Messages about addictions

Jennifer Hoffman

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Like many of you I was surprised to hear of Robin Williams’ death this week but in a way, I wasn’t. While I thought he was very funny and I liked him, there was an edge to him, a certain unhappy energy that surrounded him, that I always wondered about.

Caroline Myss

Why has our society morphed into a society of addicts? You may balk at that question, thinking, “I’m not an addict,” but if that is your response, then you need to redefine your understanding of what qualifies as an addiction. In addition to substances, addictions include attitudes and actions. Addictions are, in effect, a choice to remain unconscious in an age rapidly moving toward a new paradigm of consciousness.

Dr. Judith Orloff

Our world is in the midst of an emotional meltdown. As a psychiatrist, I've seen that many people are addicted to the adrenaline rush of anxiety, known as the "fight or flight" response, and they don't know how to defuse it. An example of this is obsessively watching the news about natural disasters, trauma, economic stress and violence, and then not being able to turn bad news off. Also, people are prone to "techno-despair"

Brenda Hoffman

Let us address object addiction. Perhaps some of you laugh at the thought of sitting in a circle and stating, “My name is Jim and I am addicted to objects.” But such is the case in many of your financial traumas. If you create your reality – and you do, what is going on?