Earth Shifting and the Dimensions

How does the spinning and tilting of the Earth affect those who are living inside the Earth?

It affects their consciousness before it affects humanity's consciousness. They undergo more inner stress than humanity does-the kind of stress that pushes and changes and shifts one from within. They undergo changes in their own DNA as well. It is part of their evolution. Most who dwell within the planet now are those who denied until the last moment what took place at the last grand evolutional shift. At the very last moment an opening in the Earth was revealed to them, and inside the planet they were able at first to survive and later to thrive. They were the latecomers. But so be it; they made their choice, and they made their home. Now it is their choice to be among the first to know, see and expand. Many believe that those who have the greatest knowledge will come from the inner Earth to be teachers. This was a promise made long, long ago. Because of what was granted to them, this is how they believe they will serve. Yet there is great fear and trepidation among many. They have found comfort there. Their world is not as difficult as the surface world. They have become very grateful for their environment. A return to the surface is not what they had imagined, regarding the present condition of the Earth's surface. Yet, there are many who will remain true to their commitment and carry forward the collective consciousness of their people.

As they come forward, how many people will welcome them? How many will say, "I recognize that you are from the inner Earth for you appear quite different than I do and your knowledge is different than mine. Come into my home. We will converse and you will tell me all you know and I will change my habits, for what you say will bring blessing to me"?

Are we talking about 33 percent again?

Perhaps more like 3 percent. So there is still much work to be done. You might imagine their trepidation. Still, their purpose is their own and they will honor a promise as much as any other being would. Their numbers will be few. They are being conditioned now by the stresses and changes within them to withstand surface conditions and to behold their own presence regardless of what is said or done to them. In some ways, they will be considered superhuman. Their bodies will appear to be slightly different. As your superman myth makes one body seem like steel to another, they will seem unique, and some of what they say will be proven.

Of course, their safety will be at risk, so they time themselves well. They time themselves to emerge from within the Earth simultaneously with others who will arrive upon the Earth from other worlds. Imagine humanity then-you will say it comes from everywhere. You will ask yourselves, "can we have been so ignorant?" And the answer will be yes. We have been this ignorant. Now open your eyes and ears, and see and know. So their emergence will be synchronized.

So are the inner-Earth people in third-dimensional bodies now, or fourth-or fifth-dimensional bodies?

It depends. They are in bodies that can be transformed- bodies that are malleable. There is a skeletal structure to their being but it is more elastic in nature. As you have seen, the human structure is quite brittle. It was not meant to be, but it has become so. The human skeleton was meant to be more fluid, more rubberlike. There were many oils that lubricated the body and entered the blood stream and skeletal structure-the body was better managed. These bodies are better managed in their longevity. They have longer life spans than those of surface humans. There is much that they can teach as well. They would not think of consuming some of what humanity consumes and deems nutritious.



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