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Jennifer Hoffman

 I really enjoy your writing and thanks for the many ascension updates, which have been so helpful to me. I’ve never decreed so much in my life as the last few years, anchoring light so that the earth’s vibration will shift for the better.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension

From the Angelic Dimensions comes a wondrous blessing for this special time. Through Divine Dispensation new realms of Angels are available for your ascension process.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > New Assignments Part 2

My dear friends,

Look at your experiences from the past week and detach yourself emotionally from them. See the trust that grew in you; the rest that you granted yourself; and the silence, the peace of mind, and the acceptance that you found.

Alexandra and Dan
Greetings to you, dear wonderful Creators,

It is I, Adamus, with my friend, Kryon, who greet you this day.