The New Matrix

 Rewiring Your Energy Matrix

From Steve:

This message tied in with the big message from last month. (See The Rewire ) Here the group explains much more of what is happening as we begin this human wiring upgrade. They explained that even though an Energy Matrix can never be changed, it is possible to add a new overlay to an existing matrix. This is getting exciting. Hang on the ride is just beginning.

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group

Greetings from Home

Why Am I Here?

You have come a very long way to sit in these chairs. You have come a very long way to put yourself here as a soul at this magical junction of time and space where you can make a difference on this planet. But it goes further than that, for you are multidimensional beings and much of what you have come to do reaches far beyond what you experience in your daily lives. You are the magicians of the Gameboard. You are the ones who came in wearing the veil to forget everything that you were before. And here you are, right on time. “So what have I come to do?” That is the big question that all of you want to know.

Let us first take you back and address something we talked about recently. There is a rewiring process going on with each and every one of you. It is a change in your individual connection—a change in the way that your brain is connected, in effect Let us give you an illustration for the Keeper has received many emails asking exactly what was meant with what we said. Therefore, we will give you another analogy.

The Veil is Draped Between the Two Lobes of the Brain

We tell you there are two parts of the brain that were intentionally separated so that you could wear the veil, so that you could not see yourselves as the souls that you truly are. You believe that you are in a human body. You keep thinking that you are humans looking for a spiritual awakening, when you are actually spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. Here you are trying to figure out what you came here to do. As you search for these answers, the two lobes of the brain start communicating in different and new ways. To illustrate, imagine that there are tiny little wires between the two sides of the brain. You call these synaptic pathways. These pathways carry energy back and forth between the two sides of the brain, transmitting electrical impulses back and forth which help you to balance your spiritual being within a physical body. This transferance of energy between the two lobes helps your soul to search for answers within the physical body. When you ponder a question that has no simple answer, your body builds new synaptic pathways that actively search for the answer you seek. When you talk to that part of your higher self that enables spiritual communication, it is only possible for your brain to seek that connection through newly formed synaptic pathways. What you do when you begin to channel is to increase the number of synaptic pathways. People who seem to have a good ability to talk to spirit, actually have an ability to quickly build new synaptic pathways. It is not actually the number of pathways that you have, but the activation of new ones that opens the communication you seek. Therefore, the ability to create new pathways is one of the greatest things that you can do.

Upgrading to Fiber Optics

People have often asked, “What can I do to start channeling?” We tell you some strange answers. Drive a different way to work.Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-footed or left-footed, you always take your first step with the non-dominant foot. Intentionally begin a step with the other foot instead. Start working to stretch those synaptic pathways. The illustration we will give you is simple: Consider synaptic pathways to be electrical wires that provide communication between the two halves of your brain. Using that analogy, you are in the process of upgrading to fiber optics. The new fiber optic cables carry much more light and information. With this new wiring you no longer need to use only new synaptic pathways for higher communications. This is the basis of what we have told you over and over. In the days ahead, what you call channeling and spirit communication will become commonplace. All of you have the ability all of the time, yet very few of you have been able to produce enough new synaptic pathways to sustain the connection. With the new fiber optic cables this will not be a problem and everyone will discover their inner connection to spirit. That is at the heart of why we call you Lightworkers. You still have no understanding as to what ‘light’ really is. You believe that light is the sun’s energy or what you see as photon energy. It is much, much more than that. You have only scratched the surface in your sciences to understand what light is all about. That will come sooner than you know, as the rewiring of humanity is now underway.

Hundredth Monkey Activation

Let us talk more about the net effect as this rewiring process continues as it is happening with each and every one of you. It is a global shift. It is almost as if you have reached critical mass and the Hundredth Monkey Theory is activating. Very soon, humans everywhere will start experiencing the similar reactions. Of course, those of you who try to intentionally lead the way vibrationally have more of these experiences than other people because you have made the commitment to be there first, to set the energy for others to follow. Therefore, because you are at the beginning of the arrowhead that is changing the paradigm of everything, you also receive the most heat. You are not alone, dear ones. And your job is honored more than you will ever know because the paradigm could never change without you at the tip. The paradigm could not change without that happening. You are the brave souls that lead the way. You are the workers of the light. You are the predecessors of what is to come. You proudly stand up and know that even though you are tired, even though you feel exhausted sometimes, and even though you feel like you are dragging this body around. In fact, you are right on time and are doing what you came here to do. So first, know that you are making a difference.

