Water Ceremonies for the Great Lakes: Canada, August 2008

Leaving Western Canada, I travelled across the country by air to arrive in Toronto, on the eastern side of Canada. Canada certainly is a very big country, and the east is very different to the west. Being in the Rockies and the National Parks is like being in Paradise, with the Mountains, the Forests and the Rivers and Lakes. The Eastern part of the country is highly populated and industrialised, with big cities and all the problems of high density city life and pollution.

And so it was that I came to the Great Lakes area to work with Family of Light and Archangel Michael, and to work with the waters of the Great Lakes in two Water Ceremonies.

The five Great Lakes of Northern America form an inland "sea" that borders the USA and Canada. There are many great cities that border the Lakes, including Toronto on Lake Ontario. The Great Lakes area is also the focus of much industry and chemical processing, and the Great Lakes may be one of the most polluted and damaged bodies of water on the Planet. The Great Lakes are ready to be lifted up into the Fifth Dimensional New Earth, and it was to assist this process that we worked together to offer our Love and Gratitude to the water, to ask for her forgiveness that this body of water had fallen into density and degradation, and to offer our assistance in her return to Purity and Perfection in the Paradise of the New Earth.

So, this is how the story goes. After I arrived in Toronto, I was taken to Port Hope to stay with Lightworkers. Just after I arrived in Port Hope, I suddenly had a terrific pain in my liver and I started to get bad diarrhea. I thought it must have been something I ate, but I realized afterwards that the pain hit at the moment that I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. The water transmitted its message of toxic pollution to me and my body responded by trying to clear the toxins. I realized that later in the evening when I went for a drive with a friend who explained to me that Port Hope was the home of a huge chemical processing plant called Cameco, and that they processed Uranium among other things, and that there had recently been contamination of the Harbor area of Port Hope. When I drove with my friend to the Harbor and put my hands in the water, I could feel a burning sensation as the water communicated its pain.

I discovered that the Cameco plant has been processing Uranium for Nuclear programs at Port Hope since the Second World war. According to a press report that I read, the Cameco plant processed Uranium for the Manhattan project, which as I recall led to the creation of the Nuclear weapons that were used against Japan. Some very old wounding and energy at this place, obviously, and something that becomes a more important part of the story a little later.

What disturbed me was that that this level of work with radioactive chemical waste is being conducted right in the middle of a suburban area. There are homes and business just yards from the harbor and the chemical processing plant. Toxic and radioactive waste is dumped right in the town, among the homes of the people who live there. According to locals, this is one of the toxic waste dumps in the town: 


The waste material is contained within concrete bunkers and covered with tarpaulins. This is considered sufficent to protect the people who live several yards away from the hazardous materials kept inside. There are active campaigns to work with this problem, so our work was not activism, but to work with the water and to work to raise the consciousness of the water so that it could purify itself and return to its pristine state. According to Archangel Michael, when Lightworkers focus their intention with Love and Gratitude into a body of water, it creates a powerful force field that enables the water to re-pattern itself into pure crystalline form and to remove and dissolve toxins and impurities. So, the purpose of a Water Ceremony is to bring to the water that Higher Consciousness that was lost and to restore Light to the Water through Intention and Focus. This is extremely powerful, and if it is done often enough and for a sustained period of time, it will clarify the water back into purity. In our case, taking to the water of the Great Lakes the Sacred Water from Iguazu Falls and Lake Louise, also brought a message of Paradise and Love to the water, to awaken its memories of what it was originally intended to be and to open a path of love so that it could return to what it was intended to be in the Original Blueprint and in the Blueprint for the New Earth.

So, the first Water Ceremony was conducted as part of a "Peace Pole" inauguration ceremony that was organized by Val Smith at her "Peaceful Arts" center in Port Hope, which is also just yards from the shores of Lake Ontario. The Peace Pole was inaugurated with a ceremony to honor the Four Directions, and the Sacred Water was part of the water that formed the energy of the South on the Medicine Wheel. Here is an image of Lightworkers at Port Hope in the course of the Ceremony, with Val in the blue in the center and the Peace Pole visible: 


So, after this Ceremony, a group of us moved to Lake Ontario for the Water Ceremony. Here you can see the quality of the water in the Lake, with the Cameco plant in the distance: 


Here the Sacred water is carried to the Lake By Mohammad and Helene, who acted as the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies for the Ceremony: 


And the Sacred Water is gifted to the Lake:


And here Lightworkers sending Love and Gratitude to the Lake together with the Healing energies of Unconditional Love and Acceptance:


As you no doubt know, all five of the Great Lakes are connected, and so any change in the consciousness at any point is sent out to the whole body of water, and so the message of love was transmitted to the entire area of the Great Lakes. It was our first "Love Letter" expressing our desire to see this area once again a place of Beauty and Purity. The scientific research done by Dr Emoto has shown that water "remembers" and that water can transmit information rapidly over large distances. I have no doubt that our message was received by the Lakes. The "seeds" of Light went out!

