The Energies for May 2007

Dearest Lightworkers, April was a powerful month for you. It carried the “Easter” energies of the enlightened Christ Consciousness, the Divine Masculine in its luminous form. As you experience this pure energy, you experience also the pure energy of the Divine Feminine, the Twin Flame of the Christ Light. In many of you this was felt as an urge to align with the absolute truth of Who You Are, beyond illusions, just pure Love and Truth. This meant facing up to the illusions that you still carried within yourselves, and releasing them. And, as you released, you felt also the pain and sorrow that must be felt and released as you release illusions and embrace the purity of the Christ Light within.

This powerful transforming and enlightening energy continues into May, with the Wesak energies and the Buddha Full Moon on the 2nd of May. This is the time when the enlightened energies of the Divine Masculine, represented by the Buddha, touch down onto the Earth and provide a powerful surge of awakening and enlightenment. You will continue to feel this urge to align with absolute truth and to release all that is illusion.

You will know what is illusion as you feel with your Heart, and in your body. When you feel fear, anxiety, anger or stress, then you are in illusion and you are allowing your mind to shape your reality. When you feel Love, Peace, Calm and Serenity, then you are aligned with the Absolute Truth of your Soul and Who You Are, as expressed through your Heart.

For you are, each of You, a spark of the Divine Flame, and each of you carries as your core “truth” the light of Divine Love. And this expresses itself through your Heart as Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude – the attributes of the enlightened being.

But, we see in many of you, confusion and anxiety, as you release very old “conditioned” feelings that lie within your psyches. In your culture, which goes back nearly 2000 years, there is a strong tendency to judge from duality and to see the self and the planet as unworthy, sinful, guilty, and needing to be “purged” and cleansed. This is the old “illusion” that you are now releasing, and as you do this, you begin to embrace the New Earth and to create from integrity and clarity. You will feel deep anxiety at times, for you are giving up and releasing a belief about yourself and the planet that is deeply ingrained in the Collective Consciousness. Your sense of “reality” is being challenged and reshaped as you embrace Absolute Love and release the illusions of pain, suffering and apocalyptic punishment.

The “end” has come and gone, and you are already creating the New. Allow yourself to release all the old fears and anxieties and the dramas of destruction and death, and focus on creating the New. There are powerful new energies present in this year that will allow you to embrace All that you Are, and become a powerful Co-Creator with Spirit in this project of the New Earth.

Honoring your Creative Essence

One of the gifts of awakening is the understanding, dearest Lightworkers, that you are the Creators of your own Reality. That everything that you have experienced, has been created by you from your Soul and Spirit. As you awaken, you will learn more clearly how to be “conscious creators”, and how to manifest through Love, in partnership with Spirit.

But, this means that you must create and manifest from your awakened and enlightened being, and from Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude. You must Love yourself enough to love your creations, and to honor what you have created, for this is how you honor the Divine within you, which is your Creative Essence or Spirit.

For we see that many of you do not love yourselves enough, and so you do not honor your own creations, often needing to destroy them through anger and through creating painful dramas of the mind. We would say to you, learn to know that you are evolving and growing in your ability to manifest and create. When you can accept that what you create is good and beautiful, because you are good and beautiful, then you will express the deep gratitude that you will feel for this “gift” of creative essence from the Source.

Remember, in the “Genesis” story of the Creation, the Source created and then said: “It is Good!”. This blessing of Creation was the prerequisite for continued creation into higher levels of complexity, culminating with the creation and evolution of the Human Angelic Species through the Adam Kadmon template, or the Elohim template for Human Perfection.

The Source did not look at the creations and then destroy them in order to create again. Rather, each creative days work was honored for what it was, and creation was allowed to unfold into its richness and diversity. And it was good!

But, many of you have lost connection with your creative energy and processes, as you judge your creations and say: “It is bad! It needs to be destroyed!”. Now, this is because you do not honor yourself and your abilities. You are all creative, but you may say, for example, “I cannot paint or make music or….”. But, of course you can! And the more you paint and dance and make music, the more you acquire the skills to enjoy the creative journey and the more your creative efforts will reflect the joy of who you are. You don’t need to destroy every work so that you can make a better one. Rather, you will enjoy your past efforts as you move to skilled and more fluent creations. You will enjoy your past works and use them as the basis for new and more skilled works as you become more skilled, and as you grow and evolve.

