Messages about surrender

Shelly Dressel

This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Lee Harris

The strongest energy in March will be breakthrough. If you are ready for a breakthrough, or you have been waiting for a break in life for a long time, be open for one this month. Even as you read this, declare aloud that you are open for your breakthrough if you feel the need for one.

Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel Dagher > Energy Forecast - Surrender Mode

Are you feeling massively shifted? It is incredible at how fast we are transforming now personally & globally on a daily basis! The theme these past few weeks has been all about surrendering what no longer serves our greatest good to depths we've never experienced before. Even those who have been on an awakened path for a long time are finding themselves surrender deeper than ever before. What are we surrendering exactly?

Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I speak to you from the heart of Christ consciousness. I am Jeshua, but I am not solely that one particular personality who lived on earth two thousand years ago. Here, I represent more than that. I represent the Christ energy that lives and vibrates in all of your hearts.