And so, it was on to other Events and Gatherings, on the path to the next Water Ceremony at Niagara Falls on Lake Erie. Niagara is on the border between the USA and Canada, and faces on New York state. I will need to say, at this point, life became a little difficult to say the least. I am not a great believer in "dark forces", since I believe that what you focus on grows, but in this case, in the days before the Niagara ceremony I felt like I was trying to push through a wall of dark energy. There was something that really did not want me to get to Niagara with the Sacred Water for the ceremony. Fortunately, Spirit knew that I would probably not be able to do this alone, and so I was sent a "team" of experienced and strong Lightworkers in the shape of Mohammad, Helene and Normand, who undertook to get me to Niagara with my water and ensure that the ceremony took place. It was touch and go....the trip to Niagara from Toronto normally takes an hour, it took us three hours because of traffic, and we arrived in Niagara at seven, with the ceremony at 7.30. By this time, I was on the point of collapse, and I knew that I just had to get the water to the Ceremony and that if I fell on my nose in the middle of the circle clutching my bottle of water, then someone would ensure that the ceremony went ahead. As it happens, I was able to summon up sufficient reserves of strength to focus into the ceremony, and all went well. Spirit was with us on that evening.

So, here we are, formed into a circle for the ceremony as the sun sets over Niagara Falls:


Now, here is where we go back to "story" about the Great Lakes and the connection with Nuclear energy and World War 2. One of the people who answered the call to attend the ceremony was a beautiful Lightworker from California called Jane, and Jane brought her friend from Japan, Kaori. Jane's father had been one of the scientists who worked on the project to create the Nuclear bomb, and Kaori was a descendent of the people on whom the bomb was used. They were both there to give their Love and Support to this ceremony whose work was to bring Peace and Love to the Planet, and to heal the water by bringing the energy of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love.

We began the Ceremony by creating a Medicine Wheel to honor the four directions and the traditions of the First Nations of the Land. Then Normand opened the Ceremonial Circle by calling two men and two women to hold the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy at the center. Here is Normand with the staff that he uses for the ceremony. It is topped with a beautiful Amethyst crystal. I am looking on, and you can see also two of the three beautiful Crystal children who honored our ceremony with their presence. By opening the ceremonial circle in this way, Normand created a pillar or vortex of light that connected the ceremonial participants with the energies of Spirit and the I Am energies of Source: 


Then, we were deeply blessed by the presence of Pam Gerrand, who sang with her pure and clear voice. She sang "Love is All" to honor and bless the water in the ceremony. It was a truly moving experience, and I have included the link to Pam's song so that you can share in the blessing of her voice as we experienced it at the ceremony. Thank you Pam, and also for leading us in a wonderful expression of "Amazing Grace" as part of the Ceremony:


We sang together, we drummed and we danced to express the energy and the Joy. And then, for the last part of the ceremony we carried the Sacred Water to the river so that it could be gifted to the Lakes and carry our message of Love and Peace. Here I am working with Mohammad as we represent the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy, and Kaori joins us to represent the energy of the Japanese people and the spirit of Forgiveness and Love in this deep expression of Healing and Balancing and the deep desire to create Peace.

After the Ceremony, we went to the Falls and watched the Fireworks display that is put on during the Summer. At this time, I was reminded of another Ceremony at Iguazu Falls, another great water energy and the energy of Paradise that was gifted to Niagara by the Lightworkers who gathered there in May of 2008 to send their Love and Blessings through the water to these Lightworkers who made their way to this place to be part of this Water Ceremony for Unconditonal Love and Peace for the Planet.

I am deeply grateful to all those who participated in this ceremony, those that organized and those who gave of their skills and talents, and those who lent their light and their presence by being there. I have no doubt that we were all called to be present and to give of ourselves so that these two great water vortexes, Iguazu and Niagara could be joined together through Love as Twin Flame energies, so that the Eagle and the Condor might fly together, and that the Unconditional Love that we all carry in our Hearts might be expressed on the Planet and enter into the Consciousness of the Water, which is our Consciousness.

That Paradise might return to the Great Lakes!

That Peace may Prevail on Earth!

Blessed Be!


Elaine C. 7th September 2008 8:22 am

I wondered if you had considered doing your healing water ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA at the Point where the three rivers, Allegheny, Monongahela, and Youghagheny Rivers converge? There is also a fourth underground river which according to the Mayan elders will become healing waters.


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