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Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen > How to Get Santa to Deliver

My Australian client Meg was tired of her corporate job and wished she could create a layoff with a generous severance package. So for fun she wrote herself a severance letter offering her desired package, printed it on company stationery, and signed it from the CEO. This was her idea of creating a treasure map toward her ideal scenario.

Brenda Hoffman

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You have moved through many energies in the past few days – including the energies generated by the loving, sometimes sad, holiday spirit. Even though there is a solstice and full moon on the calendar, the energies emitted by those forces are less dramatic than what you are accustomed to. That is not to say you will not shift parts of your being during those events.

Cheryl Richardson

I'm learning to release any and all expectations. Expectations are troublemakers disguised as hopeful intentions. If you're looking to experience the magic of the season, you might want to let go of expectations, too.