The Energies For March 2008

Activating the Sacred Grail Codes within the DNA to Create Abundance and Love on Planet Earth

Beloved Lightworkers, the energies that have entered your Planetary Consciousness since the Lunar Eclipse are tumultuous and intense. You are experiencing the Full Spectrum of the New Earth's Fifth Dimensional Energies as they activate and energize the New Earth Template within the DNA matrix of your cells. You are experiencing the awakening of your original template or blueprint within your cellular matrix, and you are being "upgraded" to your New Earth templates at the same time. There is much change and shift going on within your Being at this time, you are feeling the effects of the activation of your Infinity Codes and your Sacred Grail Codes, as well as the New Earth Codes. An exciting time, dearest Lightworkers, as you enter your New Reality, but also a difficult time, as you strive to balance all these new energies within yourselves.

At this time, as you enter March of 2008, you are still balancing into the new Divine Masculine energies that were introduced at the Lunar Eclipse in February. In this month, you will continue to feel the intensity of the New Energy, and you will be given a chance to balance this within yourself and to integrate with the Divine Feminine in your own inner Sacred Union. The Twin Flame energies of your Inner Being are now integrating to create even greater power and the ability to use that power to manifest Heaven on Earth. At the present time, many of you are using these energies to "ignite" your Inner Flame into Great Power, but you may be struggling to keep balance within your lives, and this inner struggle manifests as struggle in the outer world as well. As you begin to hold the balance more easily, you will master the ability to hold this energy within yourselves and to direct it into Creative chanels. This is how you will create the abundance of your New Earth, but first, you are learning to hold the powerful energies within, without spinning out into chaos, depression and anger.

Beloved Lightworkers, know that in this New Cycle of energy you are activating powerful Codes within your Lightbodies and your Physcial DNA cellular matrix that are allowing you to access greater inner power, and your challenge is now to balance that power and to use it with love and respect for the needs of others. For, as you begin to work with this new power, you may find yourself clashing with the power of others or with the creations of others. And so, it is necessary that you hold your Twin Flame power in your Heart and remember that you are All connected in the Fifth Dimensional Flow of Life. Soon, you will master the ability to flow your own creative energy so that you embrace the creativity of others as your own, and you are able to create together with Power and Joy.

For, dearest Lightworkers, the ability to work together with others with respect and love will be the way in which you begin to create on the Paradise Matrix. We remind you that the Paradise matrix was grounded and activated on Planet Earth three years ago, on March 5th 2005. Now, as you embrace the Full Spectrum of your Twin Flame Being, and as you embrace your Oneness in the Fifth Dimensional Reality, you are ready to create the powerful miracles of Change and Abundance on the Paradise Matrix. Your Physical Being is now fully "charged" and ready to begin functioning within the New Earth template of the Fifth Dimensional Human Angelic life.

So, we will say, that in this month, you will be working to align the New Divine Masculine Lunar or Water energy with the Solar Divine Feminine energies. Cosmic Fire and Cosmic Water will find their balance and harmony within you, igniting your powerful Creator and manifestation abilities. In this month, Mars, the planet of Male energies, moves into Cancer, the water sign ruled by the Moon, on the 7th of March. The New Male frequencies will be at their most potent and powerful. On the 20th of March, you will experience the Global Equinox - Spring in the North and Autumn in the South. This is a moment when you have the opportunity to align your Inner Being and balance fully for the next spiral in the journey of unfolding and evolution. On the 21st of March, the Full Moon will be in Libra, the astrological house of Marriage, as the Sun moves into Aries to start the astrological new year. But, the 21st will also be Easter Friday in the Christian tradition. This is a powerful time for the Divine Masculine energies, as the "passion" of Christ is remembered and celebrated on Earth by millions of people. It is a time when the Christ energies in their Masculine Form are strong. We would ask that this year, that you bring in the Balance! Remember also the passionate Solar Divine Feminine energies of the Magdalene as well. Let March the 20th and 21st be the days when you focus on the Inner Balance of the Christos/Magdalene energies. In this way, you will be using this time to activate the Sacred Grail Codes within your DNA.

Beloved Ones, this is a powerful time for your Inner Balance or Sacred Union. In this powerful year of New Beginnings, it is an energetic opportunity for you to align these energies in a powerful step upwards on the spiral of your own growth. This is a time when you are given a sacred gift, if you are willing to receive. In the New Earth cycle of "years", this time will become the time when you will celebrate the energy of the Grail Codes, the Miracle of the Union of the Twin Flame energies, reflected in the Sacred Archetypal Union of Christ and Mary Magdalene.

It is this time when the Sacred Grail Codes in your DNA matrix are activated for a new cycle or spiral of Love and Creativity on the Planet. Beloved Lightworkers, we spoke to you last year of the Infinity Codes within your DNA matrix, those codes that carry the information for your new Fifth Dimensional Being. Then we also have been bringing you information about the Grail Codes within your DNA matrix, and the power of Sacred Union in your lives, as you enter into the awareness of the Fifth Dimension. Now, as you have activated these information codes within your Lightbody and your Physical Being, you are now ready to enter fully into your New Earth Lightbody templates of the Human Angel. Your Physical Being is ready to accept the "instructions" from your Lightbody to begin full activation of the New Earth Template so that the Fifth Dimensional Human becomes a fully embodied Human Angelic Being. You are now building the final bridges of Light between Heaven and Earth, between your Spiritual or Lightbody and your Physical Being. The Codes are pouring the information into your Being, and the new energies are now seeking that you discover how to hold these energies in balance within yourself, so that you may create Light and Joy and Peace in your Outer World.


The Heart of a Warrior, the Heart of a Child

Dearest Lightworkers, we have spoken much recently about the inner masculine and feminine energies, and we see how many of you are struggling to hold this balance within yourselves at this time when the old energies are departing and the new energies are slowly arising in your communities. So, we will also suggest gently some ways that will help you to balance these energies. In this month of March, the Sun moves into Aries, the sign of the Warrior and the Child, and it is these Archetypal energies that will assist you at this time.

In indigenous societies, the energy of the Warrior was originally much respected. This was not an aggressive or dominant male energy, rather it was an energy that was trained to the highest degree of self-awareness, courage and strength. In the present times, beloved ones, you have great need of your Inner Spiritual Warrior. You need the Divine Masculine qualities of Courage, Strength, Perseverance and Self-Awareness. You are coming to know yourselves as never before, you are experiencing your consciousness in new ways, and to know what you need fron your life. And so, cultivate the awareness and personal vigilance of a Warrior of Light, that you may hold your Light and not stumble and fall into anger and depression. For a true Warrior of the Spirit knows how to deal with their own inner darkness, so that they do not need to project this into their outer reality. So, as you hold your Inner Light with Courage and Perseverance and Unconditional Love, you will feel empowered to hold these powerful new frequencies of Light.

Now, dearest ones, this does not mean that life is all hard work and perseverance. Along with this Spiritual Warrior energy must also go the Gentle, Trusting and Playful energy of your Inner Magical Child. At this time, go within and find that part of yourself that loves to play and to enjoy the Beauty and Wonder of your physical reality. Gift yourself with the time and space to remember the needs of the Child Within.

If you focus on these two energies for a while, you will feel the inner balance will be achieved with grace and simplicity.


The Energies in March 2008

7th March : New Moon in Pisces

20th March : Spring/Autumn Equinox

21st March : Full Moon in Libra and Easter Friday

23rd March : Easter Sunday

24th March : Easter Monday





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