Crystal Children

It has been noted that there is a considerable increase in the number of children being diagnosed as Autistic and Asperger's Syndrome. There are theories that it is due to a negative reaction to the immunizations required today. Others believe it could be the increase in toxic substances and environmental causes. Many have prophesized that the new children coming to this planet have unique characteristics to aid planet Earth in its ascension process. These children have been termed the Crystal Children.

What are the major attributes of the Crystal's?

The name "Crystal Children" is derived from the chakra that these children mainly operate from which is the Crown Chakra. The color associated with the Crown Chakra is a pure white or deep purple and its function is the direct connection to Source. Therefore, the Crystal children are completely aligned with God. This explains the fact that the Crystal's are highly evolved spiritual beings caught between the third, fourth and fifth dimension. The ones labeled autistic are hovering in the fourth and fifth dimension and can hardly relate to the third. The Crystal children, the same as the Indigo's, are highly intuitive and psychic. However, the Crystal's take it one step further by possessing an innate ability for telepathy, performing hands on miracle healings, and telekinetics. Their spiritual abilities and development is on a deep and profound level. Is it any wonder they cannot relate to us mere humans?!

You will know you have met a Crystal child just by looking into their large, dreamy, intense eyes. They emit a calm, loving presence. You can sense as they read you energetically and size you up. If you pass their authenticity test, you will begin to feel them slowly warm up to you. Don't rush it. If you come on too strong they will immediately retreat. If you sit back and wait, you will feel them open up to you and can enjoy their lovely, jovial personality. It makes you feel warm inside just being in a Crystal child's presence. People, especially other children, will flock to them to bask in their goodness.

The Crystal children are wired in a unique way. They are so sensitive that they cannot assimilate fully into the dense harsh world of our planet and society. Many times they become burdened and over stimulated by loud noises or angry words. They will retreat further into themselves if they perceive that the world is unsafe. They have enhanced senses, utilizing all of them and may develop strong sensitivities to foods, sounds, dense energies, environmental stimulations, chemicals and scents. If they are out of balance or if their aura is too strong they have a tendency to short out electric equipment such as computers, cell phones, radios, lights, etc. They absorb energies of those around them. It is necessary for them to learn psychic hygiene at a young age.

In addition, the Crystal children are very creative, loving, and affectionate and filled with wonder and awe. They have a million questions and tons of new ways of doing things in various and innovative ways. If the children feel you are authentic, loving, kind and filled with integrity they will open up to you like a flower. They will welcome you into their private world and share their uniqueness with you. The Crystal's become very interested in specific topics of interest and will learn as much information as they can and will eagerly discuss it with anyone interested.

However, if a Crystal finds you or their environment to be too harsh or negative they will rebel in a harsh and furious way. They will either retreat into their private world or become violent and volatile. Finding ways to keep them balanced and content is extremely important. They have a tendency to relate better to adults or children older than they are, rather than to their peers. They will connect with peers if they find others on the same frequency.

The Indigo child's mission is to shake things up with their refusal to conform to societies standards by being outspoken and rebellious so that the old system is destroyed and a new Earth is created filled with peace, balance and integrity The Crystal's purpose on the planet is to realign balance to our planet. They are directly aligned with Source that they can tap into the Divine resources.

Our role as parent, teacher or role model is to create an environment where these children can flourish. Being a public school teacher I must admit that it is a challenge to understand children that seem so removed from the norm. We are being challenged to change our perceptions of our role as educators. Teachers needed to be educated to the needs of our new children. The children require the sacredness to be their authentic selves and have room to explore their essence.

We can change the world only one soul at a time. The change begins with us. We, as parents and educators need to start with ourselves. We need to clear out the clutter and chaos from our heads and hearts. These children look directly inside of us and can tap into what is there. The children have amazing healing abilities and communication techniques, which are authentic only if they are directly from heart to heart or mind to mind.

We can in turn heal our children of imbalances by going directly to Source and linking our hearts to be healed and filled with Divine love and light. We then take the love that is filling our essence and transmit it to our children. It is the perfect gift to our children and to all of life.

If you are feeling disconnected from your child strengthen your connection with Source through prayer (where you speak to God) and meditation (where you listen to God). During meditation go directly into your heart and call on the name of Source, ask for all the places and spaces in and around you to be filled with Divine love and light and for your energy centers to be repaired, aligned, balanced and strengthened. Feel as the light and love flow freely into your being. Once your connection is strengthened with Source and you are aligned, begin by going into your heart; listen to what it is telling you. Travel up through your heart to your higher self, then travel across to your child's higher self and continue up to Source, bring it back down into your heart. Begin by communicating directly from your higher selves to your child's higher self where a true connection can be aligned and you may truly do the work of your higher purpose.