The Energy Matrix

Now we wish to revisit information we have previously given you. When the Keeper put together the book Spiritual Psychology, we explained the difference between an energy matrix and an energy stamp because both of them carry primary life lessons of a soul. An energy stamp is an event or something that happens to you which stamps you with energy which you then carry forward. It can be positive or negative. It makes no difference. Your experiences help to enable life lessons. The energy matrix is the way you are wired. It is the way you first deal with energy when it enters your field. Let us give you an example.

The Keeper has a friend who is a very, very dear soul. Even though he does not work in the food industry, he always thinks in terms of food. If you were to go up to him and say, “Tell me about Thanksgiving Day 1988 when the family gathered.” He would say, “That is the year we had turkey and ham.” He thinks in those terms. He is wired this way. Each one of you is wired somewhat differently. Your individual energy matrix is like a snowflake — no two are exactly alike. Your energy matrix is unique, and yet sometimes there are snowflakes that are similar. You have a tendency to join groups and attract other snowflakes that are similar to yours. You attract others around you that are wired very similarly to your own matrix.

We told you that the energy matrix never changes and it does not. Therefore, when you have an energy stamp, you may heal the energy stamp. But yet, if you are being facilitated with a life lesson through an energy matrix, you may not heal it because nothing is wrong. You must master a matrix. You must learn to find the highest use of that energy.

Nature of the Matrix

Let us say that you had an experience in this lifetime that changed your life. This is an energy stamp and is one way to work with a life lesson. An energy matrix is simply an energy stamp that you carried forward from a previous lifetime. In between lifetimes, you have an opportunity to complete the seventh stage of life. The seventh stage of life occurs after you have returned Home after you die and review everything that happened in that lifetime. No, you are not judged unless you choose to judge yourself. You decide what you are going to carry forward and what can help you further that life lesson in the next lifetime. The funny part about it is that you think, “I will only take the good experiences with me.” But when you get Home, that good and bad polarity disappears. You begin to understand that you seem to learn better from negative experiences than from positive one, so many of you even carry negative experiences into your life lesson as part of your wiring. These choices of the soul are what determine the Energy Matrix that you will have in your next incarnation. Again, nothing is wrong with these choices. Nothing needs to be healed. Nothing needs to change. You only need to find the mastery of it—the highest use of that which you chose. So, it could be said that an energy matrix is made up of the energy stamps that were brought forward from your other lifetimes.

The Matrix Overlay

We now add to your understanding with the next piece. Due to the rewiring process now at hand, you will find that even though it is not possible to change your energy matrix, it is possible to add to and overlay the matrix. You will first do this to evolve into multidimensional beings and to start experiencing life on multiple dimensions of time and space. That is your next step in the evolution process. The Keeper knows that one of the most frustrating things to do is to try to explain multidimensionality to people who have only been living in one dimension. It is very difficult for you to understand that there are actually 12 of you actually on this planet as a soul, having an experience at the same time. You will never see the other ones because they are in a slightly different vibrational pattern, sometimes making different choices, and sometimes in different ways. As you become multidimensional and as the new children start coming in with these properties already embedded in them, you will understand what happens. You will understand the rest of the process. You will understand that you have opportunities to move between dimensions of your experiences of a soul on this planet.

The Passion Matrix

With these attributes it will be much easier for you to see what you came here to do and find your purpose. You know that passion is the new paradigm. It is the point in your existence when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. It is when you smile that big smile and change the room and everything around you. Yet, most of you do not know what that is because you try to bring it into a human experience and you immediately think, “I know what my passion is, but how do I make a living at it?” Some of you will and some of you will not. What we suggest is that you find your passion and experience it. If you make a living at it, wonderful. If not, a living will come to you in other ways. When you find that passion and experience it, you start to activate the rest of this matrix. You will see some of your own abilities change as you build the new matrix overlay. Please understand that it is not a change of your matrix for your energy matrix never changes; yet, you can build and add to it much the same way that your own DNA is starting to connect strands that you previously did not know were there.

