Dam(ning) the World's Resources

Is it true that Brasil plans to build as many as 60 dams along the Amazon? Can they do that? Will you allow it?

The earth (my body) is rich in bio-diversity of every kind. Every kingdom and element of the earth is supported by my sentience so that its uniqueness can be expressed in a variety of ways including individuality, creativity, and an ability to discover and evolve its essence. Essence is the quality or nature of something. It is what identifies something (or someone) so that it can communicate that to others. Essence makes something what it is and is one of the most important and memorable features about almost anything. Essence is what makes things and thoughts perfect even when they do not seem so, because the essential quality in all things always evolves in a manner that contributes or leads to wholeness. Those who observe essence, or the essential qualities of thoughts and things, often idealize them. In contrast to things that are less than perfect or ideal, these forms reveal a higher perspective; something that can one can aspire to or transform into. Essence is pure, complex but not complicated, stylized and original. It is fundamental and intrinsic unto itself, its reflection is often perceived as a raw beauty or a diamond in the rough. The essential nature of the earth, which is also one of the embodiments associated with the Gaian purpose, is to provide raw resources for all thoughts and things associated with the evolution of earthly things. This is really the bottom line for the earth (love and compassion aside for purposes associated with the present topic).

The essential nature of the human being in its present form expresses a need to know who and what it is in relationship to the whole. Humanity accomplishes this by being a reflection of its environment, by choosing to contrast itself against the world it has created, and by conquering one or all of the kingdoms and elements against which it experiences fear, because it knows no greater foe or obstacle to accomplishing its goals. Homo Sapiens means knowing human, but it (you) do not know, not yet. In order to help humanity discover itself, those who helped to assemble and create its purpose also assigned an additional task, that of protecting the earth and its inhabitants, as well as its treasures and resources. In the early days of this schema or adventure humanity did fairly well in this regard, but later on fell short and then silent on this subject, forgetting all that it had learned and turning away from itself in the process. There is no penalty for forgetting or for falling behind; no karmic debt so to speak -- only a yearning from within that cannot and will not be satisfied by any means other than self-discovery.

Self-discovery is a journey whose only measure is the amount of times one meets oneself along the way. It is an adventure whose purpose is the journey itself. If one fears to venture forward or inward the trail becomes steeper and the request more insistent. Failure to answer such a call leads to the wilderness within rather than the wonders of the outer world. Ignorance of Spirit's need and desire to journey can lead to the illness of the body and partial or complete corruption of the sensitivities. Both of these were designed for use by the Spirit that animates all things, including body, mind and spirit. What does the foregoing have to do with the potential damming of the Amazon? This potential event could be called the clash of the titans, as it will bring together and tear apart the essential nature of several vital elements. The extraordinary importance and relevance of this taking place at this juncture will exacerbate and escalate the effects and the aftermath for a long time to come.

Brasil is on its way to becoming one of the world's next super-powers. It has an almost desperate desire for this and will therefore say and do what the waiting and watching world expects of it. Before a nation can become a super-power it must first become a power, a force that is seen and heard by heads-of-state, industries and other global concerns The world must make room for such a power, as without prior acceptance membership in the upper echelons of economic and geo-political exclusivity might be denied. Brazil has been courting the world's powers for decades and has recently stepped up its public relations campaigns by touting and parading its resources before other countries much like a peacock struts about in its full glory. Unfortunately, the peacock invests far too much time in this activity and the governors of this fine country follow a poor example.

An unwritten rule of a super-power is that it must have command and governance over its resources. In other words, it must be in control of its people, its imports and exports, and its natural resources. And these must be of interest and necessity to the larger world and to other powers and super-powers. Brasil is well on its way to meeting these criteria, but there are some items on the checklist that require attention and completion. Those who play at life in ways that are beyond the scope of the ordinary citizenry have issued certain challenges and edicts to the ones whose desires are to ascend to the new thrones of power. Strings are being pulled and tugged on, ones that will uplift and enrich some and threaten the very existence of others.

There can be no threats, visible or invisible where powers and super-powers are concerned. They must be seen as sovereign and omnipotent, particularly when the eyes of the world are in attendance. But Brasil is under threat now, and from within its own boundaries. It is an insidious threat -- obvious and childish, but invisible and magical too. The threat comes from the indigenous and the elemental, from those in possession of a physical form who still remember how to call upon the magical properties of the kingdoms and elements, from their own extended family. From this potent realm a different kind of edict has gone out. It is the cry of the wild; in words and symbols and from the ashes of its ancestors it says stay in your world and allow us to remain in ours. Clearly stated it says caution and beware, step lightly and carefully for the warrior spirit still dwells within us and we protect and defend our own.

