Understanding the Union of the God and Goddess

The shifts happening within our planet, are releasing ancient knowledge from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. This knowledge is available for access, learning and releasing

Lightworkers have chosen to release the old destructive patterns of Atlantis and the fears of destruction and persecution that were part of the God and Goddess energy of Atlantis and ancient times.

During the time of Atlantis and later during ancient times, the Gods and Goddesses were ultimately destroyed by people who choose not to follow their teachings and turned their backs on their ancient wisdom. Because of this we have lost many of the old ways and have forgotten the wisdom that was imparted to us from the Gods and Goddesses.

Many lightworkers are now accessing and releasing the disempowered masculine and feminine energies of these times in order for humanity to access the empowered energies of Lemuria. This releasing needs to occur for us to create an empowered society where all live as equal and are accepted and loved unconditionally.

We are again questioning our relationships and again needing to release old patterns and thought forms about how relationships are created and experienced. We have talked about the soulmate relationship becoming a twinflame relationship and how this is managed from a soul level. Many are questioning and asking how and why this is occurring and because you are not seeing the effects of the soul connection in your physical reality you are questioning and losing trust. This loss of faith is because your ego and your mind are trying to control and to work out and understand these relationships from these levels.

We again remind you that these relationships are working from a soul level. Your role is to be in the present and to accept and trust that all is working as it should. You cannot force or control these relationships and when you try you only create chaos and anguish for yourselves. These relationships work on soul time, not human time and the soul understands that time is infinite and there is no rush to create or to make things happen. By resisting and fighting the process on a physical level will only leads to unhappiness, disconnection and loss of passion.

We ask that you surrender to the process and that does not mean to surrender to a person, but to surrender to the God and the Goddess energy. Choose which energy you would like to channel be it either the Masculine or the Feminine and work with this energy to create an independent, individual path for yourself. In doing this you begin to create your own adventure where you discover all the beautiful, wonderful aspects of yourself.

Begin creating a relationship with yourself; seek intimacy through acceptance and release of your true self and you will find your twinflame relationship manifesting faster.

In order for these relationships to work you need to understand yourself, accept and love yourself unconditionally. Until you have achieved this you will be unable to love and accept unconditionally your soulmate/twinflame. Once this has been accomplished you will begin experiencing life from a fully activated heart centre and will meet heart to heart. The purposes of these new relationships are a joining of two complete, whole and powerful people in Divine energy. This cannot be achieved unless you have accepted and owned your own power.

Relationships are to be used for a Divine purpose and are part of your assignments and enlightenment. Within the relationship you will each be lead to a greater awareness of yourself and your extended love. A place where your blocks to love are not suppressed or denied, but embraced and dissolved. This Divine joining of two souls happens only after you have truly looked within and found your own perfection and beauty. In accepting your own completion and wholeness then only are you able to extend by joining with another who is also whole and complete. By seeing your own beauty and inner light then you can begin to see the perfection of another.

Many old ways of relating where about being rescued and were based on fear and guilt rather than love. If a relationship is allowing you to avoid growing and denying your truth, then you are hiding from yourself within the relationship and this will not be supported by the Universe. Problems within these new relationships begin when you create expectations of another person or of the relationship. It isn’t up to us to make the relationship into something that we think it should be. We need to accept and surrender the relationship to our higherselves in order for it to evolve to a place where it can manifest into a physical relationship.

Within in a soulmate/twinflame relationship we must love unconditionally and help each other to access the highest parts of ourselves. The majority of people are afraid of real intimacy because we believe that someone will leave us should they see who we truly are. What we need to understand is that this love is eternal and that this person already knows and understands us on a much higher level. The love is unconditional and therefore nothing we ever do or say will change it.



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Starchild Global, channeled by Celia Fenn from Cape Town - South Africa, is devoted to the empowerment of all who live on Planet Earth, through an understanding of Who You Really Are and how you can live a Creative and enjoyable life. The essence of living in the New Earth is to be Here, in the NOW moment, and to understand that life is an adventure of Creativity and Unconditional love.