Lovingly Serene in 2015

There is a brilliance and magnificence to life that transcends our daily focus of narrowly defined sensory and memory interactivity. Beyond the realm of our physical, emotional and mental efforts, there is a sublime aspect of our being that is intricately woven into the very heart of our journey. When we tune inward and upward, we seamlessly merge into this expanded awareness and instantly feel the peace that this eternal connection emanates. This is our true nature born of love and filled with very essence of life itself.

Alas, our human nature has long forgotten this universal connection to all that is. Ages ago we began to drift into a perception that what was material was real and tangible and more important than our imagination, interconnection and creative capacity. We allowed ourselves to slowly and steadily accept the notion that outer things have a form and thus an identity that we can prescribe ownership and labels to accordingly. We allowed the objects of our lives to become the objective of our pursuits and protections.

Despite our constant interest in matter and substance, a deeper sense of knowing that there is more, and that we are more, has quietly pervaded our individual and collective psyche. It is as if we have always remembered something, yet like a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of our eyes, we could never quite be sure what this was. Again and again we cast off the metaphysical and embraced only the physical before us.

All of that is changing. As if awakening from a long and onerous slumber, we are feeling our connection to life once more. Our inner insights and intuition are coming online and we are noticing that the world that was is no longer, and in its place a more vibrant world filled with unlimited potential is emerging. We are rapidly sensing that we are connected to each other, the earth and beyond, while losing the hard lines of black and white, good or bad, that had defined our reality. We are opening up to a spectrum of possibilities that are filled with diversity and color beyond conception.

Whereas sleep can feel like an eternity, we actually awaken quite quickly. During the transition however, it can be one of momentary confusion and even chaos as we release ourselves from one state of comprehension and arrive in a new perspective of an awakened state. We are experiencing various stages of awakening right now on our precious planet. The heart of humanity is beginning to stir.

The beauty of this moment is that life, as we have known it through separation, is finally coming back together. The pieces and parts that we identified as disconnected from us are now merging back into a unified whole. We are waking up one-by-one and reconnecting heart-to-heart.

Love is the catalyst of this metamorphosis that is well underway. It calls to us in each moment and encourages us in ways that nothing else can. It fills us with grace, dignity and integrity and shows us that all else is an illusion of separation which we perceive as fear. Unlike love, fear has no power of its own and is fed solely by our attention. As we return to love, fear instantly disappears. Such is the power of transformation as we arouse.

Invoking our innate wisdom and maintaining harmony is how we navigate these oft-tumultuous moments as we overcome the inertia of our previous outlook and understanding. We do this by cultivating calmness, gratitude, and composure through ongoing forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and, of course, unconditional love. In response to our efforts, we open a vast new world before us that is created with these same qualities, ensuring we never again doze into a dreamless sleep.

Allow yourself to breathe fully into this new awakened state and you will be lovingly serene in 2015.

Love and hugs,
Harold W Becker


Peter fox 2nd January 2015 11:22 am

Brilliant,Harold- have a wondrous 2015!

Kahi Harawira 3rd January 2015 4:42 am

Time is unfolding in such a wonderful way and everything is beginning to point in a single direction - Reaffirmation is everywhere

Kermit 4th January 2015 12:56 pm

Beautiful xxx


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