Much of the world has set its essential nature aside or apart from its daily existence. It has forgotten or tamed it in much the same way that one forgets one's childhood as maturity foists adulthood upon the too young and innocent. Much of the world is packaged for profit now and the average citizen is too busy protecting their numbered identity from theft, too much so to pay too close attention to the struggles of the indigenous tribes or the potential wars that loom only one tomorrow away. It is not so much that humanity is closed to these issues and concerns or ignorant of the plight of others, but the collective consciousness of man has a divided nature, and the collective indigenous consciousness lives beyond this divide; the two are one, but still two. In constructing the dams Brasil hopes to show the world that it has staked a claim and found gold, so to speak. It is building a trophy to show off to the world, enhancing and flexing its economic and geopolitical muscle. There will be exports and products offered and there will be plenty of buyers -- that is, if the essential nature of earthen man allows it.

The physical earth has provided the natural material by which this mighty river and its many tributaries have come into their power. The river is mature now as are the ecosystems that nurture and sustain it. There are ancient fossils beneath it and ancients truths beneath these. There is mystery and magic in the water and the forests for there are places in the earth that are still very alive in ways that would astound you. Some of the indigenous inhabitants of this world know this; they protect it and occult the mysteries that serve their people and their way of life. But even here, deep in the forest glades, the western industrialized way of life has paid a call, and left behind a trail of crumbs that leads to cities, jobs, televisions and Internet. In other ways, the old ways and the old world were displaced even before the engineers showed up.

The essential nature of the modern or advancing world is to divide and conquer. A super-power must conquer its world and take dominion over it. The American Indian was conquered and subjugated and the Australian Aboriginal succumbed too. The same fate fell upon other independent nations of men, because the modern world fears its ancestral past. It prefers to move forward blindly, chasing a future enterprise zone while it destroys the past. The essential nature of the past is to survive, openly if possible and by stealth if necessary. The ancient past and those who protect it will not give up easily. There will be struggle and it is likely that a war will ensue. Knives and spears are small weapons, too weak against a modern garrison that is provisioned by a prosperous opponent. Thus the old ones and the old ways must appeal to the secrets of the rainforests, asking that these awaken from their long slumber. The old ones will awaken those who are more ancient still, and so on and so on, each generation calling upon its own elders until the desired potency is achieved. This they have been doing for some time for it is a long and sacred process with traditions that must be honored. Only those who are ordained in the ways of medicine can call, for only their echo can travel between the worlds where time is of little consequence.

The first dams are already being erected, but the projects will not go easily and they will not go well. One drop of poison can contaminate an entire well, leaving behind water that may not be fit to drink for generations. Concrete and other materials can also be poisoned with words and thoughts. Those who still understand the power of such things have cursed and therefore weakened both natural and man-made materials assigned to these projects. The dams will be built on weak footing upon a land that has been asked to be unforgiving in defense of the wild and in protection of that which has lived in the harmony of its branches. To who does this weapon belong? To the earth? To man? To the past, or the present or the future? Perhaps to those who seek to control and to conquer?

Humanity must repair and reclaim its body of wisdom, within and without. It must bring the world to its next origination (place of origin) where it will receive its next orientation in regards to the new and next world. An orientation is like a code or set of instructions. These keys are passed on to the most aware within each species. The process itself is as old as time and before then still. It is almost automatic, born of the wisdom of the stars and borne to the forms of light and sound. An immaculate conception, do you understand? The term orientation is in resonance and residency within the layered mysteries of multi-dimensional astrocartography. In understanding this you will understand how space travel is more easily accomplished than currently imagined, as well as the meaning of home. Orientation is an invisible and effortless force. It is the pattern followed by the stars, whose location is not random; it is the significance behind, before and after the 2012 phenomenon. Earth's progress is literally in line with the precession of the equinoxes. The indigenous cultures of long ago and those who still carry this energy and message know this. Unfortunately, men of culture and industry have forgotten this and more. The orientation of the next world is already only a breath away, and time will not wait for those who still slumber and refuse to awaken.

The attempt to dam this river is a bold one with far reaching consequences. It is a story that is unfolding. Long ago and in later years it has already been written as chapter and verse. Western man follows the tales of a holy book written long ago but in the hand of the future. It tells of a great war that defines a time and a people. Far and away from here and before the forests and waters of this land awoke to the ministrations of the earthen ones, a book about this people, their place and their relationship to the earth had already been written. By whose hand? In the land of the mighty, great magic exists.

In postscript, the Red Dragon [China] has dammed its mighty river that is of the yellow vibration. In subjugating its people the dams were strongly built. If this power is to be released back to nature the people of this land must awaken the water dragon, or the emotional dragon within that was repressed and imprisoned long ago. Perhaps this metaphoric example, which can be applied in many other ways, will not be lost on those with eyes that are open to see, lamenting something lost and longing for the magic to cure it.




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