The Pause between Acts and Crafting Reality

At this time, as we move through this incredible time of Shift and Change, it may seem to many of us that everything is standing still and nothing is actually moving forward. This is because the changes are being experienced primarily on the Inner Levels and within the Geometric Grids and Matrixes that are the structures of that which we call "Reality". We are moving inexorably into that New Earth Reality and that new set of Grids called the "Sacred Rose" that will express and reflect the immense power of Divine Twin Flame Love within this new Multi-dimensional reality into which we are now transitioning.

For me, this has been a time when I am feeling that there is a need for stillness and quiet, and to allow these inner processes of change. What emerges will be new, and we have to be prepared to meet the new opportunities and challenges that will arise after the shifts of December 2008. It will not be "business as usual" for any of us, and we are all needing to allow ourselves to settle into the new energies and the new Perceptions of ourselves and our world that are emerging right now. The most important of these is the Fifth Dimensional perception of "Oneness" and Unity, and how this will begin to shape the New Reality as it emerges into manifestation on the Earth.

So, this place where we are now is like a "pause" between the acts of a grand drama or play, in which we see what has gone before, and we wait to see what will emerge in the next act. This concept made me think of the different ways in which we have come to think about our lives and our work here on the Earth. The first perception seems to be that of the Drama, the Shakespearean idea that "all the world's a play, and all the men and women merely actors". In this perception, Reality is "scripted" by a Higher Wisdom, and we come here merely to play our part and do our lines. So, everything that happens is predetermined according to a great plan, and we all know what that is before we come to the Earth. Well, this is a very comforting idea, it makes us feel that everything is under control and nothing can go wrong, since the end is known even before it begins.

But, as a Teacher of Literature in earlier years, I also know that in the twentieth century a new conception of drama emerged, the "workshopped" play, in which the actors dispensed with the writer and got together and just allowed a play to emerge from their ideas and interactions. This of course, presupposed that the actors were skilled in their art and able to create a script as they went along. It was a more democratic idea, and allowed everyone to have a say in what emerged after the basic idea was proposed. So, in this form of "Reality Creation", there is a basic idea towards which we are all evolving, and we all get to have a say in what is created and how. In this scenario, the end product is less assured, as it is possible that something may emerge that was not really what was originally envisaged, but that would be ok too. Probably a more risky approach to evolution, but one that acknowledged everyone as co-creators. This seems to be the perception of reality that has emerged in recent years, with Lightworkers seeing their roles to be part of the creation of this New Reality, even if what emerged wasn't always what they thought it would be at the time.

Now, there is another model for creation that emerged in the sixties, it was called a "Happening", and I was always intrigued with this idea. The basics were that everyone would arrive and sing and dance and have a good time and just see what emerged. Well, of course the use of drugs as part of this was not a good idea, even if it helped them to get a sense of what it meant to be multi-dimensional. But the basic idea......all of us together being creative and having a joyous time and well...lets just see what we can make....In this model of Creation, things are pretty chaotic and random, and it presupposes that everyone is creative no matter who they are. Everyone is an actor, everyone can singe and dance, and well, lets just have a blast. In this model, the idea of "random creation through joy" emerges as a model. Now I really like this idea, and its seems like we are moving towards this expression of our creativity.

This idea came to me because as part of my much needed rest period, I have been catching up on movies, and I have been interested in how much silly and creative joy seems to be emerging in the movies as an expression of this new kind of creative joy. I started with "Mama Mia", and I had to say that I would exchange all of Meryl Streep's serious Oscar winning performances for the great lady dressed in platform boots and silver lurex singing "Waterloo" and "Dancing Queen" at the end, with Pierce Brosnan in similar outfit, and a long way from James Bond. Of course that reminded me of the end credits of "Evan Almighty" where "God" handed down the 11th commandment, to "Do the Dance"....And then...the end of "The Forty Year Old Virgin" where everyone gets to wear white and dance to "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" from "Hair". There is definitely something going on, even if Directors and Actors only feel safe to let it all go in the closing minutes of their works! And of course, there are all those high energy joyous Bollywood movies, where is takes at least 3 hours for the story to work out. Someone once asked why it took so long, and the answer is obvious, because that is the time that is needed for everyone to get dressed in gorgeous costumes and to sing and dance and have a good time so that the story can happen in between. Yes indeed, the story may just be incidental to the singing and dancing! Maybe, what our souls really want to do is sing and dance, and leave the heavy drama and story telling in the background! Seems that way to me.

I would say that at this time of Transition and Change we are somewhere between the three models of Reality Crafting. We still accept that there is a Divine Plan and that we are destined to play a part as it unfolds. And that there is Coherence and Meaning in this Great Plan that we call Evolution. We have our parts and our "missions" to perform. But then, we are also powerful Co-Creators, and we are now able to be an ongoing part of this Creation through the Intention and Focus of Energy. We hold Light and we dream our dreams and desires into Manifestation. But, we are also becoming more spontaneous and more joyous, and we are reconnecting with the power that is unleashed when we come together as joyous groups of creative beings holding the intention to create Joy and Peace together...a Happening! A place where Miracles may occur, because they are unexpected and spontaneous manifestations of Divine Creative Intelligence working in our lives in random and spontaneous and always wonderful ways. This model of creativity opens a space for miracles. Actually, in my experience, it opens the way for huge surges of very powerful creative energy, and that is the way I met my own Twin Flame, but that is another story altogether, and maybe I will share that with you a little later.

I really do feel though, that the days of seeing Creation and Manifestation as about "me" are now over, and that "we" is now the determinant of creative energy. The "secret" is not about what I can manifest for myself, but what we can create together. After all, that is the whole purpose of this thing called a "Planet", that billions of souls can come together and co-create a Reality in which every living being is a part of the "show". And that brings me also to the sadness and struggle that we are seeing at this time. People out there in the "Old Reality" are struggling for survival and a way into the New. I know it is fashionable to say that they are creating their own reality and experiences and it is ok to let them get on with it. I don't feel that way any more. We are all here together and we are all creating all these experiences together. We cannot separate ourselves out and say "I choose not to be in that reality". We Are. We chose to Be. And maybe we chose to be so that we could be of help. Maybe we can be of help in many different ways. Maybe just being part of the Joyous Happening of Creation and Existence is enough to lift the Spirit and Souls of those who are lost in the "plot" of suffering and lack that has dominated the drama of our Planet for so long.

That was what I was thinking today as I thought about the preparations we are making for the Children's Christmas party for the Starchild Foundation. In the bleakness and struggle of these children's lives, the gift of a Happening of Joy and Fun. As I recall from earlier years, some of the kids are a bit bemused. They don't really understand the concept of Christmas, but they understand the fun and the joy and the gifts and the food. Their souls understand the "happening" of creative joy. Maybe this sharing of Joy at this time of the year can be a healing experience, beyond the commercialization and excesses of Christmas in consumer cultures.

So, at this time between the "acts" as it were, as we decide how we want to move forward and express our creative energies, may you all experience the deep Joy and Peace and Love that was meant to be the gift of this time of the Year. Happy Holidays to You All, wherever You May be and Whatever you May believe! You are all part of God, you are all Creative! We are All One!


patriciapearl 12th December 2008 8:39 am

Dear Celia:

I was invited to audition for a part in the New Earth production of "A Universal Love Story"
I have now accepted my part.

And I have agreed to play the role of "Love".

Would anyone care to dance?

LLoL (Live Love out Loud)
Love IS . . . PatriciaPearl.

patriciapearl 12th December 2008 1:44 pm

And I did forget to mention that . . . the New Earth production of "A Universal Love Story" is a Musical!


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