Messages about guilt

Jennifer Hoffman

 I’m judgmental and jealous of people I see on the internet. Oprah endorses them, their books get published, they have lots of money and everything is going well for them. They have many fans, they all claim to be spiritual and yet I don’t see them as spiritual at all. I have chosen this spiritual path (or it has chosen me), I work hard too and yet I’m struggling.

Owen Waters

Problems are created by the sense of separation which pervades the material stages of consciousness. These problems can be healed by the sense of integration experienced in the spiritual stages of consciousness. A sense of guilt is very common in the material stages of consciousness.

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Guilty Schmilty

What is the nature of guilt, you ask? It is insidious - in fact contagious - as it is spread from one to another. It is a form of abuse. It is birthed by lack of true power, but one’s feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. Of course, intellectually this is not true, but the young child or innocent or unaware One does not know this within themselves to block it from its inception.

Jennifer Hoffman

How often have we done something that we have later felt guilty about? A client called because the man she was dating had said something that she felt indicated he didn't trust her. When I reminded her that she had done something that she was out of integrity with, she realized that her reaction was based on her guilt and fear that he would find out about what she had done.

Jennifer Hoffman

Emotions like guilt and shame do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a long process of actions involving people and situations that have created these emotions. All we remember is the end of this process, how terrible we feel and these have been repeated often enough to prevent us from moving forward as soon as we sense a hint of them.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Guilt and Shame

The more the energy shifts open our hearts to the divinity of who we are, the more we become aware of the darker, denser energies we carry. And we see the connections those energies have to our limitations, unhappiness and frustration. Some of these are easy to let go of because we can detach from the experiences that come with them. Learning to not take others’ behavior personally makes it easier to release betrayal and disappointment.