And so, we say, dearest Lightworkers, that you are all creative artists here on the planet! You are the artists of “reality creation”. Stop, then, seeking to destroy your own creation. Know that you are growing in your creative skills, and it is good. Look at what you have created, and see the Beauty and Love reflected. And know that your ongoing creations will reflect ever more of that Love and Light, and you will awaken and become more skilled in your creative expression.

And know that you do not need to destroy in fear and anger, in order to create again. Just gently release your old creations, without judgment, and focus on what you will create NOW, as the Creator that you are at this moment.

You are empowered to create the New Earth now. As you work together to release the angers, fears and illusions of the past, let them be replaced by Love, Compassion and Gratitude. Then, you will learn to create with the skill that manifests creations of Absolute Love and Grace that will reflect the Love within you at this time. It is your choice, dearest Lightworkers, creation is always a matter of choice, focus and intention. Be present now, in the moment, and create from the absolute integrity of who you are. And then, indeed, you will create miracles of love and joy that will bring you great feelings of gratitude.

Do Not Fear the Earth

The Earth, this planet, is your home, and you are co-creating her reality together. Do not fear her, dearest Lightworkers. So many of you live in fear and anxiety about disasters and catastrophes that you feel must come. Have we not said to you before that the gift of the Crystal children was to bring to the planet a Christ Consciousness so powerful that it was able to transmute all the negative prophecies about the “end times”. Your children are the key to a brighter future.. They know that there is nothing to fear.

The Crystal Children would not continue to come to the planet in such numbers if the planet were doomed to destruction. They are far too clever for that! Their powerful and loving consciousness is here to create a powerful and loving future. Dearest Lightworkers, align with the energy of the Crystal Children and they will show you how to release fear.

Learn rather, how to honor the Earth and her cycles of energy. Connect with the Elementals in their work, invite them into your gardens and homes. Honor the phases of the Sun and the Moon, the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Honor those festivals that are sacred to you and that express your spiritual life.

And then, as you build and create a loving and supportive relationship with the Earth, you will lose your fear. You will come to see the planet as a warm and loving home that provides for you while you are here. Your needs are met and you are safe. You will create together with the Earth, and you will enjoy her energies and her transformations. Yes, know that you are always safe, and that your Higher Self and the Angelic Realm watch over you at all times. You have chosen to be part of this New Earth, and you are always safe and protected at all times. Allow yourself to feel that love and protection, and so create from fearlessness and joy.

Dearest ones, indeed a bright future awaits you. The new energy continues to illumine the Earth and to bring more love. The Crystal Children come in increasing numbers with their Galactic consciousness. Again we say to you, release the illusions. Know that is you feel fear or anxiety or anger or pain, then your mind is creating from illusion. If you feel Love and Peace, then your Soul and Spirit are creating through your Heart.

Soon, you will learn to align the Mind with the Heart, as you learn to walk in Absolute Truth. So, at this time of transformation, be aware of those times when your mind says one thing and your heart says another. Being able to walk your talk in absolute integrity is the skill of Creative Manifestation that brings forth miracles of Love on the New Earth.

The Energies in May

The sun will be in Taurus, transiting to Gemini on the 21st of May. The most powerful moment of the month will be the Buddha Full Moon on the 2nd of May. You will feel this powerful energy as it floods the Earth.

On the 16th of May, it is the New Moon in Taurus, and Mars moves into its own house of Aries. This is a powerful combination of Masculine and Feminine energies, for the 2nd house of Taurus is ruled by the Goddess planet, Venus. At this time you can also expect powerful energies of alignment to be present.

Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius between 18 and 15 degrees, and Pluto is retrograde at 28 degrees. This energy of transformation will allow you to revisit some old issues that need to be sorted out and aligned with your new truth. These will include relationships, money, and how you express your spirituality with others.

When the sun moves into Gemini, in the second part of the month, the energy of the Twin Flames will once again be highlighted, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 1st of June will be another powerful moment of illumination and transition.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we wish you light and grace on your path in this month.



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