Challenges Bring Quicker Change

Is it just me or is life getting more difficult and challenging for everyone? I have heard that this is called the "time of intensity". Is this true and if so, what does that really mean?

These are very interesting times indeed! You are on the cusp of a new age, a term that you have most likely heard so many times that its meaning and effect has been significantly reduced. The New Age is much more than a popular term or a movement. It is an important time of renewal for the planet and everything upon and within it. In fact, were it not for these opportunities for renewal, the earth would lose more of its resources, of which humanity is one. Collectively, the family of man comprises one of earth's kingdoms and is an important member of the planet's community. Likewise, the earth is an important member of our local solar system's family. The changes that are currently underway involve every kingdom, element, species, thought, belief, cell and atom in the universe. That being said, the more dense the thought, being or action, the more intense its effect.

The benefits of a New Age are many for planet and mankind alike. A New Age allows the rules that govern life to be remade (in a new image) based upon a new ideal. Ideals and the ideas that flow from them are based upon creative rules. Rules follow principles, and principles follow laws. In this case, we are speaking of Universal Laws; unspoken kings of consciousness that inspire a new world as easily as a new thought. New worlds follow old ones, but not always in similar fashion. Is it easier for a celestial body such as the earth to allow the destruction of the old prior to the generation of the new. This encourages the planet's ability to redesign its resources from the inside out, which strengthens its bio-diversity as well as the DNA of every new organism. However, sentient planets such as the earth prefer to protect and maintain any and all life already present. The more sentient or evolved the planet, the greater the extent to which it will go to shield and shelter its own.

My role Gaia allows me to select, at least to some degree, an acceptable level and length of discomfort and distortion relative to evolution of the planet. In other words, I could choose to save the majority of the earth's resources by sacrificing one or more of the planet's weaker eco-systems, or I could choose to use my sentient abilities to uplift and support what might otherwise perish. To be clear, my sentience does not operate under a right and left, right or wrong hemispheric decision-making process such as humanity might consider doing under similar circumstances. No personality presents itself to propose or reject one species or system over another and there is no list of pros and cons to sway an unmade mind. The process takes place at a deeper level, where consciousness bridges invisible dimensional boundaries that reveal the appropriateness of the next moment. Essentially, that which has the greatest potential to evolve in accordance with higher (universal) law presents itself and is acknowledged, for lack of another word.

The cusp of a new age insists that this process is carried out in a timely and ordered manner. One of the ways it does this is called intensification, hence the obvious reference contained in your question. Times of intensity, relate more to a sentient celestial body than to a species or an individual, yet the intensity of these times leaves nothing untouched, no stone unturned. Life, at its most essential level, is struggling to bring its diversity forward, to rescue itself form the confines of its past limitations, and to usher in its own new age. Everything upon the planet is committed to this project now, regardless of its outer appearance. Remember that there is no obvious evidence of transformation until the butterfly at last emerges from its chrysalis.

There are other notable advantages during periods of intensification and some of these have far-reaching consequences. For instance, new environments begin to appear during these times on both the inner and the outer planes. New environments provide opportunities for old patterns to fall away and new ones to emerge. This includes the possibility that problems with no real solutions may simply reach a dead end. The same applies to problem behaviors that may be archaic and in competition with the birth of new ideas. The impact, both biologically and spiritually, of this time cannot be emphasized enough, especially where humanity is concerned. No other time offers such an unbiased approach to evolution on a grand scale as that which is available during the cusp of a new age. Ah, but there is a catch. You must seize the moment or it will surely seize you. Can you mount a wild mustang and tame it in mid-stride?

Times of intensity offer an alternative view of the beliefs that govern your reality and your world. They provide support for the development of new ideas such that you need not wait until the passage of time officially proclaims the arrival of the new age before you can claim and embody a new truth as your own. New age perspectives, like new paradigm thoughts, have a positive impact upon the near future as well as the distant future. They are richer in variety and diversity and promote an improved quality of life; they reinforce your ability to choose new perspectives while gently letting go of older ones that no longer serve you. As a cautionary note, times of intensity are just that, of necessity you will become much more sensitive to your surroundings as well as susceptible to any stimuli in these environments. You will be more insightful and reflective, and generally choose quality over quantity.

Many are changing their environments now, exchanging one geographical area for another that is more pleasing, necessary or vital to one or more aspects of life. This is important and if you feel the impetus to migrate elsewhere consider the possibilities and then choose creatively and accordingly. If you desire to move but cannot, you may find that virtual change and potential change are options. Virtual change allows a different expression of self within a similar or unchanging environment. The key is to make ongoing desirable changes for and within the self and to fully embody these as if your future depended upon them. Your environment, which is a (self) reflection of what you are, will change as you do. Potential change is real change, but takes place on the inner planes. It regulates and maintains your decisions to expand beyond your present circumstances so that you can make slower, but steady progress without backsliding. Potential change is lasting, positive reinforcement that does not threaten or challenge one's present environment. It would be unwise to compare this experience of inner growth against the more aggressive outer experiences that are more common during this time of intensity.

The soul and essence of every living thought and thing is being touched at this time. There are no exceptions. It does not matter if you are awake or asleep, tired, angry, hopeful, interested in new age thought or not. You are here and now, and so are the circumstances and conditions that can transform you in ways that lead to a more perfect and whole version of you. You have already made great sacrifices and endured more than you thought possible. There is little wisdom in wishing for things to be otherwise or in turning your back on the progress you have already made. The third dimension will continue its progress along a continuum of severity, and at least for a time archaic behavior will compete with the new. Therefore whenever possible, choose a new thought instead of an old rehearsed thought. If you have heard yourself think or say something one-hundred times or more, perhaps it could be set aside in favor of a new thought. Not only do new thoughts lead to new experiences, they also displace previously established behaviors and responses. Gradually, newer and more complex behaviors will find their way through the same insertion point and you will find that life becomes less of a struggle in these areas.

Transformation is only a breath away, literally. You may find that you are able to sustain newer thoughts and ideas as you slow and stabilize the breath. All too often the breath is associated with meditation or with exercise. You associate being `out of breath' with being out of shape physically. The breath is vital to everything you do, but it is also vital to everything you think. Awareness and control of the breath influences your ability to direct the course of your life. It allows you to observe and participate in your life simultaneously.

By contrast ignorance of the breath brings the unexpected nearer to you, making it necessary to react quickly instead of taking the time to respond. A slow and steady breathing cycle informs your body that you wish it to be in sync with your mind. This allows your thoughts to organize and adjust to where you are as well as where you wish to be. It allows new thoughts and ideas to travel faster and more comfortably, without running into as many beliefs, which look like roadblocks to the mind. There is no preparation needed and no specific exercise or technique, a simple desire to be aware of the process of life as directed by the breath is all that the moment requires. Become aware of the breath several times a day, if possible. Notice that it is always there, regulating the moment and contributing to all of your experiences. As you enter the new age you will find that you require less breaths per day. This will increase your longevity upon the earth and will bring many other changes including increased health and well-being and natural weight loss and maintenance.

Challenging times sometimes cause you to forget that life is important and worthwhile. It is. Intense moments draw upon emotional reserves. Please remember that these resources must be replenished so they will remain available to you. Be alert but not on-guard, stay in your truth but not for too long. The new age beckons and new possibilities will present themselves in quick succession.


bluestflame 23rd October 2010 3:31 am

thank you pepper , for the reminder within the words ,
essence speaks, all that


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