ET’s Among Us: Help for Humanity

Pepper: This is our third meeting. I have enjoyed our time together, but Gaia tells me that this will most likely be our last shared experience. Is this your choice?

Uilora: Yes. My manner is not as casual as yours. I have found our exchanges interesting and meaningful, but only insomuch as they serve a purpose. My demeanor is friendly, but our coming together was not designed to instill a long- lasting friendship. I hope you do not find this disappointing.

Pepper: I am not disappointed, just curious. Do you have friends? Are they human or from your own world? Do you share your thoughts with them? Do you have happy and sad moments? Are you emotionally affected by the ‘human condition’ or how events unfold upon the earth?

Uilora: I do have friends. They are from here, from my own world, and one other world. I have several social attachments and they are similar to your own. I do not need to protect my identity, but my associates often suggest that I do. They see mounting intolerance and prejudice, but I see only misconception and misplaced concern. Humanity distrusts itself so it also distrusts its neighbor. One day it will depend upon its neighbors and will most likely regret moments when its eyes were closed and its heart could not see. My world knew such a time too, but a species cannot progress until and unless it sees itself reflected in the eyes of another.

It is correct to assume that I share my thoughts with my friends, as my communication with them is often telepathic. Thoughts travel much faster than any electronic device. I do not need to hear the sound of their voice to know what they are thinking or feeling. They do not protect their feeling centers from me so I am easily aware of their location and anything else they would like me to know. We do not seek each other’s approval, and we do not communicate about thoughts and things that did not go as expected or planned. It may surprise you to know that over 60% of human communication is spent complaining or lamenting one’s current situation. Blame, worry, deception and passive/aggressive thought processes make up a large portion of human personal thoughts.

I rarely notice if I am happy or sad, as these random emotions seem to come and go rather quickly; it would be difficult for me to rely on emotions that seem to belong more to the moment, which like a cloud, is just passing by. I do have a wide range of emotions and emotional responses, but these do not swing as broadly as I have seen in others. Although I consider myself very much like others, I am often reminded that I am not. In comparison, I would say that I am more objective than subjective. I evaluate moments and situations without inserting my own thoughts into them. This way, my thoughts remain my own and I am not as apt to dress a thought with an opinion. We have a saying that translates loosely to, “emotional thoughts, like opinions, are often overdressed for dinner.” We care as deeply as you do about rights and wrongs, but find that they are easier to direct than to correct. My thoughts, and those of others like me, sometimes last as long as a season. They are reflective and contemplative, less elusive in nature. They progress and develop day by day, allowing us to use them like tools or building blocks. We rarely second guess our thoughts or those of others.

Our race is slightly different than yours in that we are able to pass some of our history on to future generations. This allows newer generations to avoid the mistakes of past generations. This simple difference has allowed our race to advance in ways that others have not. Perhaps you will remember that my parents were pioneers of some earlier work several years ago. This was one of their main areas of interest. They had hoped to help others here on Earth make decisions that were more advanced by redirecting their thought processes to move beyond the need to cycle back or “loop” before continuing forward. Thoughts, like projects, can quickly lose momentum. It may seem to you that it is a good idea to think something through very thoroughly, and in some cases it is, but not in all. We rely quite a bit on impulsivity, trusting that our decisions are right. This keeps our thoughts creative and alive. We would like to help you do the same. We see that humanity has become fearful of making a misstep or a mistake. The end of an age is a precarious time and the consequences can seem burdensome. We would like to help alleviate some of those burdens, but we must be invited to do so. Humanity has a bright future ahead and so does the Earth; the path ahead has already begun to veer from its current heading. Change in almost every area of life is already at hand and more is on the way. This is what our Earth Mother would like us to speak about today. Our interaction will serve as a model for other races that also interact and work with human counterparts and companions.

Pepper: Do you mean alien/human contactees?

Uilora: No. Contactee relationships are unique. They are not equal partnerships and their specific purpose is not always disclosed. My parents frowned on these relationships and saw them as a detriment to their work here on earth. They spent a fair amount of time explaining why other races came to the earth and what they were looking to achieve. They tried to offer a firm foundation for humanity to stand upon that would put an end to any covert efforts on the part of other races, but this would have required further disclosure on the part of those they worked with and in this regard they were turned down. Simply put, the earth has many resources that are of interest elsewhere, and because humanity, the planet’s most sentient species, is unconscious about most of these, it makes it that much easier for others to appropriate them. Understandably, humanity sees this as inappropriate. But it is not entirely different than one of the more developed countries usurping the resources of a third world nation or that of an indigenous people whose voice is not heard and its presence not seen. Alien species that practice these principles, however unscrupulous, observe them firsthand in the people and governments of your world. Of course, this is not the case with all contactees, and some of these relationships have had a very positive and long-lasting impact upon this world.

