Transition Newsflash!! The Next Wave is Going

This is an important message for Lightworkers, especially those who have been through and are just completing their transitions. We want you to know that because of your efforts, the next major wave of transition has begun!

What does this mean for you? Well, many of you have been feeling so much better. Feeling the joy of the New Earth and a sense of stability and peace. And then suddenly you felt all the old symptoms of the transition coming back. And you might have thought,"Oh No, I'm not finished YET." But believe me, dear ones, you have completed your transitions are are firmly in your 5th/6th dimensional frequencies.

What is now happening is that you have agreed, on the soul level, to be facilitators of the next wave of transitioners. They have agreed to embark on their journey because you have agreed to "hold" them. This is the function of a Crystal adult or child. They "hold" the energy of others and help to balance it.

We know that you yourselves, of the first wave, had a more difficult time, because there was only the Crystal children to hold you. But now, you have joined with the Crystal children, and you are now, together, holding the energy for the next wave.

What you are experiencing is the flow of energy through you, as you transmit energy "outwards" to initiate the transition in others, and receive their energy to transmute, as you were taught to do in your own transition. This may not be a conscious process, but your angelic self knows how it is done, so just relax, keep yourself in balance, and know it will not last long.

As soon as your Crystal system acclimates to this new task, you will be able to go on with life again. In the meantime you may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, excess energy, especially at night, anger, anxiety and depression. LET THEM FLOW THROUGH YOU . This is part of your service to the planet at this time.

Know that you are now a "mentor" to many souls in your "area". Each person who has finished their transition has been "assigned" a group of souls to initiate and support through their process. They will draw on you, either on the higher levels, or maybe on the physical level as well. They need your experience and your reassurance. They may not be as brave and courageous as you who were the lions of the first wave. Be kind and supportive, and they will experience their transitions with your support as well as the support of the angelic realms.

We thank you for this work. We know that you may feel that it is all happening too quickly. But the energy is gathering momentum, and more and more souls are agreeing to this process. So we ask for your support and we thank you for your work.

Celebrate with us that more and more people are willing to make the shift and awaken to who they truly are! With your help!

Love and blessings in this miraculous time.

Archangel Michael.

PS. From Celia": Our original article on the Transition: "The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis" appeared in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence" this month. Obviously the angels knew that many more people would need to be reached with this message and prepared the way with this new appearance of the article. If you would like to read it again, Click Here.




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