Messages about guilt

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Obligations, Excuses and Action

To what extent are we obligated to others’ well-being, happiness, and security and do we have a choice in our obligations? Sometimes the obligation we assume can be the excuses we need to not move forward with our own lives.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > You Cannot Fail

Don't apologize, dear ones, for being who you really are. Don't worry about whom you please or whether or not you are a "success" in the eyes of the world. Don't change yourself to "fit in" with what others expect. Don't let guilt rob you of your natural joy.

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen > Seven Doorways Out of Guilt

Do you suffer from guilt?  Do you impose guilt on others? Nearly every religion, family, and belief system plays on guilt to keep its adherents in line. Yet there are ways to escape from the prison of guilt. Here are the top seven, along with practical applications to become free.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Do Observers Make You Feel Guilty?

You are beginning to notice changes within your being. Perhaps you find yourself touched by someone or something as never before. Perhaps you approach a person or experience differently. Indicators that you are not the entity you were even a few months ago.

Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff > Do You Have a Guilt Tripper in Your Life?

Are You in a Relationship With a Guilt Tripper? Guilt Trippers are world class blamers, martyrs, and drama queens. They know how to make you feel badly about something by pressing your insecurity buttons.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Nature Doesn't Do Guilt...

There is a dis-ease that runs rampant in the human race called "guilt." In our minds, guilt is only a natural response when you have done something consciously and maliciously which you know will hurt one another.

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman > There is More at the Core

I have long suspected that I had some strong past life issues around being a prisoner, being shackled, persecuted, tormented, judged and suffering as a result of injustice, power, persecution, and control.

Cheryl Richardson

Last week I made a mistake that had me mentally kicking myself pretty much every day. When my landscapers came to prune several trees in our yard, I also had them cut back a line of wild bushes and vines along the perimeter of our back lawn to allow the sunlight in to nourish the edge of the grass.

Jennifer Hoffman

In the past two years, I have lost everything, my job, my home, my friends and I barely speak to my family. Although I have been looking for a job, I can’t find one and I’m living with a friend now that I barely get along with.

Jennifer Hoffman

Everyone thinks I have a perfect life. I’m involved in a relationship with a good man and no one knows that I really want to end it because I’m very unhappy and don’t want to continue. While I love him, I can’t see us together and I know in my heart I cannot marry him.

Jennifer Hoffman

It has taken me a long time but I’m learning to put my needs first. I am a single mother, with one daughter and I currently live with my mother, who is having many mental and health problems and is on lots of medications. My mother wants me to stay here with her, my daughter is the center of her world and her only motivation for living and although I want to leave, I am afraid that my mother won’t forgive me if I do, or she will ‘check out’. 

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Celestina is related to the Throat chakra and lung area. She appears to me in a beautiful Blue Ray which is also the color of the chakra. The gift she brings is healing and freedom from guilt and shame.

Jennifer Hoffman

After many years of trying to bring my family together, I have decided that I am finished. To be honest, I can no longer bear the emotional pain of the rejection, criticism, and anger of the people who I have tried so hard to love, support and respect. Now that I have disconnected from them, I am not sure what to do next. Where do I focus my energy and how do I know what is the right thing to do?

Jennifer Hoffman

I am heartbroken and devastated because my boyfriend of seven years left me for another woman. I thought we were doing well and we had even talked about marriage and were making some long term plans. Now he’s with someone else and I don’t know what to do. I am so confused because we connected so well and I thought this was meant to be. What happened?

Jennifer Hoffman

I am ending a long-term relationship and am trying to do it in the best way possible. Even though I am trying to be nice, my partner calls me unreasonable, says that it is all my fault and that I am being mean. I would like to still be friends when it’s over but he has become so demanding that I have had to hire an attorney  and it is all getting out of control How can I end this in a nice way, without being mean?