The Moment of Victory - The Journey of Planetary Ascension

This is truly a wonderful moment. The Journey of Planetary Ascension has begun. The Collective Consciousness of Humanity has moved into the Fifth Dimension, we have reconnected with the Elemental and Natural kingdoms and we have opened to the Cosmic Heart and the flow of the Diamond Light. The Earth is once again moving towards the Light through the newly activated Ascension portals. The Diamond Light energy flows from the Cosmic heart and to the Earth via the portals, everything is feeling the love and the radiance.

And the Joy.....

I am still here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tonight I joined the Community for Uniting Hearts in a Ceremony to celebrate the Ascension of St Germain. The Community is situated at the foot of Corcovado, just below the figure of Christ the Redeemer that stands guard over Rio de Janeiro and is the site of the Rio Ascension portal.

The energy was wonderful and filled with joy and celebration. Together we celebrated the Joy of the Ascension into Light, and the group of about 100 people worked with us and the energy of the Ascension portal to assist to bring the Planet into Light.

Here are some images from the event :



This is me together with some of the Lightworkers who organized the Ceremony


Love and Joy shared.....


And afterwards...a dinner to share the energy of celebration.....


And so, with all the work that we have been doing in Rio with the new energies, the Archangel Michael channel for May will be published on the site probably tomorrow. Then, a few more days in Rio de Janeiro and on to Buenos Aires in Argentina and Uruguay where we have events planned to work with the new energies and anchor the New Earth Diamond Light.


Hilde Janssen 3rd May 2009 10:28 am


This is really a Victory to celebrate in the whole world. We will now be able to create all the magnificent things in our lives with the Power of our own Heart, instead of creating all the drama's by our own ego. We will be able to live in our passion again, instead of living on survival. People over the whole world will work together to make this change come true. If we can connect the money in this world with the Light Power of the people, we will be able to create Abundance for everyone in this world and not only for a small group of rich people. There will be joy and passion sharing with each other on an equal base. We must create for the Highest Welfare of everyone in this world, with the Power of our own Hearts.

What a beautiful moment in history.
With Love,


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