Love, Wisdom and Power

There is an energy that permeates our existence. It transcends all experiences and encases all form. Although it is formless itself, it molds and creates itself according to our direction. It is intelligent substance and it inhabits all that is. For within the center of all creation is light and that light is love.

There are many names for this intelligent substance that directs, guides, and produces the reality we experience. This universal force has various cultural designations: God, Goddess, Spirit, I Am, Buddha, Christ, Allah, Source, or any number of descriptive terms that describes this energy. It is not however, an action or energy outside ourselves. Nor is it definable in words. It is everywhere present and always acting.

This energy is neither masculine nor feminine for it contains both energies. It is the spiritual essence and energy of Life itself. As self-conscious beings, we are the directors of this intelligent substance and energy at our point in the universe. This is the practical understanding so many have searched for throughout the centuries of time. We are not humans seeking a spiritual connection. We are spirit having a human experience. We are the intelligence and acting participator in our reality. Each of us is the center of our universe and we mesh with the universes of those around us. Like character actors in a wonderful play, we are angels disguised as humans.

We are a living presence and we affect all creation throughout time and space. Every word, deed, action and feeling we engage uses the energy of life. The perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs we hold become our experience and reality. We create according to our focus of attention and the desire to manifest a physical reality a certain way. When we send out love, we expand the universal sea of love. When we use the energy to destroy, control, or limit life, we experience the contraction of energy. When we believe in hate, for example, we color our reality by this activity and experience it in our lives.

Light is love and we are the light of our own world. We burn brightest through loving acts to our fellow persons and the kingdoms of life upon earth. Are we presently using our highest potential to blaze our light to all? The truth is we can love ourselves and all else without conditions or limitation. It is up to us individually to choose this higher expression.

Enlightenment is the pursuit and recognition of light within ourselves. This light, being love, is the active use of our own ability to share the highest qualities of life with each other. Of course, sharing requires already having it first and we all have this universal loving energy supplied to us every moment. It is the cultivation and proper use of this universal energy that brings the rewards. Each of us carries our own scepter of dominion in using this infinite intelligent energy.

Ultimately, it is not the physical reality that is important; it is our personal intent that decides the outcome. We can create reality in either loving or less than loving ways. Beauty and ugliness are both formed with the same energy, and either can prevail. Where there is love there will always be beauty beyond description. In either case, it is our conscious (or unconscious) use of our thoughts and feelings that determine the reality we experience. The energy is universal, it does not discriminate. We do.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker


Peter fox 9th December 2015 10:29 am

Brilliant- Thank you!


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