Loving Our Feelings

Life is an incredible journey of self-discovery. Each moment we are afforded the opportunity to choose how we think and feel and then focus our attention upon things we perceive we would enjoy experiencing. This is how we bring thoughts and ideas into manifestation here on this beautiful planet. Our imagination, coupled with our mental and physical capacity to bring resources together, sets a tone or vibrational intent. This enables us to dream our inner reality into outer existence where we can interact with and tangibly experience life to the fullest. Coming from our heart and aligning with our innermost desires, there is no limit to what we can express.

As creator beings, we are fundamentally unlimited in our ability, as our consciousness knows no bounds or limits to what is possible. Yet, this adventure of personal exploration is also a shared reality with the elements of the earth co-creating with us, along with our fellow humans on their own respective creative journeys adding to the mix. Knowing our connection to our purest potential, we harmonize with the fundamental energy that creates worlds and appreciate all that life offers.

In this diversity, we are here to blend a richness of ever-greater opportunity to explore our various potentials, both individually and collectively. Where we recognize this attribute and create with loving purpose and collaboration, we naturally enhance the experience for all. By design, the cooperative components are available to come together to assist us in realizing the things we desire. It is only when we forget our creative intention is coming from within, that we introduce the notion of limitation and conditions.

We are meant to delight in our creations as a way to inspire more creative ideas. Although we often identify with the material aspects of our reality, it is really our feelings that determine our interpretation of experiences. These feelings then also direct and focus our attention which creates a momentum of more of its kind. If we feel good about something, we generate more of this perspective and flow with the joy this evokes. When we feel resistant to our experiences, we diverge from our good feeling and place conditions or limits to how we feel. This constricts our natural limitless flow of creation by identifying with the perception of a condition that opposes our happiness and wellbeing.

What may have started in joy and love, can quickly become conditional as we allow our feelings to become mired in limiting perspectives that believe a condition to be greater than our ability to imagine something new and more expansive. This is how anger, hatred, guilt, worry, doubt and fear, for example, are born within us. We become so split from our innate creative capacity that we forget our intrinsic abilities. We allow our feelings to reflect the illusion of separation and from there, we become emotionally enmeshed with our reality in a negative or less than loving way. In essence, this is our internal compass or guidance system that indicates we are veering away from our creative connection.

There is no right or wrong held within feelings themselves. We actually identify with our feelings as vibrational sensations when we are experiencing them; they either uplift us and align with our highest potential or they feel heavy and dense, indicating we are moving farther away from our true, creative self. The way forward is to experience our feelings with a fresh perspective. When we cease to imply limits and conditions of good and bad, we begin to perceive everything as unconditional. We free ourselves and each other to understand our feelings and realize they are simply directing us to create from the heart of our being. In this way, we move beyond our seeming limitations and return to the realms of unconditional love.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation



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The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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