Romance in the New Energy

We’ve entered a new energy where everything may look the same, but, in actuality nothing is as it appears. If we even so much as attempt to do things in the old way and expect the same old results we are mistaken, therefore, our relationships are shifting. Those that were not based on a high integrity of consciousness, mutual love, respect, and kindness either fell or are in the process of falling by the wayside or else both parties in the relationship must take a vibrational leap to the next level in order for it to endure. If we’re onboard to go to the next level of conscious awareness the only way we can get there is drama free and with purity and peace.

Those on the spiritual path often times experience  many challenges and setbacks when it comes to romantic relationships. As we are in the process of growing and changing we tend to outgrow a potential partnership before we can grow into it.  Our frequency fluctuates as we are in the process of transformation, making it difficult to find someone on the same wavelength as us. While we are going through the shifts it is challenging to form a deep, long lasting connection with someone who may also be undergoing the same process or is not working on themselves. 

The law of attraction draws partners to us that reflect what we are feeling and wanting to experience. Lightworkers tend to be rescuers and enablers until they work on healing that issue inside of themselves. They tend to fall for someone’s potential rather than what they are actually capable of giving and being. As old patterns, beliefs, and actions/reactions are healed and transmuted we are able to attract a loving spiritual partnership that is on our vibrational frequency.

Soulmate or twin flame relationships aren’t always the easiest ones. There is a strong attraction and a feeling of knowing one another on a deep and profound level. Oftentimes these are the relationships with the most issues and conflicts as we make a soul contract with another being to work on healing and resolving issues in our lives through the assistance of a familiar soul to play it out with. These relationships can be so intense that I prefer to focus on attracting a mate that is my beloved spiritual romantic partner.

My friend and I were chatting about what we were looking for in a mate. She mentioned that she always made sure he believed in God and thus was spiritual. I explained to her that was way too vague! Many of us believe in God, but our perception of what God is may be quite different based on our religious or spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. For me, a spiritual partner would be someone who was has a loving, kind, gentle spirit though we may come from different lineages. He must have a deep love and respect for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

The way to manifesting true love is by taking care of ourselves and showing love and respect to our loved ones, thus we find someone who does the same.  As we repair or heal the dynamics in our relationships with family members and friends that are dysfunctional, the energetic dynamic leaves our cellular memory and we no longer attract it. Fueling our body, mind and soul with positive things and loving ourselves unconditionally brings love that mirrors what we are feeling inside.

I’ve gone through a few years of a lot of turmoil.  Though many things are not actually resolved, I’m finally feeling happy and content since I made the decision to let go. I released my expectations of how things should turn out. I’m happy despite what the outer appearance of situations may be. If we are only happy when we have everything we want just the right way, we’d only be that way for short periods of time and we cannot experience love when we are only seeking perfection. Perfection is an illusion of perception.

A conscious loving relationship would include being respectful, trustworthy, kind, dependable, open hearted, loving, and caring. Of course it would also include passion, laughter, enjoying each other’s company, having fun together, not take life and circumstances too seriously, and overlooking the little things.

We are coming into a time of connecting with our beloved partner. For those of us who have spent many years focusing on our spiritual path, will find that the time is growing near to be in a long-term romantic relationship, if that is our desire. We spent so many years connecting on a higher level that all the wisdom and growth we achieved can be applied in a loving relationship. We are ready to attract true love, the call to love is the call to experiencing Source through a soul connection with a beloved partner.

We are finally reuniting with our soul families and being guided to our beloved partner (or the relationship we are currently in is being raised to a higher vibration through pure intent), situations are being resolved and we are being aligned with the place and way we can best serve our destiny. The way we can raise the vibration of the planet is by making changes in our own lives and the highest and greatest way is through the power of love. As we open our hearts to greater capacities to give and receive love we are healed and made whole.

In all the years I’ve been a healer I’ve noticed that those on the spiritual path have an easier time giving then receiving. The front of the heart chakra is wide open to giving love and of themselves, however, the back of the heart chakra located in the middle of the back tends to be closed due to difficulty in allowing others to give to them. In order for any relationship to be in balance it is essential to give and receive equally, though not necessarily in the same way. We give what we have and what the person may need at the time. Being able to receive or even ask for help when we need it, accepting compliments, and allowing our partner to nurture us are some of the ways we can be open to receive.

Love has the power to heal away all of our old hurts and wounds. We have all been wounded in many ways through our life experiences. Being vulnerable and opening up to a beloved partner can be healing to the soul. I’m not referring to a co-dependent relationship where we lose ourselves in another person and expect them to make everything better for us or for us to fix them. It’s about taking the relationship we’re in to the next level or entering one and experiencing a mutually loving and nurturing partnership.

Romance in the new energy happens when two beloveds come together, who have already worked on healing their own issues, have self esteem and respect for themselves and others, and are ready to experience true love in a deep and authentic way.


Dear God,

I’m ready to experience true love. I know love is all around and within me. Love is the elixir that soothes and heals the soul. I’m ready to attract genuine love on a higher level. Weave me into the person that I want to attract. I release my old patterns, wounds and beliefs so that I can expand my perceptions and find new ways of being in relationship with another that are more conscious, mindful, and loving. I open my heart and mind to experience deep, everlasting and abiding love.

And so it is.



mari282 3rd May 2011 7:48 am

Great prayer. It's what I'm praying for too.

syvilla ariana 3rd May 2011 7:58 am

Thank You Stefanie, Now I feel more at peace with myself.
I too outgrow my frined and lovers. It gets lonely sometimes. But after reading your article I know there are other people out there who have experienced the same thing.
My Spiritual Counsilor helped me with this one! and now you.
Thank You!! Syvilla

LauriLumby 3rd May 2011 8:03 am

Dear Stephanie,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! These are the very beliefs about a "beloved partner" that have arisen in my own consciousness over the past 7 years. "He" has appeared in my dreams, in my meditations, in my waking and sleeping visions. Connecting with this beloved partner, if only through the veil, I became aware of the dysfunction in my "soul mate" relationship of 17 years. I became aware of co-dependency and of disharmony. We tried for 10 years to work out these mutual issues and found that divorce was the only life-giving solution. It has been my belief in the "beloved partner" that has upheld me through the grief and heartache of terminating a relationships that was good on so many levels....but not on the ones that I knew made a healthy, intimate partnership. I have recently been told by a psychic that my "beloved" is just on the other side of the veil waiting to breakthrough into this reality so that we can be reunited. Time will tell. Thank you for offering validation for something other might think insane!

Lauri Lumby

Ron Laswell 3rd May 2011 10:21 am

Stephanie - The reality you are describing really hit home for me last Summer. Totally agree with everything you delineated so well. I really appreciate your clarity on the subject.

laughlight 3rd May 2011 6:53 pm

Loved this! what heartfelt sensibility & resonance for me.
Thank you so much for saying everything I've felt.
Makes it easy for me to reference lol.
Wonderfully done.

Armand Tentoes 3rd May 2011 7:06 pm

Someone 2 hold hands with 2create a new relationship paradigm 4humanity. Cheers

Mz Ashley Wright 16th May 2011 1:32 am

I was not aware that the soul mate relationship was more difficult. I'll make some intention changes to my vision board. Thank You :)


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