Bring Your Joy to the World

This has been an amazing time for all of us. As we close out a powerful year of change, we look forward to even greater opportunities to embrace love and peace within ourselves and upon this planet.

The holidays are our reminder of the power of love that ever resides within us each moment. We celebrate and give to one another in the spirit of the season. It is the time of year we share the common theme of unconditional love and empower ourselves to go beyond our normal limitations. This particular year also marks a special cycle of rebirth on a celestial scale.

Now we find ourselves at a crossroad upon this beautiful earth. We are realizing that love desires to express itself all through the year and not be contained or limited by time, borders, or worn out structures and old ideas.

Moving from a fear-based reality into one of love does not always come easy. Forgiveness and compassion are some of the most challenging qualities to undertake and embody, especially when we are conditioned to the notion of separation, doubt and fear.

This process begins with forgiveness and compassion to our own self. Without this first step of personal acceptance, it is virtually impossible to understand and accept another. For what we have within, we give out. What we give out, we get back in full measure.

When we have love in our heart, we are able to spread love to all those around us. When we ignore this power, we engage fear and allow it to rule our actions. The choice is always ours as to which experience we desire.

As we celebrate, let us keep our awareness that this process happens every moment of every day and is not relegated to just a few days a year or specific cosmic cycle. Open up to the goodness and you will experience goodness. See, know, and share your love and surely you will experience its grace in your life. Stay in the present moment and be filled with joy – for in this way you bring joy to the world.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker




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The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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