The Energies for June 2007

Dearest Lightworkers, after the intense focus on the Divine Masculine energies in April and May, the energy of the Divine Feminine once again becomes felt in your lives. This begins with the intense Fire Moon at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 1st of June, and culminates with the celebration of the Triple Goddess energy at the mid-year Solstice on 21st June 2007 ( 3-6-9).

Indeed, this it time to celebrate, for the Divine Feminine energies are now fully returned to Planet Earth, and are flowing through the new crystalline grids. They have been balanced with the Divine Masculine. Harmony and Balance is achieved as this cycle comes to its completion in September at the 9-9-9 energy harmonic (9th, 18th and 27th September 2007.)

The Archetypal energy of the "Triple Goddess", represented by the numbers 3 -6-9, has been rebirthed and renewed as the Great Mother aspect of the Divine Source energy re-establishes its presence on Earth. In the old energy traditions, she was known as the "virgin, mother and crone". But we find a new vitality and power in her manifestation. If you go to that ancient set of archetypal keys called the tarot, you will find that the images that correlate with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are called "The Empress", "The Lovers", and "The Hermit". These symbols represent Material Abundance and Beauty; Passion, both erotic and creative; and Inner Wisdom through experience and contemplation. Indeed, this is the true essence of the power of the Divine Feminine in your New Earth energies. It is to assist you to create an abundant life, with deep passion and from an alignment with your inner wisdom, as spoken to you by the voice of your Heart.

And, with the re-alignment of the Goddess energy in your lives, you also experience the blessings of the two powerful Goddess Feminine Rays or "Flames", expressed as color energies or frequencies. Firstly, the Orange-pink Flame, under the guardianship of Mary Magdalene. This is a warm, loving, generous and playful energy. It can also be creative, passionate and erotic. It is the warm flame at the heart of the Goddess "fire".

Then there is the Opalescent Flame, which is under the guardianship of Kwan Yin. This flame represents the energy of Compassion and Absolute Truth. It cleanses and removes all that is not in alignment with the absolute truth of who you are in your Divine Essence. It operates at a very high frequency, and its power cuts through all illusions. It is not an easy energy to work with initially, but it has great power to reveal the essence and truth in any situation. Those who use it wisely will find it to be a powerful tool for working with the new energies and creating the New Earth.

And so, at the Solstice, the Goddess empowered within each one of you will come to meet with her Divine partner under the sign of Gemini - The Twins. It is a time to celebrate Sacred Union as the flame of the Goddess unites with the Divine Masculine in the Cosmic dance of the Twin Flame energy. You will feel this energy within yourself, and it will be the power that will lift you into a new consciousness, and a new way of perceiving who you are and what you may create.

You will find, dearest Lightworkers, that things will flow with more ease and grace in your lives. The Harmony and Balance that is being restored on the planet and within you as individuals, will produce more loving and harmonious relationships. The potential for Balance and Harmony and the possibility of choosing and creating Peace is now established in the Collective Consciousness as an Archetypal pattern of the New Earth energy. Sacred Unions of the God and Goddess, the Dance of Complementary Energies, and the blending of the Flames of Passionate Creativity, will shape the nature of your material experience on the New Earth.

We will say to you also, dearest Lightworkers, that the energy of the Fire Goddess will continue to be the fiery forge that will provide the "womb" for your new creations at this time. On the 6th of June, the planet Venus moves into the Fire sign of Leo, representing Isis, the Great Mother in her aspect as Sekmet, moving towards the Lion's Gate for the opening of the Sirius stargate in July. Venus will remain in Leo until the 15th of July, when it will move into Virgo. But, at the Lion's Gate, between the 9th and the 12th of August, it will retrograde into the Fire sign of Leo.

This means, dearest ones, that whatever issues of Creativity, Sexuality and Passion are brought up for you to work with in June, will be completed and finalized at the Lion's Gate in August. This is a powerful time. You are being "upgraded" and "re-wired" so that you are absolutely prepared to make the maximum possible use of the river of light that will pour through the Lion's Gate and accelerate your conscious evolution into a new phase. We ask you indeed to pay close attention to what unfolds in your lives in these weeks leading to the Solstice.

For, as the Lion's Gate energy pours in, it will facilitate completion of all old energy issues by the 9-9-9, and will prepare you for the first true cycle of the New Golden Age that commences on the 1st of January 2008. (1-1-1)

These are indeed powerful times, dearest ones, and blessed times. Your Heart will be the only true compass that will take you into the new spiral of consciousness. What you feel, within you, must unite with what you think, and there will come a harmony between Head and Heart, between Thought and Feelings, that will enable you to create and manifest in absolute alignment with your personal truth and who you are.

The Balance between Soul, Spirit and Body

Dearest Lightworkers, as you have worked with balancing your Inner Masculine and Feminine energies, you have also worked to facilitate the balance between Spirit or Soul, and Matter or the Material Body.

At this time in your Ascension process, you are becoming fully "ensouled", and your soul's light or energy is engaging or illuminating the full potential of who you are in your physical body and within the DNA records. For, the essence of the Human Angel is the exact balance of Human Physical Form with Angelic Radiance and Power. Or, the illumination and activation of the template of perfection held in the DNA by the electrical power of the Angelic Light.

Dearest Lightworkers, when you achieve that balance within yourselves, you will begin to perceive it in others too. You will see, not only the physical form, but the light and radiance of the soul and spirit within the body. And, as you become aware of this aspect, you will learn to communicate and commune on the level of the Soul and Spirit, as well as the Physical. This will be the true language of the Heart, the language of Light, where soul will speak to soul and heart will speak to heart, even as you connect and communicate as humans. And, in time, each human encounter will become what it truly already is, a sacred communion between souls.

And, as you learn to honor the Soul and the Spirit in every living Being, you will also see the beauty reflected in the physical form. For, the Inner Light will begin to shape the Physical manifestation in a way that reflects the radiance and the inner beauty. You will shine with the perfection of who you are as your Soul and Spirit fully inhabit your Physical Form in complete and harmonious balance.

More Energies in June

Also, in this mid-year month of June, there will be two full moons, the second being known as a "Blue Moon". The first will be on the 1st of June, and the second on the 30th of June.

The first Full Moon will be a Fire Moon, in Sagittarius, carrying the powerful energy of the Solar Divine Feminine. The sun will be in Gemini, an Air Sign, creating the playful, warm and dancing energy beloved of the Fire and Air elementals. It can also be unstable, so be prepared for small "conflagrations" and "hurricanes" on the emotional level as well!

After the powerful Solstice, and as we move towards the Lion's Gate, the second Full Moon, the Blue Moon, will be in Capricorn with the sun in Cancer. This Earth/Water elemental combination will be more stable and more gentle, but with the potential for emotional and abundance issues to be highlighted and cleared before the new cycle commences.

Also adding to the intensity in June and July will be Mercury retrograde, from the 15th June to the 9th July. This energy will give you the time and space to work with any old issues and energies that need to be released. A final opportunity to fully release old patterns of belief and behavior before you enter into the flow of the radiant new energies of the new cycle.

The New Moon in Gemini will be on the 15th of June. This will be a good time to "seed" your Intention of entering the new cycle in perfect inner balance and harmony.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we wish you joy and love on your journey into Light!



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