The Incoming Energies - Water Ceremonies and the Golden Indigo Moment

Certainly many changes and shifts happening right now as we experience the acceleration and lift of the incoming energies. As we experience the annual rising of Sirius and its alignment with the Sun in Leo, known as the Lion's Gate, the energy of our Sun intensifies, and together with the new Light Codes from the Galactic Center, provides the momentum forward and upward in our evolution. I have certainly been feeling the increased light and radiance in the last week. It has created increased stress and tension, as the body works to integrate and balance the new light and align with the new "instructions" or directions that are downloaded into the DNA from the Light Code energies.

We are certainly seeing change on our planet, as we begin the process of truly bringing Heaven to Earth by integrating Spiritual energy with the way we live and the choices that we make on a Global scale. I think it is no real co-incidence that in the week that Archangel Michael provided a message about the way in which the Planet will move forward as "One" and in Peace, the USA Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, speaks about being a "world citizen" in his speech in Berlin. At this time, we are surely moving forward into our Planetary Destiny, to be "One", and to fully activate the energy of the Fifth Dimension as an interconnected "family" of Light.

So, there are two things I would like to talk about today..the first is the ongoing work with Water and the Water Ceremonies, and the second is what Archangel Michael calls the "Golden Indigo Moment", when the Indigo energy steps forward and begins to make a real difference on the planet.

So, as we welcome this new and powerful energy, and as we move into August, there will be many Planetary ceremonies and moments where we can support the incoming Light and allow it to support us. The first powerful moment is the Solar Eclipse on the 1st of August. Then, on the 3rd of August Dr Masaru Emoto will be doing his annual Water Ceremony called "Love and Gratitude to Water" at Lake Baikal in Siberia in Russia. Since I have been called to work with water in this year, I know how important it is to clear our Planetary water and fill the water with radiant light and with the intention of Love and Gratitude. So I would urge you to join in with this important Global meditation that will be led by Dr Emoto from Shaman Rock on Lake Baikal.

Then there is the important Global meditation to integrate the incoming energies on the 8th of August. I will be in Glastonbury in the United Kingdom for this one, and will be joining with others on Glastonbury Tor, to welcome in the new energies for the new "Camelot", and of course I will also be visiting Chalice Well, to connect with the Sacred Water there and to carry the energy of Love and Gratitude. Please join with us on that day if you feel so motivated, it will be a powerful time.

Then, after my event in London, I will be moving to Lake Louise in Canada, to work with the energy of Archangel Michael and the crystal water of Lake Louise as part of anchoring the incoming energies to the Planet, with Patricia Cota Robles and the partipants at the Congress on Illumination from the 16th to the 21st of August. Please join with us at this time, and assist us to ground the sacred energies on the Planet! It is such an important and vibrant time, and each and every person is needed now to give of their Light and Love as we begin this important phase of truly grounding Heaven on Earth through our Lightwork.

Later in the month, on the 27th of August, I will be at Niagara Falls to do a Water Ceremony there, which will link with the earlier ceremony that we did at Iguazu Falls, in South America, with Archangel Michael and the Galactic energies, to ground and activate the Light of the Paradise Codes on the Planet. Again, it will be a powerful moment and we invite you to join with us in prayer and meditation at this time. I will be sharing more information as we get closer to the time.

Now, in last month's channel, Archangel Michael spoke about the Golden Indigo energies, and the lightwork of those Indigos of the first and second waves who are now in their twenties and thirties, and the way that they will begin to influence the evolution of the Planet through their choices. I think that this is becoming evident, or will become evident, in the USA Presidential elections as they unfold in the year. It has become increasingly evident, as Barack Obama takes the center stage as the candidate most likely to win, that his support base is to be found largely among the adult Indigos, who are hearing someone who is saying what they are thinking and feeling. And the "Indigo vote" will surely be a factor in determining the outcome of the USA Presidential elections and the future course of the USA as part of the Planetary community.

I first encountered this "Indigo vote" factor last year when I was on my way to Arizona. I ended up sitting next to two nice young Indigo men in their twenties. The one was of Mexican heritage, and the other was from a Jewish background. We started chatting, and ended up talking politics, mostly because the young Jewish guy was on college break and was working for the Obama campaign. But what impressed me about him was that he was intelligent, articulate and well travelled. He not only knew where I came from but had visited there and could talk to me about my city. He was also very articulate about why he supported Obama and what he saw as the change that was needed in the USA. I was impressed. It is these kinds of young people, the Indigo generation, who are now stepping forward to make their choices and make a difference to the course that the Planet takes. That is, indeed, what they were born to do!

As for Obama himself, he looks more and more like the person who will be able to carry the aspirations and the dreams of the Indigo generation and take the USA into its rightful place as part of the emerging Global Community of Light.

So...we live in exciting and transformational times. I am sure it will be true to say that in as short a time as six months we will be observing some really big changes in the consciousness of our planet, and in the way in which we live our lives. These will be positive changes, and they will help to bring the Planet back into the balance that will ground the New Earth and the Golden Age.



lrm 28th July 2008 3:18 pm

Yes,Obama speaks about being a 'world citizen'- because the plan of the world's elite is a one world government.
It is planned to appear that this is the 'people's choice',after so many years of planned wars and calculated conflicts. The Hegelian Dialect at work: Problem-Reaction-Solution.
The solution all along was a one world government with no national sovereignty. This also means very little individual sovereignty. Boy,I really hope lightworkers wake up-b/c most channelings are complicit with this agenda-world peace may sound great: but is it really freedom? Freedom parallels enlightenment/ascenion. Peace is a natural outcome of this. Sovereignty is the path to ascension. Peace as a 'goal or mission', is simply an agenda projected onto others. It is world socialism,not spiritual freedom/truth.

SeventhSeal 29th July 2008 12:58 am

Hopefully by 2012 governments will no longer be needed.

Anita 29th July 2008 9:12 am

Totally agree with you! Your subject line says it all. Hopefully, we will see Divine Intervention for our Presidential election.

camelman555 30th July 2008 5:05 am

think that when people ask for peace what they really want to do is continue engaging in thier current course of action free of interference from others who also wish to continue on thier course of action , far too often the way things in the physical happen these two or more courses of action seem to involve the same subject and that seems to promote conflict if them involved fail to see the necessity of modifying thier course to include an expanded perspective ..negotiations etc.

just a thought


Shaun 30th July 2008 9:12 pm

if you're into numerology I'll be 37 when you're anchoringthe paradise codes on the 27th August, I'm in Ballaarat, Vic Australia


Tinlady 29th March 2010 6:36 pm

Irm is right. You spiritual channelers need to WAKE UP! Obama is not our savior- you are being brainwashed. I urge you to please wake up. This is coming from a fellow spiritual healer and channeler. I have known about this NWO for years, and it is coming into effect. Please do some reasearch... CIA is alos responsible for a lot of "new age" spiritual propoganda, so beware. Check out who co-authored A Coarse n Miracles for example. The purpose of this is to keep people in a complacent state and prevent them from really waking up when things are REALLY going down. Don't believe the hype. Search within for your own truth.


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