The Angel Within

We are here to celebrate life. Every step we take upon this magical journey is ours to enjoy. Embracing our potential and using this power to let go of limitation, we experience a new level of our true self. As we continue to expand in love, the heart blazes brighter with the light of our unlimited divine being. This spiritual essence encased within our form is breaking free and expressing its loving nature.

We have a presence about us everywhere we go and in all we do. This presence is so much more than we currently perceive ourselves to be. It is our higher nature, the angel within. It is our individual divine expression of the Universe. To the degree we choose to align with these higher expressions, our energy conveys love, wisdom, and power. This is our real heritage and truth.

Remembering the nature of our existence allows us to tap this mighty reservoir and use its limitless supply of energy to create our dreams. Awakening to the original plan we are choosing once again the expression of love to guide us on our path. The only thing really changing is the focus of our attention. Yet, by this choice, everything we experience will change. ...

...The power of our attention is our key to the future. We are self-conscious creative beings and with that we have a responsibility for our creation. What we do and experience is a result of our thoughts and feelings sent into motion to manifest in the physical world and we are their creator. Every limitation in life is a balancing of cause and effect from another time since energy must seek balance to evolve and expand. Each unlimited expression is our acknowledgement of being free from these limiting forces. ...

...People everywhere in the world are taking steps to reclaim the peace and opulence that are their right and privilege. Many are dismantling old structures that confine and limit the citizens of their country while installing methods that are inclusive and universally empowering. This tremendous change in focus from a limited and fear based approach to a loving one is causing much to come to the surface to be loved and released.

Although many images and reflections would like us to believe the world is in chaos and collapsing, the reverse is true. Yes, there is a release of discordant images and a balancing of energy is occurring since it is a necessary part of the process. However, it is symbolic of the new reality of love that is rapidly raising our individual and collective experience while releasing the old, limited ways. ...

...If you never considered yourself an angel or find it difficult to embrace, I would like to suggest you contemplate the idea. It may not be as far from the truth as you originally thought. Besides, accepting your divinity could be the best thing you ever do and there is no way it can hurt you. Like me, you will find it answers the questions that plagued humanity for a very long time. It also fills in the last piece of a puzzle that is complete with this understanding. When you see yourself as an angel, you also see an angel in everyone else.

Despite anything your personality/ego may believe or try to convince you of, it will never deny your heritage as a divine being. Your heart always knows the truth and when you listen within, you will feel the resonance of love guiding your reality. Deep in the center of your consciousness beats the wisdom, love and power of an eternal spirit. Grasp this awareness and you claim your dominion of infinite potential.

Never underestimate your power or that of the universe to transform the most challenging situation into a miraculous blessing of love. Call this light into every condition and watch the experience evolve. By your own use of love, you set into motion this powerful action that dissolves the negativity and changes it into a higher expression. You are an angel and you have the power to do it creatively. ...

...You have all the inspiration you require right within your heart. Use it and make this a better world for everyone. The universe is full of possibilities and has the substance necessary to make them a reality with its limitless supply of imagination and ideas to take care of every problem and condition. Build like the universe does through unconditional love.

Always remember your Higher Self loves you unconditionally. You are a divine spark of creation and have the love of the universe at your service. Many beings of this world also love you. Open up to the love within and around you and you will receive these gifts of exquisite energy.

Spread your wings and ascend back into your rightful station as a creator being. Stand strong and free and accept the accolades of a job well done. You set about to know separation and succeeded beyond belief. Now you can reunite with your whole and complete Higher Self and the collective universe again. You can create like an angel through the power of unconditional love.

As a master angel in training, you are ready to embark upon a new journey of love. Let the light of your heart illumine the path before you and walk in joy. Show the earth your gratitude and love and she will honor your every step. Hold hands with your fellow angels in human clothes and you will always have company. Keep your attention upon your Higher Self and you will have a friend for eternity. Live free in the present moment and you free the world. Share your joy with others and they will dance with you. Love unconditionally and you will know and become love itself. Unconditional love truly is an unlimited way of being.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being




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