Ascension Symptoms for the 2012 Midway Point

I wanted to share with you the ascension symptoms that many of us are experiencing at this time. As a highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive person these energetic shifts have been daunting to me, to say the least. It makes it no easier to handle but knowing we are not alone in this and receiving validation that others are experiencing what we are can be reassuring. Ascension in a nutshell is the process of shedding our old lives while remaining in the same physical body but starting a new life cycle. In order to fully emerge into our new space we must leave behind much of the old ways that no longer serve us.

In order for this process to successfully occur it must be a combination of rewiring the way we think and perceive things, releasing emotional wounding, and by making major changes in our lives that honor us. The prophecies spoke of 2012 and here we are at the midway point. These changes have been subtly and not so subtly been going on for many years now. There are times when we experience these upgrades in an intense way. Right now, at least for me, this is one of them!

A lot has been occurring astrologically which I won’t go into here, since it is not my area of expertise, but I can say that the energy has felt so intense that it has caused major feelings of anxiety. We can decipher the difference between the anxiety being personal or planetary by which there is no change in our present circumstances to warrant it to be personal and it comes on suddenly and with intensity. The symptoms I describe here may be due to ascension but if there is a medical concern following up with a physician is always warranted since once it is on a physical level it needs to be dealt with medically as well as holistically.

Along with the feelings of anxiety is the racing heart and heart palpitations, which is an indication of the higher heart center opening. This heavy feeling of impending doom is a cellular reaction as we shift paradigms from one track to a parallel one of our creation that is in alignment with the here and now. Another symptom is a sudden change in blood pressure. On a spur of the moment impulse I went to give blood at a mobile blood bank in front of the grocery store. They refused me because my blood pressure was too low. I have noticed that I have been feeling really weak and fatigued on and off lately. Another friend recently discovered she has high blood pressure. As more and more light frequencies pour into our bodies we are often incapable of handling the sudden fluctuations of energy.

The lower three chakras are being balanced with the upper chakras. The root chakra, which is correlated to issues of safety and security are being tested to the maximum limit. Many of us are experiencing major financial concerns. Almost everyone I speak to complains about not having enough money to make ends meet, concerns over losing their home due to the housing market, and fear of job security due to cutbacks. We only need to turn on the news to confirm the entire world is experiencing root chakra survival issues as our relationship to abundance, security, and worth is being played out. The endocrine system for the first chakra is the adrenal glands, which are associated with the body’s response to stress, and produces excessive adrenaline brought on by real or imagined danger. I have also noticed a recurring occurrence of eczema and skin blemishes, which the root cause is marked by mental eruptions tied to thought forms about safety and security concerns. Thus we need to take extra measures to find inner balance, experience peacefulness, strengthen our trust in life, and have faith above all else.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having my bouts of worrying about money and my ability to pay my bills, buy food and gas. Along with that for the past three years I have fought to keep my home and receive a loan modification, which the bank tells me I qualify for, but has not yet given me. Philosophizing about the concept of having faith is a lot different then when we are being personally tested! Talk about having to walk my talk!! The abundance always shows up when I need it somehow, someway, but often at the last minute. I have to remind myself that things always work out and that there is no need to stress about it. I have an inner dialogue when I start to panic, telling myself The Universe supports me in creating miracles in my life. I believe in miracles and I trust in the divine flow of Creation. My miracle is on its way to me right now and it will manifest when the timing is right. I am so grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life. I then shift my focus to gratitude and I think about and envision all the things I am grateful for.

Practicing gratitude is not in the mind, but in the heart. To really feel it, we must shift to our higher heart center and really experience the feeling of love there. I spend my time doing the simple things I enjoy, I get together or call the people I love, and I give of myself to others in a way that I can, and that feels good. I allow the emotions of gratitude to course through me by being happy and acknowledging what I do have in my life rather than what is missing.

It is no wonder that our sacral chakra issues are being triggered as many of us are indulging our desires and addictions by finding comfort in food, drink, turbulent relationships, or distractions of any kind. We obviously need to be mindful to keep it all in moderation. We are looking for a way to find comfort and pleasure in whichever way is possible. It is no coincidence that the 50 Shades of Grey books are so popular right now! They are prompting us to open up our sexual center and unleash our kundalini energy. As well, our creative center is being activated as dormant creative inspiration is anxiously waiting to be manifested.

With all that we are going through our solar plexus chakra is aching to release the pent up fear, anxiety, and anxious energy. The solar plexus is where we store our emotions. When we don’t feel in control of our lives and feel powerless to do anything this center becomes imbalanced. As we let go of our need to control things and trust in the divine plan we activate the higher chakras, which allows the divine masculine and feminine energies to find balance within us. This may manifest as aches and pains in the body, often the neck, lower back and old injuries coming back for a last hurrah.

