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Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive channeled writer.  Stefanie has been been assisting those on their spiritual path through her healing sessions, intuitive readings, workshops and her channeled writing since 1998. Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self, Angels, Guides, and Source through a heart centered approach focusing on mindfulness and conscious living.

Stefanie is very connected to nature and animals, thus she has a special connection with the Angelic and Fairy realms. The Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Mother Goddess contributes to her work as a channel and intuitive counselor. She maintains a special connection with Archangel Michael and his energies are present in all of her work. The positive and loving guidance she brings forth, empowers individuals to find deep inner peace, self awareness and clarity. Stefanie is a Priestess Initiate in the School of the Sacred Rose; Priestess Training of the Light.  She connects with the Goddess and Divine Feminine energies in all her healing modalities.

Stefanie is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue, PhD, trained in Soul Focused Healing Technique, and is a Reiki Master in Usui & Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.  Stefanie's lineage dates back to Atlantis and Lemurian times, thus, she works with alchemy in her healing practice incorporating essential oils, Bach Flower Essences, candles, sacred geometry and crystals. 

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and currently teaches elementary school and has worked with toddlers, children and adolescents since 1992. She has done extensive research on the topic of Indigo and Crystal Children. Stefanie offers workshops, consultations, and informative articles to aid the parents of Indigo/Crystal Children.  Unique strategies and teaching methods based on spiritual, educational, and behavioral perspectives coupled with Stefanie's gentle and compassionate nature, supports both parents and children along their sacred path.

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