The Green Comet and the Diamond Light Codes - the Profound Changes of our Time

Well, what a time this is! We are going through such deep and profound change on such a deep level that most of us are having difficulty in dealing with the nature of every day life. And no, it is not the recession, the financial crisis, or global warming and climate change. It is something that is shifting and changing on the deepest sub-atomic levels of our being and in the grandest cosmic levels of our existence. We are truly moving through the shift of the ages at warp speed.

At this time, as most of you already know, the Planet is also experiencing the transit of the beautiful Green Comet, Lulin. Here is one of the lovely images of the comet that have appeared recently: 


When I looked at this image, I was drawn to the lovely clear green light that reminded me of the energy of the Heart Chakra. I wondered what this beautiful messenger of Light was transmitting to the Planet. The ancient belief with comets is that they appear to announce change, and that change was usually associated with change of government or rulership. Now, in this New Earth and at this time, this radiant light seems to be bringing us the message of the changes within ourselves, the change of "rulership" within ourselves from the the head to the Heart.

Indeed, looking at this image of the comet, it is the Heart that moves and speaks. And, in one of those delightful synchronocities, I was sent a beautiful video of the "Diamond Light Codes Transmissions" that was made by Julie Umpleby in the United Kingdom. I was immediately struck by the similar colors, and I realized that the same messages or codes were streaming from the comet. The energies of the comet are working to awaken us to our Sacred Heart energy and to shift us to the Divine rulership of the Sacred Heart within. You can learn more from Julie's site at

Please watch this beautiful series of images (click here) and I am sure you will appreciate the energy of the comet as it passes Earth and gives its gift of radiant light to the Heart of the Planet. And of course, as the Planetary Heart awakens, so too does the Elemental energy and the energy of the kingdoms of Nature. We are feeling this profound shift

Yes, I am sure that you are all feeling the new energies that are surging towards the Planet from deep within the Cosmic Heart. These energies will reach their peak transmission on the Equinox on the 20th of March of this year. My feeling is that at this time we will be brought into absolute alignment with the Cosmic Heart and with our own inner Sacred Heart. All that is not aligned with this pulse and vibration is falling away. As the illusions drop away, we are awakening to the Flow of the Divine Light within and the way in which we create our own Reality through the way in which we weave or project this Divine Light within the greater Hologram that we call "Earth".

At this time, many of us may be feeling that Reality as we knew it is dropping away, and indeed it is. Life on Planet Earth has a new set of "rules" that require that we live in alignment with our inner pulse and light at all times. If we do not, we soon find ourselves in difficult situations. We are learning how to "let go" and allow the Higher Self and the Soul to lead from deep within the Heart. Only the Heart's truth will be your guide now, as the glorious Lights, Colors and Frequencies of the Cosmic Sacred Heart descend to the Earth and are woven into the New Dream that is arising within all our Hearts.

So, as we move into the month of March and the time of the Equinox, don't allow yourself to be caught up in the disintegration of the old energies and all that is not in alignment with the rising truth of the New Cosmic Day! Open your Heart to the Love that is streaming to you, and release all that is old energy in love and gratitude for the new light that enters into your Heart and is helping you to create a New Earth. Be grateful for the Angels, the Elementals and the Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms who work with us to create this New Symphony of Light and Sound that manifests as Planet Earth!


majicamelman 27th February 2009 2:32 pm

The green lantern

majicamelman 28th February 2009 12:49 am

Something about the emerald that fell out of lucifers crown

k 28th February 2009 1:50 pm

It sort of looks like an eye. Interesting, I have been thinking about the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and watched a modern version "The Tim Man" last night. The Emerald City in the original and an Emerald was the object searched for in the new version. Synchronocities, have to keep the mind open and the senses aware. :)

Oriana Green 28th February 2009 3:07 pm

Thanks for the insights...I am always attracted to these special sky shows and occurrences, and always looking for the meaning in them--both global and personal. Here's another experience of Comet Lulin:


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