The Energies in October 2004

In this month we experience two significant astrological formations called "GRAND QUINTILES" as well as a partial solar eclipse at the NEW MOON and a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at the FULL MOON. These patterns and movements in the sky are messages to us to be aware of the energies and the opportunities that are being brought to us this month.

The GRAND QUINTILE formations on the 1st and 28th October represent intense DNA activations which are explained by Archangel Michael in the message below.

The Partial Solar Eclipse on the 14th at New Moon will fall in LIBRA, and will allow for the entry of New Energies around the issues of Partnerships and Contracts between individual Souls and Soul Families. Please read our article on this topic for this month. (Click Here).

The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE and GRAND QUINTILE on the 28th will create the full activation of the energies that Archangel Michael speaks about in the message given below.

Message One : "The Energies for October 2004" : Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers and Crystal beings, you have done so well in the past month. The Crystal Energy Grids are pulsating with the intention of Love and Peace that you placed there in your global meditations. What a wonderful festival of love. Never before on your planet have so many people joined together with the intention of creating a peaceful New Earth!

And now, in October, you have further opportunities to empower yourselves and assist in the creation of the New Earth. In this month there will be two planetary alignments called Grand Quntiles which create the symbol of a Pentagram in the heavens. These "pictures" in the sky are a message for you that you will have two opportunities to fully activate your potential this month.

dna.jpg Did you know, dear ones, that the sacred geometrical template for your DNA is a pentagram? This is the sacred mystery of the pentagram form. And so - in October - you will have two opportunities to activate your DNA to its highest potential for this moment on the Crystal Planet.

The work you have already done to activate your spiritual or light bodies will help you to "fire" your DNA potential on the material or physical level. This is an exercise in integration, as many of you will be able to integrate your spiritual DNA with that of your material beings, and so activate within yourselves the power that the Crystal Children already possess. This will increase your spiritual and psychic awareness and assist in your processes of ascension and enlightenment.

This pentagram pattern involves your Moon, which represents the Feminine or Intuitive energies in you, as well as the Outer Planets Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, which represent the deep spiritual wisdom of the Human Species. This activation will once again fire those memory circuits and programs in your DNA that relate to the Feminine energies.

You have already integrated and activated your Inner Feminine or Goddess energies. Now is the time to connect with the deep wisdom of your intuitive self. After these October activations you will see a rise of Feminine energy and wisdom on your planet. The heart and the intuition will become ever more important for you. You will seek and use the ancient spiritual and healing arts of the Goddess or Divine Feminine or Shekinah. These you will integrate into your lives as you balance the masculine and feminine energies within you.

You will learn once again to honor the Earth, the Elementals and the Devas. You will learn how to work with them and with the mineral and plant kingdoms to create balance and harmony in your weather patterns. This in turn will create settled living conditions and adequate food security for all. It is time to take this power and begin creating the planetary home that you desire.

These are some of the experiences you may have as you undergo these activations:

  • Physical Symptoms will include increased tiredness and the need to sleep more than usual. Feeling "slow" and unable to "keep up".
  • Experiencing strange "electrical" phenomena in the home. Or an increase in psychic awareness.
  • Increased sense of "electrical currents" or energies in the body and "vibrations" in the body.
  • A flu-like episode that detoxifies the body, focussed on the Heart and Throat chakras. The cleansing will be deep and may include release of Past Life traumas, fears and angers.

Just know, dear ones, that this activation is to bring you to your fullest potential so that you may contribute your soul gifts and talents to the creation of the New Earth.



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