June 2012: Pause and Reflect

As the June solstice approaches along with a gorgeous full moon Venus transit, we remind you that this month marks a halfway point of the year to the much heralded and heavily symbolic December solstice, a time that is a touchpoint to the nature of the course of human events for eons to come.

Reality is less clear than romance, but focal points like 2012 are useful in helping us set our course for the future. It is certainly true that human interaction is shifting – quickly – and will continue to do so for some time. Some people sense this more clearly and keenly than others. That does not make the change any less profound for anyone. We all react similarly and we  all can step up our awareness of the consequences of our actions if we so choose.

June 2012 is a time for reflection and setting intentions for the rest of the year to come.

I encourage you, therefore, to be mindful this month of your personal path and your personal thread amongst the billions of threads we humans together weave.

Ask yourself this question: Where have I been?

Use this time to reflect upon your life so far. What choices have you made? Have the consequences of those choices served you? Who have you spent your time with? How has your chosen community served you?

Now ask yourself this: Where am I going from here?

This question may be harder to answer, for it forces you to acknowledge your empowerment – or lack thereof. While none of us can easily see all that lies ahead, we all have the power to choose wisely and well. Use the reflection of your life and choices made thus far to assist you in determining where your direction now should face to best support the future you desire.

A Meditation To Support Your Reflection Process.

Rest your body comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine the best tasting food you have ever had. This delicious delicacy is right in front of you. You can see and smell it. You could reach out your hand and bring it to your mouth if you chose. You can imagine all the intricate flavors this delicious food contains – sweet, savory, spicy. You know its texture, how it feels on your tongue. And you have emotions that connect to past times you have enjoyed this particular delicacy – emotions and memories. You remember who was with you when you last tasted this delicious food. You might remember the lighting in the room, the colors that you wore. You certainly remember how it felt to taste this amazing, delectable treat.

Feel it now. Taste, smell, and remember.

Now widen what you feel into the space around you, in ever-widening circles until you reach into your past and future. Taste, smell, see, and feel your life with the same delight that you did that amazing delicacy.

Your life is a delicacy. Treat it like one.

What To Expect This Month.


Old demons and stumbling blocks come out to play this month, not to trip you up but to — perhaps for the first time — be loved, accepted, and finally healed. Instead of treating these old friends — for they are indeed your friends, since it was you who created them — as hated enemies, throw the doors open wide this month and yell “Bring it!”. Then see what happens. Pour a glass of virtual champagne to share with these old friends and toast your ingenuity at creating them. Then open your arms wide and ask these demons and stumbling blocks what wisdom they have for you. Use your open heart and mind to listen.

Affirmation: I Am wiser than I remember.


Relationships soar this month as we move fully into the warm embrace of the divine feminine along with Venus’ last pass in our lifetime. Use this time to reflect upon the feminine aspects of your own nature — for regardless of your gender, you have both feminine and masculine qualities. Much of the rest of your life could be spent more consciously exploring these traits: nurturing, creative, collaborating, sensual, and intuitive. Your relationships will deepen and give you greater satisfaction the more you honor the feminine within you. This month, you could experience a deepening of the relationships that are important to you, perhaps even light-years beyond your dreams.

Affirmation: I AM a mirror shining light and reflection on those around me.


There is a pull this month to connect, connect, connect, and this will be seen in the spontaneous gathering and forming of grass-roots communities — much like the birth of Occupy Wall Street last year — aligned in purpose and intent. As you find yourself drawn to groups around you, keep in mind the two questions posed above Where have I been? and Where am I going from here? Choose wisely and well the connections you make this month — they are likely to remain a part of your experience a long time.

Affirmation:  I AM a light for my community.

Global Politics

The polarization of the world continues to tear apart countries and other artificial borders. While overall and long term, this could be beautiful, for now it is creating needless pain and poverty. This does not look to change any time soon. The increased awareness and overall movement of people on an individual level will not have a marked effect on the majority of people via politics, with a few notable exceptions, for some time.

Affirmation:  I WILL help unite human suffering with the beauty of the human heart.

Earth Changes

Gaia continues her march toward inexorable change. Major fires will wreak havoc this month in the kindling-dry American southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Winds pummel Europe. Hot weather — unseasonably so — threatens crops in New Zealand and Australia. Flooding in southeastern Asia.

Affirmation:  I WILL send hope to those who can no longer find theirs.

Global Spiritual Changes

2012 is huge for many people. The number of folks who are becoming fast aware of their individual superpowers — and are wanting to use those powers for good — is fast increasing. You are one of them. Walk your walk. Choose wisely and well.

Affirmation:  I AM a harbinger of things to come.



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