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Karen Downing

Karen Downing > No More Secrets, No More Victims

The Earth is entering a time when many things are beginning to change, and some of these changes will be the result of old secrets being revealed. This time of change is taking place to support the new Earth energy. In this new energy, there will no longer be a place for secrets, manipulations and falsehoods.

Hillis Pugh

Secrets are thought of as bad thing to have, especially in any close relationship. The reason for this thought process is from our conditioned thinking. When we think of secrets, we think of something that is hidden or thoughts or feelings that are hidden or not expressed. What is your real purpose of having a secret? Of course something to keep to yourself, but why do we keep it to ourselves. Is it shame or fear from judgment, something we are embarrassed about, or something we treasure. There are many reasons for secrets, much to our own reason.