Empowering Love

At our core, we are all beautiful beings of love. We have the capacity for self-awareness unlike any other corporeal life on our planet, and through our gift of imagination, we can individually and collectively inspire new realities. When we are cognizant of our connection to life, our choices consider and reflect this innate union with every facet of life, and we imbue our creations with our essence of love, naturally benefitting the whole.

Lamentably, along our journey of countless generations and for a myriad of reasons, we have steadily forgotten our intrinsic love. The more we felt disconnected from our grand and loving selves, the greater a perception of doubt pervaded our individual and collective psyche, eventually allowing the notion of fear to overtake our senses. The inaccurate bias of fear has been the dominating motivation for our view on life for far too long, and with this mistaken sense of separation from the love we are, it has influenced our choices in less than beneficial ways.

Just as the sun shines its everlasting light regardless of the momentary clouds or the darkness of night, our universal love is always present and a part of us no matter what our current limited perspective may be. We are reawakening to this potent and enlivening energy and it is infusing and permeating our veiled consciousness, inspiring us to restore and empower reality from our heart. We are rapidly remembering our connection to everything and everyone and clearly seeing the results of choices made without consideration to the whole.

Love is a unifying principle that encourages and inspires. It is compassion and kindness in action. It forgives and releases what was and allows the pure potential of what can be. Love is the cosmic connection to life itself. As we embolden ourselves with this animating power, we fully reestablish its presence in our awareness and begin a new adventure with love as our guide and constant companion.

Empowering life with love is our true adventure. Fear as a motivator is no longer viable, necessary, or useful. There is no reason to be afraid when we know love is always present and infinitely more powerful as a choice and a way of being. It begins within by realizing and embracing our magnificence and acknowledging the marvelous wonder of life. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the stars that shine light-years away, we are a part of it all. With love in our heart, we are the magic and the miracle right where we are, and as we share our love, life itself expands in ever-greater expressions of love.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker



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The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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