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Well, here I am back home again. It is good to be back in Africa, even with all its problems and issues. I am still coping with jet lag, which means I get to go to sleep at about 2 am and I wake up at 10 in the morning. It's ok, but I hope that my body will soon return to its "normal" rhythms. This morning I had breakfast in my own garden. It rained all night, and so I enjoyed the fresh, wet smell of the vegetation and the golden sun coming through the trees in my own little Paradise.

As I get back into my own life, I am aware of the stress and strain that is happening "out there" as people deal with the increase in tension that is being caused by the flood of Light that is illuminating the Planet. We are seeing ever more clearly, and often what we see does not make us comfortable. Many of us sometimes wish that we could go back to our old "comfort zones" when we had nothing to concern us except our own lives and our own comfort. The Old Energy was all about "me" and what I could get for myself. The New Earth Energy is about "Us" as a Family on the Planet, and what we can do to serve the Planet and its evolution.

Those of us who are still thinking "me" are the ones who are having the most difficulty with the Transformation and Ascension process. They are the ones who focus on the suffering and the pain and the loss of the individual self, and fail to see the "bigger picture". They are the ones who continue to see the Transformation and the incoming energies as something to which they react, often defensively, searching for a way to accomodate the individual self to the new energies. Indeed, the individual self is part of the whole, but it is only a part, and it is often in need of understanding that it is not a "victim" of this process, but that this is something that is being created in partnership with the Higher Dimensions of Light that constitute our Multi-Dimensional selves.

Those of us who are Lightworkers often talk about our "Higher Self" and our "I AM" and our "Multi-Dimensional" self as though these were an extension of our Individual Self. What if, on the Higher Level, there is no such thing as an "Individual Self", what if, on the Higher Levels, we are all "One" and part of a Collective Being called Humanity that lives on Planet Earth. I believe this to be so, and I believe that this is the HUGE transition that we are making in our Perception of Who we Are. While we manifest into material form as separate individuals, we are all part of the One, and that One is the Source.

So, as our Individual Self goes through these changes, our Collective Self is responsible for the Shifts and Changes. We are Creating these from our Higher Dimensional Being. We can either be awake and be responsible for our Creations and Choices, or we can continue to be asleep, and behave as though we are victims of the Changes on the Planet. And victims of other people's dramas and creations. This is not so. As Archangel Michael keeps telling us, we are powerful Creators, and we are manifesting our own Reality from day to day in this New Earth space.

So, when we are confronted by problems, either individually or as a group, we can ask, what choices are we making together with Spirit, to create a New Reality. Are we allowing ourselves to be victims of our own choices, or are we working with these choices to create a New Reality. In truth, everything we experience is by choice. It is our work as Lightworkers, to begin to see that we have Choices and that we can assist people to make Choices from an awakened perspective of Oneness, and not an Unconscious perception of Separation and Victimhood.

From my own perspective, the first and best choice that you can make is to understand that you are never alone on this Planet. You are always supported by Spirit, and you are surrounded by Family of Light, whether awakened or not. When you awaken, then the best choice that you can make is to seek for other awakened Family members so that you can share from your Heart. Where do you find these people? Well, awakened people seek to serve others, and so you will find them in any place where it is possible to serve others from an open heart. For, it is the language of the Heart that is the language of the Higher Dimensions, and the language of Unconditional Love and Compasssion unites Family of Light no matter who and where they are. Those who are unawakened continue to seek for their own interests and to live in fear and anxiety about lack and loss. Those who are awakened know that there is always enough and that they can give from an open Heart of what they have.


I love this picture, it was sent to me a few days ago by some Family members that I met in Argentina, and they will probably be surprised to see themselves here! It was taken on the first night that we went to Iguazu Falls as a Group. I love the warm and loving energy between them, and the shower of orb energy that showed up to celebrate the love and the energy. The lady on the left in blue is Sofia from Byron Bay in Australia, then there is Juan and Andrea from Argentina, and the lady holding Andrea's arm is Susanna from Uruguay. I don't know who the others are, but they are from Argentina or Brazil. We had just "found" each other, and we were all celebrating our re-connection as family. Of course, it was not all "Paradise" all the time....we had arguments, and we irritated each other and some of us lost our tempers a few times, but mostly we enjoyed each other and had a wonderful time sharing the awakened love of the One family.

So, as Archangel Michael says, you can choose to see yourself as part of a Family and allow that Family to manifest. It is indeed time to release all the old ideas about loneliness and feeling alone, and wake up and realize that you are surrounded by love and that you are part of a Family. Allow that Family to manifest in your life through the love that you hold in your Heart. It is only when you are open and loving that you will atrract people who are open and loving.

And finally, choose to be strong! You cannot be part of the ongoing creative adventure if you are weak and unhappy. Archangel Michael often talks to me about the need for strength, and that means physical, emotional and mental. And that means looking after your physical being to ensure that you are able to make the very best Choices in your own life. Work with your Higher Self and the Higher Wisdom to make the best choices for your life and well-being. You are indeed wiser and more powerful and loving than you can imagine, draw on that love and allow Spirit to help and support your individual self in this time of great change that we are creating together.

And, in the material world, I am happy to see that many of us in this Family of Light are beginning to get the idea, and that we are being drawn to work together for the Unfolding of the Plan and the Highest Good of Humanity. In many countries, Lightworkers are creating organizations and programs with the idea of Global unity and connection, to begin to reveal what they already know, that we are indeed All One and that we need to live this reality in our daily lives. So, that when we see poverty and lack and hardship, we can be part of the solution for bringing balance back so that All may live in Abundance. The Paradise Codes are within each one of us....and we can certainly be awakened enough to pass them on to others. So, please, beloved Family, it is time to move on now and become part of this New Reality of Love and Oneness. It is time to step away from the woundedness and the victimhood, and time to vibrate in harmony with the Higher Vibrations of Unconditional Love the pour through the Crystalline Heart Grids like Music from the Higher Spheres. It is time to ask if you can hear the Music and whether you can move in harmony with that Music of Love and Peace and Abundance!



Lydia 1st June 2008 10:45 pm

This is so great to read about all the love and oneness, it feels like I have waited all my life for this moment, it feels like finaly coming home :)


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