The Crystal child has an important role on this planet in creating a New Earth. You, as parent and/or educator have a Divine role as well, you were chosen to guide these children into adulthood. Through compassion, understanding, love and authentic bonding you will fulfill your mission as an Angel on Earth.


netdragon 30th October 2008 12:44 am

What about when the "indigo child" is also a parent (like me)? I don't think most people are thinking about how old many indigos are now ;-)

netdragon 30th October 2008 12:50 am

By the way, it's best not to put things into little boxes and oversimplify as humans tend to do. It's not like there are indigos and crystals, two distinct sets of people. There are what you call both energies, and different blendings in different people to different degrees, not just one or the other. Additionally, there are predispositions, but everybody has the potential to take on these energies and regulate them throughout their lives.

All-in-all, it doesn't really matter much. The energy quotient changes more by transformations of individuals throughout their lives, not by new-comers. The new-comers just help hold the energy change. It's the ones that perform their own internal transformations that are doing major work. Remember that. :)

Stefanie444 30th October 2008 5:21 am

I hear what you are saying. The life purpose of an individual person or group is pretty much predisposed to have the passion and the urgency to fulfill one's life goals. It can go as far to say that the astrological sign you were born under has certain challenges and strengthens which would assist the person in overcoming limitations by learning life lessons and give extra gifts to further benefit someone in achieving their life purpose.

I for one are definitely not into labels or oversimplifications. I just see that we are all here on our individual and collective missions. We come in with the energy of what we want to do. Whether we accomplish it is completely up to us.

Yes, we can definitely transform individually and that is something we are doing on an ongoing basis.

Holding the energy and life purposes can be pretty driven. I think we each have our certain creative gifts and passions that when they become activated within us, it's hard to resist not accomplishing this. I think that is our contribution to humanity.

Rhiannon 30th October 2008 9:09 am

Hi netdragon! Great point and congradulations...Indigo children are grown up now and I have one daughter that is an early indigo, too. Interesting to note that your generation is the off-spring of the baby-boomers, called "echo" boomers. I believe the intense focus in the late sixties- early seventies for LOVE, PEACE AND TRANSCENDENCE was never in vain and in fact is still working towards that very goal in the echo of your generation joining in this cause. Not all hippies sold out, embracing capitalism and afflencency; some (many) have been waiting for this very time for the reinforments of the Indigo and crystal and blue rays and we are all celebrating and changing what IS in the NOW of our divine ascension. I so resonate with all of your comments, that I got a big ah-ha when I read your question...Indigo's are not babies anymore! Will be interested (of course) when and if my Indigo has a child. Love and Light! :smitten:

Stefanie444 30th October 2008 11:27 am

I have many adult Indigo's resonate with the attributes and characteristics and feel relieved to find those of like mind and soul. It seems many Adult indigo's are having indigo children. Yes, many were the hippies and flower children of the 70's. The adult Indigo's were the forerunner's and paved the way for the masses of spiritually evolved humans to start coming in. It seems that many adults are resonating with the blue ray which is closely related to the Indigo's but a more close fit in attributes. I see many, many Indigo's in their early 20's that are just joining the work force. I can't wait to see what they will do!!!

Pathwalker444 30th October 2008 12:40 pm

Hi Stephanie,I also agree with netdragon about labeling these children.Although from a left brain intellectual point of view (not mine!lol)it would be impossible not to at the moment, because if we didn't use labels no one would know what we were talking about!!!. I live with an Indigo,had the honour of another Indigo friend,on tuesday bringing her crystal daughter and crystal niece to visit.The two girls, aged 10-11 are stunningly gifted with abilities of seeing auras,crown chakra geometry,wings,spirit guides,energy lines,as well as the spirits and spirit animals that also reside at my cottage.The friends daughter I have met before,and at that time gave me lots of information about myself.This time she told me of all the changes in that information. One of the reasons I dont like putting them in boxes is that the perameters of those boxes are also changing all the time.We will soon need boxes within boxes and labels upon labels to keep My Indigo friend who visited is currently going through the transition of indigo to crystal,these are not stagnant states.Love and Light,Tim

Pathwalker444 30th October 2008 1:02 pm

....Hi again Stephanie444,I also strongly believe that right the way through this planets history there has been incarnations of Indigo, crystal,rainbow,blue ray beings to help with various stages of development. The universe works very much in cyclic patterns,and if you look back in, say, just this century at the 20's, the 60's,there has been great boosts of spiritual awareness.I would love to see an aura photo of say someone like Madame Blavatski from a little before those times,to see what colour her aura was.I'm guessing that at some stage in her life it would have been indigo.We are recieving so much help at this time of transition,not just from indigo but re-incarnated Esseenes,Cathares,Templars,Pagans,Ascended ones,Devic realms, Angelic realms,beings from the gold and silver rays,all sorts are coming together for this event....We are in very good hands. Love and Light,Tim

netdragon 31st October 2008 1:21 am

One thing I recall is when talking with the plaeidians, I reminded them of the transcendentalists in the 19th century. They said something which reminded me of something important: yes there were some but really it's about the numbers -- reaching that critical mass...

