May 2012: The Simmering Volcano

In the months leading to Now, you laid a strong foundation for what is to come. In the months upcoming, you will begin to reap fruit from all the work that has come before. And this month – May — you will begin to see how things fit together, how the puzzle pieces fall into place, and how you are beginning to truly live the life you came here to live.

Sounds good, yes? Living the life you came here to live?

One thing – have you yet fully identified what the life you came here to live really is?

Of course not. Not fully, anyway. We are all but mere specks in the grandeur and vastness of the cosmos. Human life always contains an element of mystery. It is how you approach your own personal mystery – the story you create and experience in each moment – that determines how it is you live the life you came here to live.

You decide. Do you live fearfully? Majestically? Boldly? Angrily? Passionately? Joyfully? Quietly? Curiously? Lovingly?

In each waking moment there is an opportunity to choose how you will experience your next moment.

Choose Your Next Moment

Try this now. Center yourself and breathe. Feel what is present for you right now, in This Moment. What do you feel? Let your feelings talk to you. Welcome them as old friends. What is this moment telling you?

Now imagine your next moment. You can choose it, right now. You do this hundreds of thousands of times a day, every day, without realizing it. This time, though, you will let yourself be aware of what you are choosing for the next moment. So feel in. What do you want your next moment to contain? What emotion do you want to feel? You may choose anything. The whole world of experience is open to you, right now. You choose.

May 2012 is a simmering volcano, a panoply of possibility, that is brewing and readying for the glorious eruption to come. All the future is right here — right now — contained in this moment, this buildup of energy and activity that will burst forth into magnificent being. So choose wisely. What is brewed now becomes the elixir of the future. What gathers now underground becomes the substance of tomorrow’s foundation, the very ground beneath our collective future feet.

And You? On A Personal Level?

May 2012 brings you, too, the underground glimpse of the future. Again, you have worked hard to come this far and to create the simmering brew that becomes your own future golden goblet brimming with sweet wine. In this month, then, you see more clearly the footfalls of your future steps. Rest in them, then, these moments of clarity about the life you came here to live. You earned it.

What To Expect This Month


Maybe you guessed this from what was said above, but if you have not already identified elements of what is it you came here to do in this life – in other words, your passion and purpose – then you best get on with it! Do it now! Open yourself to your bigness. If not now, then when? And when you have determined some of what you came here to do, why stop there? Start doing! You choose your next moment, remember? Why not choose one that makes you deliriously, joyously happy? Why not choose a moment that is aligned with the real reason you are here — a walking, talking, breathing, feeling, loving being of true magnificence?

Affirmation:  I AM a being of magnificent creation.


You get to choose here, too. Who do you want to hang out with in your next moment? Who gets to experience the majesty of your heart? Whose breath do you want mingling with yours? Knowing that you are choosing in every moment makes each moment that much more exquisite. You only have so many moments left in your life. Make them count. Spend them with the people who see you for who you are.

Affirmation:  I AM both greater and smaller than a particle of sunlight, a grain of sand.


Choose your next moment? Bingo! Communities suffer this month somewhat from the introspection that attention to Self brings. No matter. Choose carefully here, as what you feel into this month is part of your simmering brew and potential wine-filled goblet of the future. Communities come together and fall apart, an ever-increasing barometer of the overall increase in personal awareness. Love your communities. You chose them.

Affirmation:  I AM a harbinger of my future.

Global Politics

Here is where things start to feel as if they are out of control. Relax; they are not, but they surely may seem that way. Remember to hold space for compassion in your heart for the deep fears experienced by many people around the rapid changes we are co-creating. Remember how afraid you yourself feel sometimes when it feels as if life spins out of control. Love the part of you that feels that kind of fear, for in so doing you will hold greater love for anyone paralyzed by insecurity, fear, and a desire to fall into a secure space of rules and punishment. If rules and punishment are not part of your personal desire for the future, then hold fast and true to the vision that you desire for our collective future. You do get to choose your next moment. What will your choice be?

Affirmation:  I AM far bigger than I think.

Earth Changes

Are you in for a ride this month? It would seem so, yes. Gaia continues her journey toward awakeness. Look for all kinds of extreme weather events: torrential rains, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunami threats. If you live in any sort of Extreme Gaia Activity Zone (middle and southeastern USA, the Ring of Fire, Peru, Italy), then you are potentially in for an event of some magnitude this month.

Affirmation:  I AM open to the wisdom of the planet.

Global Spiritual Changes

As individuals increase their personal vibration, so too increases the overall vibratory nature of the collective consciousness of the planet. Look for sporadic and dramatic awakening stories, or stories of incredible personal courage, feats of individual daring and bravery. This is part of your recognition of the magnificent nature of each human being, these stories. Let each one infuse and inspire you. Let each one be a touchpoint into your own bigness. Let each one become a page from your own personal story.

Affirmation:  I AM in awe of my own magnificence.



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