The Enigma of “Healer, Heal Thyself”

As you set these things into motion, you start expecting new things from yourself. You start to see what you are capable of. Most of you are healers. Growing up you most likely heard the saying, “Healer, heal thyself.” That is an enigma, dear ones. You took it to mean that if you were a healer you would always be able to heal yourself. What it means is “practice what you preach.” If you are going to facilitate other to grow and heal then seek growth and healing yourself. Please know that you do not have to be perfectly healed in order for you to facilitate others. Though we ask you to do the soul searching within so that you do work with your own life lesson, we tell you that true healers are usually in the process of healing themselves at the same time as those they facilitate. Also please know that most of you are working with some level of the seed fear. As you go into this, it reenacts some of the old energy stamps that you have carried in your energy matrix lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. You may find that you were burned at the stake. You may find that people feared you for your knowledge. You may find that although they experienced the healing you facilitated they couldn’t grasp the concept intellectually, they feared it. Humans only fear things that they do not understand. Once you understand something, there is no place for the fear. It is the proverbial dance of the shadow and the light. Where you find the shadow, you will find that there is nothing wrong. It is simply an opportunity for light. Much the way that fear—the shadow—is a lack of light, it is also a lack of knowledge. Fill in the missing knowledge and the seed fear releases. When you start stepping into your work, most of you will experience the seed fear to some level. It is an illusion of the lack of light. Lack of knowledge is all that evil would be, so understand that it is not possible to be afraid of something that is known. Step into that and the seed fear can no longer block you. Even though you may feel the seed fear, when you do know what it is, understand what it is, shine your light on it and step forward into your power for that is what you came to do. That is why you are here.

Citizens of the New Earth

You are here to work with each other on this planet. You are here to teach each other, to heal and be healed, to be here and to love each other unconditionally. You are not citizens of the United States. You are not citizens of Iraq. You are not citizens of Turkey. You are not citizens of Cypress. You are citizens of the New Earth. You have been brought up in different cultures, you wear different clothes, you speak different languages. Some of you have been brought up with very different belief systems, and yet all of you are human. All of you are looking for exactly the same answers to exactly the same questions. When you understand that, all the darkness goes away. That is at the stage where you are now. You, individually, can help this rewiring process take hold without fear. You can help all of humanity go through this next stage of evolution without fear. What a beautiful thought that is. Now is the time to step into your power and your destiny. You are creating the new matrix. You are adding the matrix overlay to your own work that will help you step into other levels. Many of you have looked to the masters—to Jesus, to Buddha, Moses and Mohammed, and all the different masters that you have looked up to. Most of them have removed part of the veil so that they could see their full energy matrix. That is what you are doing in this rewiring process. Enjoy the ride. Have fun at it. Do not forget to ground. Be sure to seek balance in all areas of your life. It means hugs. It means touching other humans. It means feeding your body. It means feeding your soul. It means taking time to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us, which we often rush by without noticing. Most of all, do not forget to laugh. For if we find you taking life too seriously, we will come up and tickle your funny bone to re-mind you that it is just a game. You look into the mirror asking yourself these same questions again and again, “Where is my passion? What did I come here to do? What is my sacred contract?” You expect to receive an answer, but hear only this wonderful laughter over your shoulder. It is us. That is the language of angels. Share it amongst yourselves. Know that you are here on purpose at the perfect time.

We tell you that we honor you beyond your understanding for you are making a difference in changing not only planet Earth, but in all dimensions of all space of all times. You are the masters of the Gameboard and your new matrix is at hand. It is with the greatest of honor to greet you once again—from Home, where you came from.

We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and employ the E-Factor every chance you get. Know that it is a game. Play well together.


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