April 2012: Break On Through To The Other Side

Maybe you think your work is done. Is that the place where you have been resting lately? Perhaps it is. You have indeed come a long way. You hear murmurings whispered in the wind, and you make your dream images into next-morning sandwiches that nourish you all the day. And that is all right. You need rest sometimes.

But now – this month – there is a big push ahead of you. This month you begin a process to break through to the other side.

Clinging To The Edge Or Flowing?

Human life is a constant growth and evolution. You are always changing, even if you strive to remain the same. You cannot help but change. You cannot help but be carried along with the tides and currents, because all creation moves with a current of expansion and experience. This is part of the physical experience.

You could try to cling to the edge and resist change. In fact, this is what many people do. You yourself have very likely done so on many occasions; it is the rare being who at all times is capable of not resisting. In fact, one description of true enlightenment could be "at all times in a state of complete flow with the Universe". In other words, the enlightened being is at rest, never resists, and always is in peaceful surrender to What Is.

Clinging to the edge and resisting change begets inner conflict. While it is human nature to resist -- to take one's hand away from the hot stove -- it is also human nature to strive for surrender and peace.

Break On Through To The Other Side Of ... What?

Instead of clinging, then, this month there is an invitation for a push on through to new places in your awareness and experience. How this manifests is of course up to you, but many common themes will emerge in human adventure this month and the months to come.

  • Old childhood patterns coming to light
  • Release from fears
  • Expanded awareness
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Releasing old relationships and embracing new ones

What is keeping you now from knowing these old-new things about yourself? It is not uncommon to allow a layer of fog between you and your awareness. The fog seems to act as a protection (that's the story it tells; however, the fog lies). In reality it keeps you from knowing things about yourself that you have already judged to be undesirable.

Be Open, Curious, And Willing

For most of you, this month marks a surge in awareness and mindful action. This means that, perhaps, long-held emotions or patterns will show their faces to you. If you are not prepared to embrace them (if, perhaps, you insist on clinging to the edge, away from the current that takes you into surrender, and staying ignorant behind a wall of fog), then the process of uncovering what has been long-held within you might be scary. Uncomfortable. Distasteful. So the best thing you can do for yourself this month and the months to come is to simply be open, curious, and willing.

When you are open, curious, and willing, you unlock some of the judgments that you hold about yourself and the deep-dark secrets that exist inside you. When you are open, curious, and willing, you open to the gifts that are present inside you and around you. When you are open, curious, and willing, you more easily surrender into the flow of the current that takes you to your What Comes Next.

Meditation And Practice For Surrender Into Your What Comes Next

Try these simple actions this month to help you be more open, curious, and willing:

  • Walk in your neighborhood
  • Breathe
  • Bring flowers into your home
  • Get massage
  • Take baths


Close your eyes. Place your awareness at the spot just at the top of your head. Breathe down into your body through that place. Notice any sensations (buzzing, warmth, tingling) at the spot at the top of your head. Imagine that you are drawing into you now, through your breath, the wisdom of the ages. Imagine that you are drawing into you now, through your breath, the strength of the Universe that gives you the courage you need to move effortlessly, smoothly, and easily through the months to come. Imagine that you are drawing into you now, through your breath, the comfort you need for difficult times. Imagine that you are drawing into you now, through your breath, a feeling of lightness and joy.

Keep breathing and allow your body to fill with what you need.

What To Expect This Month


To most people, the breakthrough process feels pretty terrible. It doesn't have to. What feels bad is the resistance to moving through the fog, to unclinging from the edge, and to releasing into surrender. Surrender itself feels pretty wonderful. Finding out more about yourself and loving what you find also feels pretty wonderful. Try this month to be open, curious, and willing about what you find out about yourself.

Affirmation:  I AM bigger than I remember.


Just like last month, this is a prime month in which to put on your Hat of Compassion and remember that just like you, your loved ones are maybe having a rough time of it this month. Instead of assuming you are at odds with one another when one of you feels snappish, why not treat your lover as your ally and move through your challenges together? Two hearts together have exponentially greater strength than one.

Be mindful about whom you spend your time with this month. You might find yourself drawing closer in to your core and only hanging out with people that you really know care about you. Nurture yourself through your friendships. Do not settle or accept less than you deserve. Surround yourself with good men and women; you know who they are.

Affirmation: I AM willing to drink deeply from the mirror held by my lover.


Communities are in flux this month. As people draw closer, some communities become deserted. Remember that your true tribe supports you and nourishes your spirit. Your true tribe honors your wisdom and gifts. Your true tribe is your Home. If you do not feel a sense of Home with your communities, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Affirmation:  I AM holding space for the emergence of my tribe.

Global Politics

As people work through their "stuff", they might find they need to throw their arrows somewhere. Politics is the perfect venue for this. Expect increased divisiveness, poison arrows, and mudslinging. Not that this is any surprise, perhaps, especially in the US where lines have been drawn and the gauntlet cast. Look to the political arena as a barometer of what is going on in the undercurrent no one talks about.

Affirmation: I AM the light.

Earth Changes

Wait, undercurrent? That sounds very much like what is happening in Gaia's world this month. Earthquakes are a natural expression of movement under the surface of the earth, as are rumblings and tumblings from lava flow and seismic expression. This does not seem to be the month with the Big One (the earthquake that drops California into the ocean, or topples the Seattle Space Needle, or crumbles fill-in-the-blank city into toxic dust), but the likelihood is high that a substantial earthquake hits a populated area sooner than later. Peru. Ecuador. Italy. Alaska. New Zealand.

Affirmation: I AM in harmony with mother Earth.

Global Spiritual Changes

One big happy kumbayah this month? Not so much. That's the thing with growth – sometimes it isn't pretty. Spiritually, we just entered the last 260-day period of the Mayan Calendar. Not to put any pressure on human growth and evolution, or anything. But there is a race here, to make sure certain advances, awarenesses, and growth patterns are complete by the end of the year. Thus part of the overall push now towards growth. It is happening, in part because you all choose it, and in part because that's the impetus and momentum built from thousands of years before this time. Enjoy it. Time speeds up now. Make the most of your spinning wheel, and use what you can to enhance your human experience.

Affirmation: I AM willing to rest in flow.


Mik 9th April 2012 7:37 am

Thank you, another excellent message. Will use it gratefully through the upcoming. Flow. Love out.

LauriLumby 9th April 2012 10:39 am

AMEN AMEN AMEN I am personally feeling SLAMMED by the universe.....as if the universe has pulled the rug out from under my feet, closing doors right and left and getting ready to open something brand new and exciting. I have found myself grieving losses I cannot name, shedding tears of release....and releasing that which also cannot be named. A very interesting time indeed. The great news is that the Universe has also seen fit to provide me with a week for retreat, reflection, restoration and sitting in the mystery. Just wondering what is coming next.

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

Talyaa 9th April 2012 1:45 pm

Yes, flow! :)

Talyaa 9th April 2012 1:47 pm

Lauri, big hugs. Sounds like you are opening yourself to wherever you need to be. Love your invitation to sit in the mystery. I suspect it will prove fruitful and restorative.

marianneb 9th April 2012 7:31 pm

I came across this website and reading while looking for something completely unrelated. It was just the message I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

crystalwhitelight 10th April 2012 3:28 am

Thank you for this nourishing supportive timely message


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