August 2012: Harvest Time, Paradigm Shift

Harvest Time

Across the Northern Hemisphere, fruits are ripening, leaves of the plants that bore the fruits browning and spent, having lived their purpose. In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is ending and new life begins. It is so with the endless cycles of human experience. What you harvest today becomes fodder for tomorrow’s seed.

What are you giving birth to? What have you been growing, cultivating, nourishing these long months, that is ready to burst now in expectant ripe sweetness?

Most of us are harvesting true gold this month. Last month was all about feeling and connecting to your inner self, remember? This month you get to reap the benefits of all that deep work. It’s about time, right?

How do you know what fruits you will bear?

That’s easy. What is your heart’s desire? Wait a second now. Don’t answer yet. First, some instructions. When answering the question, What is your heart’s desire, first:

Go with what comes to mind first

Stop judging what came to mind

Go back

Remember the many things you already thought of and discarded

Thread your way back to where you started

Ask the question again

Here, I’ll ask it for you:

What is your heart’s desire?

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for, for you will get it! Remember that there are myriad ways of getting your heart’s desire. Fairy tales are full of this stuff — foolish people who make wishes without realizing the consequences. A pot that gives endless porridge? Sounds like a good idea until you are neck deep is a sea of porridge and you have forgotten the magic word that makes the pot stop.

My heart’s desire was to feel embraced and held in community. I wanted to know my tribe. I did not know I was going to get Stage 4 cancer to see that the community I wanted — my family of choice — is already there. Oops. Fail. Don’t be me.

So I ask again, what is your heart’s desire? And how do you want it to show up for you?

You get to choose

That’s what this month is about. Harvest. You have worked hard. Now you reap what you have cultivated. AND you get to choose how you take your harvest.

Paradigm shift

Major choices are being cast this month. Paradigm shift. Love or fear? Connection or polarity? Community or isolation? Allowing your beautiful radiant Self to shine forth or staying small and scared and alone

You get to choose. We are all choosing globally. Your individual choice makes a difference. Your voice counts, like the tiniest “Yawp” in Whoville. Your choice for your own life affects the rest of us. Likewise, my choice affects yours. We are all connected, whether or not we feel it.

Choose wisely and well, my friend.

What to expect this month


Change is huge and on the forefront this month. Whatever you do, whether it be consciously choosing your next direction or allowing inertia to choose for you, this month brings everyone — that’s every single one of us — a paradigm shift. You may not feel it or know it, but months later you’ll be able to point back to the time when Everything Changed and Nothing Was the Same Again. That’s now. Be aware. Lean into it. Tap into your heart’s desire and how you want it to appear in your life. This is when you become your destiny.

Affirmation: I am choosing the rest of my life NOW.


You would think that with all the choosing and shifting and reaping we are doing this month that there would be no room for relationships and all hell would break loose, but no. This month you get tighter than ever. Unless you choose fear, in which case, well, things don’t look so good for you. But all in all, people all over the world are realizing this month how important other people are. You are not alone in a sea of faces. You have friends. You are here to feel what it feels like being with other people. Everyone learns from each other. Feels good, doesn’t it? Then grow your seeds of relationship and together, choose what you wish to harvest from your connection.

Affirmation: I AM willing to open my heart to the hearts around me.


Woohoo! This is an excellent month for starting groups, coming together, sharing meals, and accelerating the energy by tapping into the exponential power of community. You already know what kinds of community sustains you. Now go be your awesome self and give your heart to your tribe.

Affirmation: I am needed.

Global Politics

Paradigm shifts make everything look really different, don’t they? Politics may seem like a circus now. Or it may be super serious to you. Honor your part in the political world, whatever it is and wherever it takes you. Remember that the choosing taking place this month helps determine the outcome months down the road of things like elections. Think about the world you wish to live in, and choose that. Everything else becomes clear.

Affirmation: I am a factor determining my world’s future.

Earth Changes

What fun! Again, Gaia goes on a wild ride. Fires, heat, and then drenching downpours and flooding plague most of the US. Low lying areas of southeast Asia are threatened by rising, restless oceans. Earthquake in South America.

Affirmation: I am part of the greater web of life that is my planet.

Global Spiritual Changes

What do you expect — there’s a paradigm shift! Some might say that the world splits into two camps, one love-based and one fear-based. That is an over simplification. Instead, it might be more useful to note that there is change. Change is what you make of it. Change — as you experience it — is what you seek. If you truly (and that’s deep down, inside yourself, on a soul level below all your beliefs and judgments) desire a more love-based world, then BOOM! That’s what you get. If instead, on a soul level, you really want to experience what it is like to navigate through fears of yourself and others, then that is what you will receive. Do you want to know what you choose? Then check in, right now, deep down. This may not be easy. Surely you are saying to yourself now, Who would choose fear? No one in their right mind would choose fear. You would be surprised. You may not yet be in touch with what you want on a soul level. So regardless of how things turn out, of what your paradigm shift brings, you can always navigate the world that you seek. Just hold out your hand. It’s right there.

Affirmation: I am the change I wish to see in the world.


tuttifruttee 6th August 2012 5:12 pm

Thank you this really guides me.
>>>I wish you to heal :smitten:

LordJesusChrist 7th August 2012 3:44 am

The Good Force be with you!

Excellent message, Talyaa! Thanks for sharing!
As the Lord of the Harvests, My heart's desire is The New Jerusalem, the Holy City, My Wife.

Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom <3 :) *

Peg D. 7th August 2012 8:36 am

I was always spiritual but became "activated" with the Consciousnous Convergence and avatar with my higher soul walking in when I experienced a near death. Yes, in the most basic terms the world humnity is choosing between two worlds. Please be careful in your writing because you just slammed all those who saw this shift/split and belittled them. It was/is a choice. Each of us chose how we are to experience duality during the process of ascension from the magnetic feminine or electrical masculine. Once these energies are balanced with the final shift in December, duality will be no more. Each person is holy for reflecting their chosen aspect.


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