Heaven on Earth

There is a paradigm shift underway upon the earth and in its wake we shall know a new reality. The days of discord and negative expression are rapidly dissolving despite the appearance otherwise. In their place, we are coming to know and experience a love of such unbelievable magnitude as to scarcely recognize the old ways of living through fear and doubt. The polarization of negative and positive forces, and their respective expressions, are blending and balancing into a new awareness of unconditional love.

Throughout the ages many have sought or assumed an afterlife of perfection and termed this reality a form of heaven. Individuals of every period have been exploring the meaning and purpose of life hoping this illumination will release them from the difficulties seemingly encountered here. Some civilizations have even come forth in an attempt to perfect their existence to reach this type of destiny. Yet, all the while we have chased after an external heaven or sense of personal redemption; we have forgotten the truth within our being.

Heaven has never been a place or condition outside us. In the continuous pursuit to reach some glorious attainment, we miss the glory and beauty of the moment. This present moment has always been the destiny and reward for a life lived in love. Every Master Teacher of any age or civilization spoke this truth. Still, for the limited human, the reality of such a simple possibility is often elusive and confusing.

In our ever evolving journey we have been in a game of separation. This illusion has its premise in that we can disconnect our consciousness from the Source of life. Although we assume this possibility to make it work, we can never be separate from creation since it exists everywhere around and in us. We constantly create our reality with the power of our thoughts and feelings according to where we focus our attention.

We draw the wondrous loving qualities to us by our attention and contemplation upon our higher nature and Higher Self. Our true understanding of this limitless universal energy is through our expression and use of these qualities. To focus on love without using love is only a partial experience of life. To focus and allow love in every moment is to know life as an unlimited experience. ...

… It is time to let go of the old ways and habits of living life and begin expressing our higher potential. Unconditional love has always been an option available to us even though we have usually chosen to ignore it. We are at a point in our evolution when the mass conscious awareness allows us to take a quantum leap in this loving expression. This is occurring because we are remembering the mechanics of creation and therefore, have no reason to maintain the illusion of separation.

The entire universe always operates with unconditional love. The planets, stars, and life forms of other worlds and dimensions all abide by this understanding. The light and love within the atom is the same energy that sustains galaxies along with you and me. It is the cohesive element that keeps the spiral of life ever expanding and going higher and this connection to all life is love.

Heaven manifests on earth when you choose peace, harmony, and joy as your only expression. Using integrity, grace, compassion, honesty and generosity, you make a difference in this world and each quality of unconditional love goes forth and expands everything throughout infinity. It is your self-conscious direction that sends it on its journey and brings heaven into focus right here and now.

Turn to your heart and listen intently to the voice of your own love. It cannot and never will lead you in error. Choose love of your own free will and you will know what love is. Ignore it and you continue upon a path of limitation. The power is yours to command, so choose wisely.

It is time for those that love to help those that seek love. This service to life is the cornerstone of all existence. We simply turn to life through our Higher Self and accept the light and love that we already are. In return for this wonderful energy, we share it unceasingly to those around us. We expand according to our desire and willingness and the pace is ours to decide. The quicker we accept love however, the faster we experience it in our world.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being


Peter fox 11th September 2014 9:14 am

Great Message,Harold- Thank you!

FresnoHye 11th September 2014 4:46 pm

Thank you so Very Much for your timely message. You words certainly have a strong resonating reinforcement to the “re” awakening awareness I’ve finally come to whole heartedly embrace with my entire essence. It had been an ongoing, and My personal choice for “too many years” of “ignoring my course” and the truly “innate direction” I was to travel in order to continue through with my all my “chosen duties” in making my promises fulfilled in My Sacred “service to life”. Although at times “I” felt or had sensed, that I was “meandering” along in a leisurely, less fulfilling, unpurposeful fashion, “I” began to recall, then regained, and maintained my Focus. Timely, It is, because messages such as yours that bring back abilities to “adjust”, “refine”, bring into a “more complete” and Infinite Clarity to my Focus. I am “renewed” in a more “in-depth” Re re-awakening to even “more” of the unfathomable, (for now, myriad) facets to my “Being”. A new form of Life, enriched with more Positive Energy is instilled in me… (1 of 3)

FresnoHye 11th September 2014 4:47 pm

. Your words so extremely encouraging, energetically fortifying, and become a driving force as Your “Loving” reminder allows me the opportunity to continue to grow, and to further Become Enabled To Continue My Service. …
(At this point I have to let you know, I have a style of “written expression” that may seem “whimsical”, or “flippant” on the surface, (to a degree it may be); however, It truly is nothing I “Consciously” pre conceive to do. In fact, when I set out to leave this message, I (by the way my name is Robert L. Abrahamian), “intended” to express a sincere gratitude… look forward to next message… etc. etc. but… End Of Point)(new style begins)
(2 of 3) fresnohye

FresnoHye 11th September 2014 4:49 pm

And for one last truism, I have a very close friend who was married to another close friend, his name Is Harold too. Cancer stole him away from our “here and now”, his memorial was just last month. But it was him, (by your same first name) I thought of during this insightful display of heart felt emotional gratitude/channeling my ever increasing creative abilities (in every aspect) and the closeness brought back from Friendships of devotion. So thank you too, my Friend, Harold Henson…that’s his last name I felt I should mention. (3 of 3) fresnohye

FresnoHye 11th September 2014 4:56 pm

I was not truly ignoring/ignorant of whom I seek, and all of “what” and just who I had to teach. A great deal was because of those who I sought, that required me to travel the many different, (at times ) roads in order for The True Love to be Taught. So now the “shift” is upon us again, and I cringe a bit at what else I’m to teach, (while “learning” on the way); I remember my school days of learning/doing math, when it was “old” in fashion, and for “that kind” ( +, X, -, /) of calculating I possessed some passion. (using your words here) Now for me the “Age” they’ve named “New”, it’s “days of discord” and a bit of depression, because I have little resolve, with a frown full expression, in learning to combine mass with energy, or does time go with matter? Then the shifts of the earth, is it under or up, in, on Or suppose to be “upon”? Do realities of relativity, rather theories, or real need to add Quantum, and why the big deal? Love is The Power Ultimately Unmatched in Any Universe, All of them In Fact, and I’m still searching them all attempting not to panic, I need to get all


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