Messages about anger

Celia Fenn
Well, after the wonderful "Mu" day on the week-end, it is almost as though we have "dropped" back into the traffic jam with the gridlock and the road rage. So many people are complaining about that feeling of being not able to move and feeling lost and miserable.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2613 Before Anger Arises

Why do you become adamant over the things you do? For example, you may become irate at emailed spam that you receive over and over again. You know it is not sent to you alone. You know it has nothing to do with you, and yet you are still irate. You know better, yet an annoyance may stir great anger in you

Gloria Wendroff

It is always yourself you are angry at. There is some transgression you have made that makes you angry. It isn't the other person or persons involved. No matter how much at fault they may be, your anger comes from something to do with you.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2474 Dealing with Anger

There may be greater or lesser intensity to anger, yet anger is anger. Something makes your blood boil. Even though you well know that anger is not worth its salt, you still have it. First there is upset, and then upset bares its teeth and becomes downright anger. Odds are the anger seems to be caused by a relationship, some kind of communication barrier. You do not feel you are being heard.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings of Light. Another moment within the NOW to celebrate with you. This Messenger is honored to once again bring you messages of The Creator’s Love and Devotion for the entities here within this Plane of existence.