Another ascension symptom we are experiencing is our sleep pattern being interrupted. One of which is waking up at around 2-3:00 in the morning. Our healing team finds this as an opportune time when we are receptive to download information, perform healing, administer energetic upgrades, and take us to other dimensions. This is can be an opportunity to do some energy healing and practice some deep breathing. Our dream life may be filled with rich, vivid images from our sleep state. I’ve been dreaming of deadly snakes lately that have been let loose and coming toward me. I have to ward them off and conquer my fears. We are reliving the dramas of our past, healing our wounded self, and releasing our fears through our dreams. I have awakened a few times to hear conversations in my home. When I get up to investigate to see what it is I find the house is silent! As the veil is so thin our angelic team is coming ever so close that we just may catch a glimpse!

The midway point of 2012 has indeed brought in some really powerful energy that have prompted great awakenings, realizations, transmutations, transitions, and transformations. This is the year of change, which as we know occurs from the inside out. As we focus on ourselves, and practice mindful awareness in all that we do, we have the ability to make powerful changes that will serve us well.


God, the Angels, and the Universe watch over and support me in creating miracles in my life. I believe in miracles and I trust in the divine flow of Creation. My miracle is on its way to me right now and it will manifest when the time is right. I focus on all the wonderful things in my life. I know in my heart everything is working out for my highest good and greatest joy, under Grace, in divine timing. I do not need to rush my miracle because it will occur when all the pieces are in place.

I am so grateful for my family that I love so much. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends, we have so much fun together! I love my pets, which are such loving, sacred beings. I love my home, which brings me comfort and shelters my family and I. I appreciate my job where I have the opportunity to touch the lives of others. I am supported in so many ways.

I am so grateful for this life and all of its miracles, blessings, and joy. And so it is. Amen.


COBALT 5th July 2012 9:41 am


twelve20 5th July 2012 10:27 am

this is such a timely and accurate message! Thank you for the reminder for when i forget to trust what i know inside and lose myself to the illusions of fear and worry :)

Rosa 5th July 2012 1:01 pm

Dear Stephanie

Reading your message was a great light for me tonight as the anxiety has been crippling me at this time of great change in my life.
Thank you

heymumphy 6th July 2012 11:28 am

Thank you for helping me to remember that we are all going through these changes together and to have patience. Look I am breathing easier already. :angel: Wow!!

Ariel Ky 8th July 2012 8:37 am


I really liked what you wrote about ascension symptoms.

There are two things you mentioned that I would like to respond to.

One of them is that some of my troubled relationships, especially with family, are starting to shift. I've been careful to give them directions on what kind of interaction I want to have with them, and I'm getting a different kind of interaction when I specify what I'm looking for from them.

I'm realizing that my family has often been sadistic with me, although I never conceptualized it in those terms before... it's been extreme, denigrating me for my spiritual search, for being focused on my dreams and inner life, scoffing, ridiculing and generally having about zero tolerance for all of this.

So, being sensitive to energy as I am, it's been difficult and I've largely withdrawn. But now I'm being more insistent that we have healthier relationships and that I'm not shown so much disrespect or ignored. It helps that I've been able to help some of my family with healing issues. I'm really starting to feel as though I belong to my family again.

Ariel Ky 8th July 2012 8:43 am

One more thing, talking about dreams. I'm starting to see people from my past in my dreams pretty frequently. My sense is that time has always been more variable in the dream state, but that it's kind of collapsing now.

And there are so many people in my dreams. Lately they've been crowd scenes. I don't remember this many people showing up in my dreams before. I'm a pretty lucid dreamer and have been for decades. I think what this means is that more and more people are waking up in the dream state to the alternate realities that we experience when we're sleeping.

I do believe that it's one of the ways that we're discovering how interconnected we truly are, and that makes sense that it's happening a deeper level of consciousness first.

I've been really in the flow lately in conversations with other people that seem to flow seamlessly into discussions that I read on the Internet. It's as though there's just one big conversation going on and there's so much synchronocity happening that it's just feeling that we're all more and more connected.

AiaLuz 8th July 2012 11:49 am

As I sit here at 2:46am munching on chocolate, hoping to silence my whirling thoughts about my current financial challenges, I can't help but smile at your apt description. :) Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Aia

Michoko 12th July 2012 4:11 am

Great post, thank you very much! :)

GraceAnn 21st July 2012 4:13 pm

thanks to everyone here for their reassuring posts. whewwww!

All is well this afternoon...

not today>>> :idiot2:


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