The Expression of Love

Love is a feeling that we experience in many different ways toward various people in our lives. Love is the ultimate expression of our divinity. It is a way of showing tenderness to our children, or passion to our lover. Love is an emotion that holds the power to heal and strengthen the physical and emotional body.

There have been times that we have expressed deep love and have been hurt. When we express our love to someone, there is a certain level of expectation that the beloved will reciprocate. Love is the foundation to allow relationships to grow and people to blossom. Just spending time in nature brings me the feeling of overwhelming love and sacredness. I think many of us feel safe showering our pets and children with love since our pets and children give back to us unconditionally.

Love has the power to heal, and transform. Every expression of love carries in it the seeds of possibilities. When we nurture and honor love it has the ability to lift us up and bring us hope, tenderness and affection. Without love we miss out on so many of life's hidden treasures.

Love comes with some risk when have hopes and expectations that it will be reciprocated and valued in the way we want it to be. When we choose to open our hearts, we take a chance of being hurt or rejected. If we don't risk anything the alternative is to remain numb but safe. As we allow our hearts to heal and open we can experience the full expression of love.

It is so imperative to first love ourselves unconditionally. We need to accept our own flaws and shortcomings. Our society has taught us that we should place an emphasis that we must be at our ideal weight or have a certain amount of money or status in order to be seen as loveable and desirable which is such a fallacy. In order for us to get the love and respect we want we must first love and respect ourselves. We must also be able to forgive others and ourselves for making mistakes and being human. In order to be forgiven, we must forgive ourselves for being less than perfect.

We get into the mind set that until we are exactly where we want to be in our lives we are not deserving of love. I do not believe there is ever a perfect time and condition for love to be expressed. We need only to open our hearts to reveal our authentic selves

So why do we at times reject love when an opportunity presents itself? It seems that for many of us, our past experiences hinder our ability to take a chance. Fear can envelop us to the point that we avoid taking a risk.

For those of us who didn't receive love in a healthy way from our parents we don't have a source of reference to base healthy ways of expressing love in our current relationships. If we haven't received unconditional love we might not know what it should feel like and will tend to avoid emotional or physical intimacy. We may carry all consuming fears if we have been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, or violated in a prior relationship. It can cause us to run from love.

It is the wounded inner child that needs to be nurtured, and healed in order to attract a loving, and healthy relationship. We must first do the inner work on ourselves before we can find a relationship that will bring us happiness. We must know healthy boundaries and release codependent behaviors. Love that is controlling, needy, smothering, obsessive or manipulative is not love at all.

Love will manifest when we are taking care of ourselves, living our own lives and are happy and content with who we are and what we are doing. We need to know what our needs and desires are in order to be in a relationship that can fulfill them. If we don't know what we want, we can't get it. Another person cannot make us happy or fill a void within us. We must first heal the void within ourselves.

When we can deeply and completely love and accept ourselves, we can fully open our hearts to the full expression of love in all its beauty and forms. It is in this way our lives will transform and love can grow.

Sending you many sacred blessings for opening to the opportunities experience unconditional love.....

Prayer - Love

Dear God/Goddess,
I have so much love in my heart. Sometimes I experience fear in expressing my feelings of love in fear of rejection and abandonment. Sometimes I fear expressing my feelings of love for fear that it won't turn out the way I want it to. Sometimes, God, I just fear. So I ask that all the fear may removed and transmuted. May only love remain.

There are those that I love that I don't know how to express and show my true love for. There are those that I feel love for that don't reciprocate my feelings. And then, gratefully, there are those giving and receiving love flows easily and naturally.

I accept all types of love. Unconditionally. I know that the expression of love is all that matters. On a higher level those who I send my love to, receive it. I feel the love returned to me ten-thousand fold.

So, God/Goddess, I humble myself to you in this moment. I ask that you assist me in opening my heart to even greater levels. Show me how I can be a full expression of love in all ways, always. With pure intent....

And so it is.



Sangeeta Handa 15th December 2008 12:51 pm

Stephanie, this message was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.
God Bless..Sangeeta Handa


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