The Total Eclipse and the Cosmic Christ Energy

What a powerful moment it was on the 22nd of July, when the longest Total Eclipse of our century occurred. For me, it happened during the night, and I certainly felt the powerful energies as vibrations in my energy field. I was also aware of merging energies and of Cosmic Consciousness awakening on our Planet. Truly, this is a moment when the New Earth is being birthed, and the Diamond Cosmic Christ consciousness is being activated.

Many people reported strong physical feelings and sensations, as well as emotional energies, as this Eclipse activated new codes for the Divine Feminine of the Cosmic Christ energy. With the Sun in Cancer and the New Moon in Capricorn, this powerful merging and alignment also created powerful new balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies as they are expressed through us on the Planet. For me, too, it was a moment when the work I did recently in Rio de Janeiro at the Christ the Redeemer portal became clearer. There, with a group of Lightworkers, we activated the Cosmic Connection through the portal to allow the Cosmic Christ energy to enter the planet as the Diamond Light. The Diamond Light is entering the Planet through activated Ascension Portals and Sacred sites. And now, these Eclipses and Code Activations are aligning the New Earth with the Cosmic Heart and creating change and transformation at an accelerated pace.

I would say to everyone, that in the coming month of August the energies are going to be HUGE! The wave of Diamond Light that will flood the Earth from now until the next Eclipse and the Lion's Gate climax between the 8th and 12th of August, will build and accumulate power. Then, at the 16th and 17th August there will be the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence and another powerful wave of Light that will take us through to the end of August and on to the 09-09-09 energy at the beginning of September. This will build through to the 11-11 energy portal in November which will be very powerful this year. So, I would recommend that if you can, please try to attend at least one meditation or sacred gathering of Lightworkers in this month of August to share in this wave of powerful energy that is transforming us and our planet and the way that we live.

I will be in two sacred places this August, and if you can you are welcome to join us. For me, these two places are very significant. Firstly, I will be in Athens and Delphi at the Fifth Spiritual Awakening Festival in Greece. This, for me, is a return to the eastern part of Europe, as I have just recently been in Russia. This part of the world is the home of Graeco-Roman civilization and the Byzantine or Orthodox versions of Christianity, and also the place where the Christian and Muslim worlds begin to bisect. It is, for me, the place where the Masculine Christ message and energy was strongest, the place where Jesus as Christ was offered to the world as the Male Redeemer. Then, I will travel to the United Kingdom, to work in Glastonbury. This is the place where Mary Magdalene worked and established the energy of the Feminine Christ, as well as her work in Southern France. Even today, the teachings of the Magdalene are finding expression and devotion in Glastonbury. In both places, Archangel Michael plays a Central role. In eastern orthodox Christianity, Michael is the Guardian and the Protector. In the Magdalene work, Michael is also the guardian and guide, and there are many places that are sacred to "Michael and Mary" in southern England.

So, for me, working in these two places will allow me to also work with the merging and fusion of these two streams of energy and to allow, in my own being, for the creation of harmony between them. I hope that many people will join me in celebrating this Sacred Union within the Diamond Light of Radiance and Clarity, for when the Twin Flames merge in the Golden Light of Sacred Union, they ascend into the Diamond Light and become Cosmic Twin Flames, expressions of the Diamond Light of absolute Purity of Heart and Soul, mirrors of the Cosmic Love of Source.

I am also excited to be returning to "Crop Circle land"...and to the magic energy of Wiltshire. There have not been that many Crop Circles this year, but I am hoping that there will be some special ones in August when I am there. This one was reported on the 19th of July, just before the Eclipse. The image is from Crop Circle Connector at



I love the swirl of this pattern, which suggest the Spiral of a Galaxy, and so suggests the idea of Cosmic consciousness. I also like the way that the pattern is situated, as through it is emerging from the side of the field, suggesting the idea of movement and of Eclipse. What also struck me was the resemblance between this image and the Galactic Spiral that I saw inside the cathedral church known as "St Basils" in Red Square in Moscow. I also liked the way that the spiral seems to be contained within a diamond shape. This is the picture that I took last month:


I enjoy these depictions of the swirl of the Galaxy, and the way in which whoever decorated the cathedral in Moscow knew that the "source" of Cosmic Spiritual Light in our Galaxy is the center of the Galactic Spiral. And so, I like to see the Crop Circle Spiral as a depiction of the emergence of the new Golden Galaxy that we are seeding. For, not only is the Earth being rebirthed as the New Earth, we are also in the process of creating a New Golden Galaxy of Ascended Consciousness. What an awesome time to be alive.

Actually, on my trip home from Moscow, I managed to sit next to an Astrophysicist from Germany, and we had a long conversation about Galaxies and "halos", which are apparently the "sphere" form that contains the Galactic Spiral within itself. We ended up talking about consciousness and the evolution of Galaxies, so it was interesting to connect with someone who was coming from a purely scientific point of view, but open to the metaphysics as well!

As we move forward and towards the next Eclipse on the 6th of August, let's hold the energies within, in a center of Love and Gratitude for all that we are experiencing as the Earth ascends into Higher Dimensions of Light and Love. It is what we have worked for, it is why we are here!


Oldooz 24th July 2009 9:02 am

Strangly I didn't feel anything!... not only 22 July but also on the pervious important astrological events...

mifasolasi 24th July 2009 5:01 pm

:angel: Thank you Celia for your wonderful work!!!!!!! it was a great day indeed!! I felt freedom, peace and strength on 22d.. It realy IS a new reality.. That feeling of ballance in the middle of challenges the deep faith that everything is right and protected follows me.. The perception of NOW is closer and I am sure that something has been changed around
be happy , blessed, bright and active


Maria :smitten:

lilpepper 26th July 2009 9:46 am

I find this interesting..I had the swirl of green and orange coming into my body. Now I am feeling as if I am swirling.
So many different feelings in my body this month. A lot of pressure in the top of my head and forehead.


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