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Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > The Summer / Winter Solstice A Clean Sweep

Here we are just cruising through the summer or winter as the case may be! I find that time is really moving quickly. If you are feeling stuck, invite in a cleansing light and flow of energy. Which is much of what this channel is about.

Karen Bishop

Over the past week, my father suddenly began experiencing an acute decline in his white blood cell and platelet counts. Suddenly spiraling out of control, acquiring new symptoms right and left and greatly declining, he was finally admitted to the hospital.

Karen Bishop

Post solstice and new moon. Are there any ramifications and has anything changed?

Because the solstice of the 21st served to anchor us into the earth more fully, and thus, create a new space for many of us as the official and rightful caretakers and creators of the new reality and new earth, some interesting manifestations have begun to occur.

Kelly M. Beard

Please note this is an extended Monthly Forecast, covering Gemini and Cancer. As I am re-visioning the website I wanted to make sure you were all up to date with the planetary alignments. This, in conjunction with the Weekly Forecast, ought to keep you abreast of the energies available. I am very grateful for your patience as I make some improvements.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Throughout time and history there have been seers, visionaries, prophets.  Those that saw the future then proclaimed it to the peoples of their land.  Their words were physically and energetically written in stone, carved on a cave wall, and handed down on papyrus scrolls.  They looked to the stars, to the bones, to the reflection in the waters for their truths.  They called upo

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Arrival Tips

Beloved ones – isn’t this the most amazing time to have your eyes and ears and all of your senses awake to all that is taking place? It is like being on a roller coaster ride, for sure, but while you are there - why not appreciate every twist and turn while being fully present in the moment? Just decide that you are okay and that you are willfully participating, and it will be so much more enjoyable.
Kate Spreckley

The Solstice of June 2009 will create a doorway through which we may enter into a full state of conscious living.  The activation of this doorway shall awaken a new awareness of self and will support us in revealing our true nature thus healing the illusion of separation that we have created.

Karen Bishop

In 2001 I was in a very minor auto accident that created a crushed right leg for me…no one else involved had any ramifications from the accident, but for me, this incident was the vehicle for a massive shift within me, and one that would change me forever more.

Nancy Leilah Ward

Nancy Leilah Ward > Solstice message from Many of One

We have a message about dark and light. We have been speaking on how darkness and light enhance each other and are part of the same energy. We speak of this in the sense of having friction within which to do this earth walk. You came here to experience yourselves on a deeper level.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The Winter Solstice is considered one of the most powerful times of the year by many cultures around the world. In the Northern Hemisphere this celestial event usually occurs on December 21st.
Rebecca Couch
Greetings beloveds, at this special time of year. Solstice is the time when you reach the pinnacle of your orbit to begin the path to return to balance in the second half of the year. It is a natural time for the changing of the guard so that you may enter this holiday season and New Year with a refreshed, filled open heart to begin again. It is a time of pregnant expectancy.
Celia Fenn

Marielle Croft has some valuable advice for the Solstice period that we are now entering, and also the first part of 2009. It seems that this will be a "go slow" period when we will be consolidating after the huge shifts and transformations of 2008.

Lynette Leckie-Clark
Step gently into a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
Close your eyes.......quieten  your mind, feel at peace,
Ask the Arch Angels to be with you, showering you with particles of cleansing Light,
You feel at peace, such peace, there is only you and the Light,
I, Master Kuthumi, Master Lady Mary and Master Jesus come before you,
Celia Fenn
The Solstice: The Energetic Acceleration and the new Wave of Cosmic Love - The Overwhelm Factor

I think many of us are dealing with the new energies by just feeling a bit dazed and disoriented. We are in a totally new place and space, which also looks like the old one but is not. The nature of illusion is becoming very apparent right now, as we FEEL the channges deep within our Being, and yet what we SEE out there seems pretty much the same as always.

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Solstice June 2008 : Human Light Beings

Our Spirit is our most basic life force and is a force of protection and love that is firmly planted within each and every human soul. It is a force that is capable of incredible displays of strength and power, yet it is invisible and cannot be seen other than by the effects that it creates. We are unable to touch our Spirit, yet it is evident to us through our creations. When we honour our Spirit, we honour the deepest aspect of ourselves and we grow in wisdom, gaining faith in our Spirit and in the eternal and unquestionable protection of love.