Welcome to 2009 and facing some Challenges as the Illusions begin to Crumble

Welcome to the first Earth Log of 2009! It promises to be a very "light-filled" year, with many deep and fundamental changes in the way that we think. And that means all of us, not just the "unenlightened" ones out there, but us too. We are all being forced to examine how and what we think and feel, as many long cherished illusions begin to hit the wall....at speed! Melt Down!

This is not a process to be feared, it is, as the Michael channel noted, the precursors to our Freedom and Liberty on Planet Earth. We are freeing ourselves to experience the Beauty and Joy of the "Hologram" as we choose, and not as someone else dictates to us for our "good".

What makes my heart sing right now, is that people are truly waking up to how the holographic reality of the Higher Dimensions and the Law of One works. Cosmic Harmony and Beauty in a Field of Light. Choices. Responsible Choices. Love. Here is an extract from a letter that I received from Jennifer in the USA:

"I thought about this Earth, which has been in existence long before we arrived and how we then decided to carve it up, place borders and boundaries here and there. Once again I wonder “why?” Why have we tried so hard to place fences between us and take this piece as “mine”. I wonder if one day we can look at this Earth, this Life, this Energy, this Source, this Light, this Love, this Power, this Divinity, this Existence, this Consciousness and see it all as One, as Us and celebrate in the shared evolution of consciousness, of which we have all been part, of which we are all aware at our core. Is this the next step for us? As we all start to become more aware of who we really are, as we sense more of our Divine Spirit and Light and Power, as we start to question some of our long held beliefs and relax, we will notice our fields of awareness expand and we will see a different reality, through our Spiritual eyes. It is happening now.

Have you noticed flickering light out the corner of your eye? Have you seen shimmering light on the walls but thought you were imaging it? Do you sometimes see light around people, as if they are glowing, radiant? Do you look across the ocean and see light dancing across the water? Are you becoming more aware of your own Being, your own Truth, who you are and why you are here in the bigger scheme of things? These are indeed times of beautiful Golden Light and we are Beings of Light. As we notice messages coming to us through books and movies and conversations, our fields of awareness expand. I watched Kung-Fu Panda again a few days ago and smiled as the wise Turtle said to Shifu “Let go of the Illusion of Control”. My jaw dropped the first time I heard it as I had been pondering over this idea that our reality is an illusion, just a hologram, a projection of the mind. The movie also says there is no secret ingredient in life, something is special because we BELIEVE it is special. As we all start to Believe in Truth and our own Light and our Divine Essence and our Creativity and Love and our Power to manifest we will See the magic and miracles that abound in life, we will see a New Reality. We will Believe Existence is Special and See it is so. "

Wow Jennifer....yes indeed.....life is magic and miraculous when we see how we spin out the "dream" from our consciousness, and how we can create the Joy and Love in that Consciousness when we understand the "shared evolution of consciouseness".

I also think that what is significant is Jennifer's desire to "question some of our long held beliefs and relax".....and allow the process to unfold as it will.

I have noticed among Lightworkers in the last year, and especially now, a kind of low level hysteria, where, desperate for external manifestations of Change, they latch onto events, dates and hopes for number popping miracles. When we reach this particular date there will be a "great" event and everyone will reach the promised land, or at least those who are specifically chosen. The Spaceships will land, money will be handed out, and everything will be wonderful. This builds up a tension of expectation that creates exhaustion, and yes, disillusionment.There is no doubt that there are important cycles and events, and there are moments of numerological significance and change, but they are now being abused and manufactured at alarming speed. There is also no doubt that we are being assisted and guided from the Higher Dimensions at all times, but in a way that empowers us to empower ourselves as the co-creators on earth. But, we are now creating a kind of Spiritual TV culture where the "sensation" of the day or month is the next moment that fits into someone's timeline for a world shattering event. And what results is that what should be a quiet and beautiful process of the unfolding of Higher Consciousness in our lives becomes a desperate gallop from one "event" to another. There is no doubt for me, that the Solstice of 21st December was significant, as Michael noted, for the introduction of a Higher Level of Light Consciousness. And Higher Consciousness is Peaceful, Gentle and Loving. It is Calm and Accepting and knows that All is in Divine Order at All Times!

So, I have also been getting letters like this one from a woman in the Netherlands:

"I thought that change were coming to me to let go old patterns because on 21 ste of december the gate is openend ,but my body is so tired again , I feel like a old woman with not much energy to live, and in your channels I read whats happening in energy and all the emotional aspects of that I can feel for the whole collective.How must I deal with all of this feelings in me that not only are my emotions.It s so heavy for me that its difficult to feel the Light. My Heartdesire is to feel free from all of these feelings from others and to feel the real me to live in Love and peace and happines,and my heart will go on and on to make all One ".

Yes indeed, many feel this way. My advice would be, rest, relax, see some good friends, have some fun, get some exercise, and start to see the miracles in your own every day life. Start to enjoy your own every day life...gently and in peace.

The "real you" is a Collective Being, yes indeed, you will feel the energy of the Collective because we are One. But, as Lightworkers, we can contribute to that Collective Energy by remaining Calm and Peaceful and entering into that Light with Peace and Joy. Read Jennifer's paragraph above again!

So, as the year begins, excuse me while I go and relax and enjoy these lazy days of summer as the New Year begins to unfold here in South Africa!



Jae 6th January 2009 11:40 am

Wonderful!!..So much clarity...Smiling Big....Laughing loud....heartfull..Thankyou
Love n Light


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