That resonated, and I remembered the planning phase before coming. Too often the focus is too much on the individual traits of the indigos. In this day and age, a super-psychic like Jesus won't make more than ripples (and maybe get locked up in a mental hospital, shot up with tranquilizer). There is a heavy amount of planned coordination between our souls. And there were contingencies upon contingencies, like planning 5 moves in a chess game, and it's about probabilities and potentials. The level of precision is almost eerie. Individually, we fall but in sheer volume it's unstoppable. It's not about being saviors, but answering a call humanity made. Together we slowly turn up the juice.

Indigo/crystal -- I've switched back and forth multiple times. Depends on life circumstances and what's appropriate.

netdragon 31st October 2008 1:29 am

Another thing is that we are warriors, and have thick "shells", but also are very very sensitive and want to fit in. There also is not this distinction between indigos and crystals. Usually both layers exist turned on to different degrees at different times. Indigos can take a lot, but individually are very very vulnerable. Just as the souls form groups, allowing us to work together on the physical level helps as well. You may have noticed that some just click, across barriers that usually separate people such as age, gender or race.

Also, most people now carry the energy that we came in with. As mentioned before, we are slowly turning up the juice together :)

At the point at which those you term "pure crystals" come, some of people already incarnate will have reached that stage in advance. Like attracts like and that's how it works -- there being a pull is the only way they can come. We need a little more social progress to make it "safe" to hit that point, and it isn't about fear but it's about creating the opportunity to drop the "shells". I don't believe that will take long.

Rhiannon 31st October 2008 7:13 am

What insightful information, thanks everyone! So much is becoming clear. I'd thought I would also mention the non-importance of what astrology sign we are born that can change in the now to whatever energy better serves. We old souls have been and have access to any sign necessary in the moment, (and there are new planets in the mix)! As for new souls to this planet, I have no idea if astrology is a factor?? Life is very exciting when this kind of information is shared!!! :smitten:

netdragon 31st October 2008 2:25 pm

The astrological sign represents a snapshot of the energy you were born into, the heavens providing a mirror. It can help define potentials and our souls definately take advantage of that. Though we don't have to read a prenatal chart since souls just directly observe energies. Since energy is higher vibrational now and more in flux, and we are more mobile, the effects of being born into a certain energy is diminished. It could be more imprtant that you spent 10 years doing X,Y, and Z than being born with a certain natal chart.

"Young souls" are important. They are not really young just as our children are not really children in a sense (their souls being more wise than any adult). "Young souls" can either be new to the earthly experience or even experiences as physical as earth, though they often bring an intuition and freshness and new ideas/energies at the soul level, or even recently descended or ascended individuals that integrated enough to spawn their own incarnations. Most races I have been a part of invite some amount of young souls constantly. The difference being that the original humans were newly descended beings and that's what makes earth unique. Thos that came later (not in time, but in order) were usually more experienced with physical existance. Some of the pure crystals will again be new souls, but not much until humanity is ready not to destroy them.

netdragon 31st October 2008 2:43 pm

Wow! I'm looking at the grammar of my last comment and realize that maybe writing long comments on cell phones doesn't lend to clarity. :)

Oh well, I thought I should mention that I didn't distinguish between "new souls" and "young souls". The main idea is they are never really "new" or "young" -- it's just a matter of perspective and what they are familiar with. If you expand your ego mind to be able to incarnate in other beings, then in essence it seems like your soul becomes your higher self. Well, to avoid putting things in boxes, that kind of ascension can happen in many ways, though what seems like your ego evolving to become a new soul is really just a reconfiguration of yourself. Your soul doesn't go away, just steps aside a bit and let's your ego create at a higher level. If you descend down to lower vibration and are a new soul in that way, you higher self didn't go away and you still have access to its universal knowledge.

Rhiannon 2nd November 2008 9:44 am

Thanks netdragon! Your message was/is very clear; forget the spellling thing...did not notice. Yes! I should use more clarity...newer souls to this Earth. As far as the astrological aspects of our natal charts, I feel they are imprinted in very fine rice paper, no longer on stone. Free will is an incredible attribute of this amazing process. Did you ever notice when looking at the aura of a star-bieng that it is rayed and not an oval? And sometimes I see both on one being, and oh the colors!! Love and light! :smitten:

butterfly 6th February 2009 10:44 am

This was a great article; While I was searching on this website I was immediately drawn to read this...My older son who is 9 years old has Asperger's Syndrome, and I have to tell you everything you mention describes him to a T! He has always been very advanced psychically, and he is truly a very special person. He is also obsessed with crystals, so this explains a lot! Thank you for writing this

chameleon 25th March 2013 12:24 pm

Hi I am a crystal child, 21 years old now, there is one major issue that has knocked me down, vaccination, it has almost destroyed me, it has blocked my connection to the higher energies and astral world, by time I try to clean the shit out of my body by using herbs and I am slowly recovering, the western medicine is very dangerous to us, all kinds of pills and any interrution to the body such as operation is destructive, I am speaking from life experience.


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