The Grace of Acceptance

No matter where we are on the path to enlightenment it warrants a pause of rest and reflection. We have traveled far and gained so much knowledge and wisdom. Can we give ourselves credit for all the inner work we've done? Not only inner work, we've had to do a lot on the physical level as well, during this year of renegotiating the terms of our lives. Now is a time to just allow all of the energies around us to settle down and integrate. Be still for a moment and just allow. Fear not. All is as it should be. The grace of acceptance is in the now moment.

Change is here. If you aren't seeing it on the outside, be sure it is perceptible on the inside. The insides and the outsides will be matching soon enough. For now, be still. Accept the present moment. In this moment all the wonderful possibilities reside.

I haven't had the motivation to do much of anything. Most all of my relationships have vastly changed. Many people that I was once very close with are no longer in my life. I still love and deeply care for them, however, for whatever reason our energies do not match and we just don't see each other or talk often or at all. It is very quiet around me as well. Even my guides and angels aren't around much. I'm used to getting strong intuition and guidance. It's just not happening the way it used to. The veil has thinned to the point where our higher guidance come from within us, not from any higher being outside of us. We are the higher beings!

It is taking some getting used to. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic or sweat wondering how certain situations in my life will work out. I don't have a clue as to how to solve the issues. I'm not getting any strong pulls to go in any one direction. After a few minutes of blind panic I can reassure myself that up until now everything has worked out just fine. I truly trust that I am safe and protected. I don't know how my current challenges will work themselves out but I know when the timing is right the answers will be there and it is then that I will be propelled into action.

I have contemplated for weeks what I wanted to write about and no inspiration came to me. I'm used to being chock full of ideas. Finally it occurred to me to write about my lack of inspiration! There are few places I desire to go. Where I am in the moment and what I am doing seems to be just fine by me. I have experienced just pure blissfulness in really having no urge to do much of anything, or go anywhere. Its just nice being.

Many of my relationships have become very distant and the thing is I have no need to rush out and fix them. I don't have the energy or the desire to do anything about it. I have spent my entire life trying to people please and make sure everyone else was taken care of and happy. I sacrificed my own needs in order to meet others. Don't get me wrong I have no regrets. I did it out of love and willingness. Now that the desire is no longer there I can still love and care for them, but without the compulsion to rescue, or fix things. Those who come to me needing my services, friendship, or love I gladly offer them what I have to give. The key is I give what I have to give. I am retaining much for myself right now. I am loving myself and taking care of my own neglected needs.

The good news is my needs are very simple. The beauty is that I am content in just being. I receive joy from the simple pleasures and the little things. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Intermingled in all of this, is the need for some serious change. I need certain things to work themselves out. No matter how much I try I cannot rush the process or push for the results. I am learning to sit back and wait for divine timing.

I am also learning how to receive. I am learning not to pursue people and situations that cannot give in return to me. There are times when no matter how badly we want something or someone it is not in our best interest or for our highest good. When we are in the divine flow of things we can see what serves us and what doesn't. When we have enough self worth we only choose opportunities where we are treated with only the highest degree of love, respect, and care. If it doesn't make us feel good, then it is most certainly not for us.

I think learning how to be and letting go of expectations and our agenda is a difficult concept to master. It seems quite easy, and in fact it really is. As humans our ego gets in there and we think we know how it is supposed to be done and which way things should be heading. We do not always see the big picture. The fear, anxiety, and worry that are plaguing many of us as our lives go through this recalibration can be daunting. We want to take the steering wheel and lead the way. If we can get out of our own way, allow ourselves to be, things will naturally fall into place.

The natural flow of things is when the right people, and opportunities show up, our gut feeling says this is right or wrong for us and we are given prods and signs to proceed or back off. The guidance we’re getting is, in fact, coming from ourselves. We are all One. We are all interconnected. The Oneness of us all puts things into motion when we are ready and the time is right things begin to happen. In the interim, trust, self-care, and mindful awareness are essential.

When the panic, fear, and uncertainty shows up, realize that it is an illusion of the ego. Remember that we are all going through various versions of this massive change. The grace of acceptance is knowing that the fear of the unknown lurks in the future. When you gently remind yourself that in the present moment you have all the answers you need. The present moment is the only thing we really have. Gracefully accept yourself and the blessings bestowed upon you. Accept the good, the bad and the ugly as a momentary state of being.

There is so much beauty, love and blessings to focus on that it is impossible to believe that things will not work themselves out. The grace of acceptance is knowing that all is as it should be.


Dear God,

I wake up in the middle of the night anxious and uncertain of how issues in my life will work out. I don’t know how to resolve them. I am afraid.

I know when I breathe through it and release the fear that your ever-abiding presence is with me. I know with utmost certainty that things have always worked out in the past. I cannot see or predict the future. All I have is this moment.

All I have is the faith that I am guided and protected. I know that everything will be well.

