Funny Thing About Unconditional Love

What is it about life that is so intriguing and at the same time, can be seemingly so difficult? One moment we appear to be happy and content and the next can bring utter chaos. We can move from joy to anger in a split second or find ourselves deeply mired in wallowing grief and despair for no apparent reason. Are we finally willing to understand what motivates these experiences at a causal level or are we content to react to every effect we encounter for the rest of our lives? Perhaps we can begin understanding the mechanism and driving motivation behind our personal and planetary story and re-member ourselves as part of a greater adventure and collective whole. Maybe it is time we embrace unconditional love at a causal level.

Most of us spend our day in some form of reaction to conditions, people, places, and things all processed through our thoughts and feelings. Thinking our way through each circumstance, we attempt to follow a logical pattern and draw a reasonable conclusion to make sense of life while our feelings flair up constantly and often unexpectedly, holding us emotionally hostage in ways we don't even realize. This continues until the next thing comes along and grabs our attention and we head off in another direction. Rather than being fully present in the moment, we compound this process by frequently looking to the past for a sense of direction and stability or daydream a future potential all in hopes that somehow the past or future will free us. When life becomes overwhelming, we combat the resulting chaotic and confusing series of ongoing reactions and unresolvable scenarios by trying to numb, medicate, stimulate or sedate ourselves with an infinite array of methods that further remove us from the reality of reality. Sound familiar?

Add to this mixture the rapidly changing dynamics of our increasing global awareness where we are no longer just dealing with our immediate lives and that of our community, we are faced with the daily issues that plague humanity on a scale far beyond our comprehension much less our conceivable ability to do anything about it. Or so it seems.

There is a different way to approach life that can make sense of it all and bring us the peace, harmony and unconditional love we all crave. What we are really looking for in every experience and encounter is the awareness of love. Not just ordinary love, romantic love, or a superficial validation of love, we are looking for the genuine expression of love without condition or limits. At a core level and at the very center of our being we know this to be true; unconditional love is what we are here to experience. Just hearing or reading the words together "unconditional love" you instantly know and feel the intuitive nudge that makes these two words something more than unconditional and love.

The funny thing about unconditional love is that it is already within us. It has never been anywhere else. Despite our life-long effort to find it outside ourselves in the people, places and things we continually run around creating, we can never "get" unconditional love from others. As children we expected our parents to be the examples of this type of love without conditions, yet it was never expressed or passed along to them either so they had no way of sharing this wisdom. Now as adults, we continue to search through our relationships with everything in the physical - whether person, place or thing, hoping beyond hope to find this limitless love. Simply look around and you will see ample evidence that humanity does not currently understand unconditional love, where it really is and how to express this amazing potential. Yet.

Consider opening your heart to allow unconditional love to flow once again from within you and experience love of a new magnitude. Become the cup that overflows with this vibrant energy and the world will respond in delight. Forgive and release your attachment to pain, suffering, fear, doubt and separation and take the first step to generate this boundless love. Radiate your love without condition and through you humanity will finally come to know and experience what unconditional love truly is.

Embrace yourself and you embrace the universe. Be the cause of unconditional love and you light the way!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker



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