The New Earth Workshop in Paradise

It has been a while since the last Earth Log, and much has been happening on Planet Earth. The Intense Golden energy that has been streaming into the Earth between the two Wesak moons has helped to accelerate the pace of Change and Transformation on the Planet. This has not been easy for us, for intense evolutionary changes places great stress on the Collective Consciousness, and it is at times like these that we need to hold our energy in our heart and remember Who we Are. It is at times of great pressure that we are most likely to make those “breakthroughs” that allow us to access new levels of Consciousness in our Personal and Collective Lives.

In this radiant time I have been deeply privileged to have been working closely with Family of Light in South America. We were working to hold energy for the New Earth, and we worked with the Golden Flame of Ascended Consciousness to bring Peace and Abundance to the Planet. We were surrounded by so much Love and Joy that I was blessed to truly feel what it will be like to live in the New Earth and the Fifth Dimension at all times.

After we left Humahuaca, we traveled to San Miguel de Tucuman, and then on across Northern Argentina to Corrientes, through Misiones Province to Puerto Iguazu, where we stayed with Juan and Andrea at the Geo Gaia Guest House and Spiritual Center. Then, it was on to Brazil, to Foz do Iguaco, for the “New Earth” workshop.

Leaving the High Andes and entering the Amazonian Rain Forest was quite an experience for me. This land is truly a Paradise, and as Archangel Michael told me, it still holds the “Paradise Codes” for the Earth. It was a wonderful setting for a workshop in which we activated the Paradise Codes within our own fields and for the Planet, and in which we worked with activations for Perfect Health and Abundance on the New Earth.

Archangel Michael chose the Iguazu area for this Workshop and the Full Moon Water Ceremony because Iguazu is not only situated in the Rain Forest, but it is also the largest Waterfall in the World, and as Michael explained, it is a Multi-Dimensional “Water Gate” or “Portal” that links Earth to the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center. It was a perfect place also to work with the water of the Planet and to set the intention for clearing and purifying the water on Planet Earth.

The experience of Iguazu is incredible. I have been all over the world, but I can say that Iguazu Falls must be one of the most incredible natural wonders of the Earth. It is all the more powerful and beautiful as it is relatively unspoilt. Although many people visit the area, it has been managed with great sensitivity by both the Argentine and Brazil governments, and there is very little development on the site. It remains largely the property of the forest and the animals and so has a powerful elemental energy.

Here are some images…the first one is me at the Falls: 


The next three are images of the Falls themselves that will give you an idea of the Falls experience. At the Main Cataract, which is called the “Garganta del Diablo” or the “Devil’s Throat” in Spanish, the power of the water cascading over the Falls creates a perpetual Spray and fine mist, which in turn creates Rainbows of Light. You enter into a world of Light and Water and you are cleansed by the blend of Fire/Light and Water. 




It was the ideal setting for our Workshop and the Full Moon Water ceremony that took place that night. We began the work the night before by visiting the Falls by night on the Argentine side. That was to allow ourselves to connect with the energy in preparation for the Workshop. The workshop was held in the garden of a hotel in Foz, and I can only say that the weather was perfect and it was an absolute Joy to work out of doors in a Paradise Garden setting.

I would like to share some images with you so that you can share the energy of the time we spent together as a Family of Light. This first image is very special to me. In the course of the Workshop we placed a Glass Chalice filled with water on the table in front of us. This water was to hold the intentions for all the work that we did, and was then to be taken to the Ceremony and placed into the Falls as a means of conveying our intention to create a Paradise on the Planet in the New Earth. In this image, of myself with Paloma, the Spanish translator, you can see how the afternoon sun is illuminating the water into a Golden Aura or Flame. To me it looks like a Chalice of Light, a symbol for the Grail itself, holding the intentions of Love and Peace: 


Here are some more images of the workshop. In this one, the late afternoon sun picks up the colour of the Divine Feminine Flame...deep pink. Since we were working with the Golden Flame, and the energy of the Divine Feminine through Mary Magdalene, I was thrilled to see these colors coming through in the Solar Light. The Lightworker who is speaking in this image is Angela Karam of Brazil who organized the Paradise workshop for Starchild. 


Here is a picture of me with the translation team, Eliana from Brazil on the left and Paloma from Argentina on the right. The workshop was in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese: 


This is me with Silvia, who is our Starchild representative in Brazil, on the right, and Maria, on the left, from the Argentine team, who created the beautiful backdrops and decor for the South American workshops: 


The Complete "team", with "Espacio Azul", Sebastian and Marcela from Argentina, who provided the music for the workshops in Argentina and Brazil. 


And now, here are some images of the Full Moon Water Ceremony. We were privileged to be allowed into the Iguacu National Park at night by the Brazilian authorities, to do our Ceremony at a place right opposite the Falls and under the Full Moon. So, that night two busloads of us left Foz and traveled the short distance to the Falls, taking with us the Water that we had “charged” with our intention of Love, Peace and Abundance at the Workshop. This water became the focal point of the Ceremony.


The people who were there participated in a New Earth Ceremony for the Light. We formed two circles around the water in the center, and a small group of us held the energy in the center. The two circles moved in opposite directions to create a vortex, while the musicians played and danced under the Moon. My work was to hold the energy and to link the energy from the Moon and the Falls into the Weaving of our Ceremony. Then, we selected a group of people to take the water to the Falls and allow it to become one with the water going over the Falls. We selected 12 people who represented the races of the Earth, making certain that we also had a person to represent the Indigenous peoples of South America at our ceremony.


Here a group of musicians provide an experience of Sound and Light: 


And here is Marcela, who worked with me as a High Priestess of Water in the Ceremony, dancing with orbs of Light around the Water at the center of the Ceremonial Circle:foz4


It was a powerful experience, and even the tour guide who came with us to look after us in the Park said that he could feel the energy. As a New Earth Ceremony, it was for us, a powerful statement of a Group Intention to bring Paradise to the Earth and Purity to the Waters. It was an activity of Love by Family of Light from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and with attendance from South Africa and Australia. A Global Celebration of Love for the Planet.

And, speaking of Global Celebrations of love, after I left Iguazu to return to Buenos Aires, I was invited to speak at the “World Summit of Oneness” that was being held in Buenos Aires that week-end. Again, it was a meeting with Family of Light, as we celebrated Oneness and a Connection from the Heart. The Conference was organized by Neale Donald Walsch and his organization called “Humanity’s Team”. I had to speak right after Neale, and I can tell you that this was also a powerful energetic experience.

I loved the work that they are doing, as it fitted so well with the purpose and aims of Starchild Global at this time, namely to bring Change and Transformation to the Planet through a Consciousness of the Heart and the Oneness of all Humanity. I liked the idea of “Spiritual Activism”, of Lightworkers making positive interventions in the affairs of Earth to create an energy of Oneness and Harmony.

And so, as we move towards June and the Global Solstice that marks the middle of this extraordinary year of 2008, I wish you all the Love and Joy that comes from Sharing with Family of Light in the New Earth, and all the Peace and Abundance that is being seeded into the Material Plane by Lightworkers in this Year. May you be the Chalice of the Golden Flame and may you be filled with Unconditional Love.


Tersia 30th May 2008 7:44 am

I was in Argentina two weeks ago - I felt like I was home (I am also from South Africa). We were meant to go to Bariloche in the south but that part of our trip was cancelled due to the volcano that happened in Chile, we then went to Iguazu Falls instead and while I was standing there with the spray in my face I just kept thanking God for that incredible creation and having the opportunity to share in it. It was an experience that will stay with me forever.


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