With the assistance of grace I release the anxiety that I am holding, my expectations and fear of the unknown. I gracefully accept the present moment. I accept who I am and where I am at this time. I trust in the divine plan.

And so it is.



Nickola 28th November 2009 4:48 am

Sheer beauty

... :laugh

Kirin 28th November 2009 5:41 am

Dear Stefanie.

Exactly as it is now. No-thing, but full in the Heart.
Silence where there were guides, but lots of Love inside.
Noone to relate to, but never again the illusion of loneliness. I carry Home in me; I know that now...
Visions of Heaven on Earth for ALL Life.....
Life is amazing, albeit quiet....(seem a very patient person here, don't I? Well; not much choice for now....Haha)
Thank you; again for your sharing...
And, if you don't mind me asking: How is your sweet four-legged companion doing?
Been reminded of her so now and then, ever since you wrote about her..
WIth Love from Holland, Kirin

Milleniumfalcon 28th November 2009 7:42 am

Stefanie, you described my life... I used to people please, because I thought that was what I was supposed to to make other people feel good, but I neglected myself in the process. And now I am learning not to people please, fix others and rescue, and this comes as a surprise to those who are used to being taken care of by me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You said you lacked inspiration, well this was an inspirational message and I enjoyed it very much. :roll:

Stefanie444 28th November 2009 8:09 am

Thank you all so much for your kind words & asking. No, even though I'm alone I am far from lonely. Much more peaceful and content then ever before.

My dog, Staci, is doing great! (knock on wood) It has been 6 months since her terminal diagnosis. She is on predisone which is helping immensely but I also have her on an immunity booster called Transfer Factor. It's for humans and animals & it really strengthens the system. I'm so grateful at how much it has helped her. She has an insatiable appetite from the predisone but who cares. I've actually learned from her. I hear her saying, "screw it, I've lived my whole life following the rules and being a perfect good girl. Not anymore! Give me that damn food in your hand or I'll just eat it off your plate if your eating so slow." She's not following anymore rules! I am giving her extra supremely good canned food (beneful) which is like a Thanksgiving dinner every day. I feel like however long she has to live we're going to really enjoy it! When we take our walks I suck in the surroundings. I'm done with the people pleasing rules too!

Bright Sorcerer 28th November 2009 8:18 am

Beautiful and encouraging. Thank you so much for posting this, Stefani! I am co-hosting a show again this weekend and will definitely be sharing this with our listeners. Love and Light, Nick

Kirin 28th November 2009 9:35 am

Dear Stefanie.

Thank you for the answer about Stacy. You DO surely feel like a happy couple, the way you describe it.
And as for rules: no surprise.....I am in exactly the same space.
I will go and see if the medication you write about is also available in Holland, for my dog Sammy is having issues( I think ascension-related) with immune-system also. I was explained she is doing this for being able to stay with me for a few more years, but I will do anything (as you will understand)to lighten the symptoms.

Thinking about you and with Love, Kirin

bringitonhome 28th November 2009 7:41 pm

Thank you for writing this wonderful article. I thought I was the only one feeling the same way.
I too have lost many relationships lately. I just refuse to be apart of people that never give and always take. Yes, it seems to have shocked some of them.
I have found my joy by spending time with myself. I always enjoyed myself, funny I'd forgotten how much. Just living and doing things for myself, when I want....It is awesome.. the loneliness does come creeping is hard to shake it off. But as you wrote that beautiful acticle, I am more inspired to continue on.....knowing that I am okay and YES, it's GOD'S will and my peace of mind.
Thank you again, as I sit alone on a Saturday night, enjoying my frozen pizza, washing clothes.. I know I will be fine and know for certain that everything happens for a reason......
Many blessings to everyone,

natalieafriend 28th November 2009 11:07 pm

I have thankfully been reading channeled messages for the past 1 1/2 yrs on Spirit Library. Without these messages I would have felt so alone. Many times I have thought about responding but this is the first time I have. I read your Grace of Acceptance & feel like you were writing about my life. I completely have had the very same experiences of choosing to release relationships that aren't working for me. I also have felt like I am more alone as far as my guides & angels go. I know I am safe & protected because Archangel Michael visited me several years ago & his presence is always with me. I am finatical about my cats & feel more connected to them than most people. I read one of your articles recently & was led to Shekina's information through you. I am so happy that you had Shekina's link. I finally know what I am. I have known for a few years that I am a lightworker, but now I know more specifically that I am a "Blu Ray lightworker". Thanks for All of your help, you made a difference in my life!

Ashleyjkd76 29th November 2009 12:34 am

Thank you for writing this. I really relate to what your writing about as I am going through the same thing right now. :thumbs:

Convalia 29th November 2009 1:36 am

Stefanie, thank you for this honest message from the Heart.:smitten: It describes my own feelings in the last few days...
a very inspiring and refreshing reminder. Love!!


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