, especially issues like low self-worth and attachment to old value systems. It is your psyche's way of "clearing house" to make ready for the new energies.
  • Exhaustion and the need to rest and sleep a great deal. Your body is experiencing changes...listen to what it wants.
  • Change of diet and wanting to eat less. The body is refining its needs once again.

As you experience these feelings, allow yourself to be in absolute trust that all is well. It will pass!

Begin to see the miracles that are emerging around the edges of these experiences!

The Radiance on the Planet increases daily and burns away all that is dross and of low vibration.!

The Energies in February

Pluto is still transiting the Galactic Center, providing the prism or lens to intensify the energies of change and transformation on the Planet.

The Full Moon is on the 13th of February. The Full Moon will be in Leo, a Fire Sign. Fire Moons are intense and often fiery and difficult. Align with the energy of the Solar Feminine. Feel your passions and your creative desires coming up to be expressed in positive ways. The energy of the Goddess is always strong on the Full Moon.

The New Moon is on the 28th in Pisces, a Water sign. Pisces is a time to reconnect with the deeper currents of your psyche and your spirituality. Rediscover your Highest Ideals and Dreams.

This month's energies are Fire, Water and Air. You will need to remember to bring in the Earth energies and keep grounded!



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