Pepper: What makes someone more or less likely to be a contactee? Do you have the ability to discern these relationships from others? Would you be able to restore the ability of someone whose memories in this regard are vague? Are these relationships as prevalent as they once were?

Uilora: Most of the programs you are referring to are no longer in effect. Although the earth is still of interest to off-planet visitors, humanity is less so, at least for now. The fields of energy surrounding the earth follow a natural cycle of ebb and flow, but during times of great change such as this one, they are under stress. This stress is transferred onto almost everything, so that everything will have an equal opportunity to change. Please understand that stress can have a very positive effect upon evolution. The sun’s warmth places pressure upon a seed’s outer casing to release its contents while water makes it pliable and vulnerable. These are natural processes and important to the survival of a thing, a thought, or a people. However, everything within a certain range or frequency is affected by this stress, which includes visitors from near and far. When the tide is low the temptation to venture further out (or in) is substantial, but there is a danger in doing so, as the return journey must be well timed. The earth’s energetic markers are unstable now and will remain so for approximately 150 years. During this time it is extremely easy to become entangled in the earth’s processes as well as those of the dominant species. This fact is not lost on visitors from near or far. The earth’s history and humanity’s too is replete with many such occurrences. Humanity is a hybrid race for this reason. Your genetic history was an alien one long before it became a cross-cultural one. You are men and women of many nations and cultures, and of many planets and star systems too.

Contactees are everyday people. There is nothing that would lead you to tell them apart from non-contactees. Some are open-minded and some are not. There are many more contactees than you would imagine, but only a small percentage of them are able to remember their experiences. Most off-planet visitors communicate with each other telepathically and they are able to do the same with humans too. Generally, this is accomplished by agreement, but this has not always been the case. To be fair, true telepathic communication bypasses several of the safeguards put in place by the conscious mind, but these safeguards often obscure more than protect.

Because of this, extra-terrestrial races prefer to “speak” to humanity through the more refined subconscious and super conscious mind, which also happens to be friendlier. It is commonly held that the subconscious is more susceptible to influence. This is true insomuch as this aspect of the human mind is open and interested in new ideas. The subconscious mind is also less fearful of the unknown – another good reason for other races to greet you from this perspective.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind does not automatically supply the conscious mind with memories that are unrelated in linear time so extraordinary thoughts and experiences can remain hidden until something turns up that links to the present moment. When this occurs, the conscious mind can become outraged and believe strongly that it has been outwitted, deceived or controlled. These complications were part of the reason that most contact programs were abandoned. Even those who were strong proponents of contact came to believe that it was simply better to wait for humanity to signal its readiness. This is a very open-ended subject with much to explore. It would be well to do it justice by exploring it in-depth, but there are others much more qualified than I am in this regard.

Pepper: Everything that we have been speaking about circles back to our asking for assistance, but what if we don’t know how to ask in a responsible or respective way? How would the average person even know whom to ask? And do we need to ask for assistance as a collective or are individual efforts enough? Must our requests include the voice of our governments or others in positions of authority and leadership?

Gaia’s Response: A request is an intentional act, not a helpless one. It is a welling up, an uprising from the deep well within. It comes from a place that does not know the next step, but yearns for it to look and feel like a new step. Long ago, at a similar crossroads in time humanity looked up at the midnight sky, marveled at the stars and hoped to visit them one day. It imagined that great things and great beings lived far up and away, beyond one’s ability to see. Eventually, man’s imagination became a veiled request, then an invitation and when great need arose, a plea for help, too. Who was ancient man watching for? Who were they waiting for? Those were simpler times and the mind of man simpler still, but even in complicated times and during complex situations there is a place within each soul that knows that a great plan is at work and understands that there are pillars and principles strong enough to uphold it.

This inner knowing is not the kind of knowledge that is extracted from the daily stream of information and it does not begin to release man’s obligation to learn enough about his world to rebuild it when necessary. There are unique moments in the life of each individual, and in the collective life of man of earth, when time and light bend and bow low, almost to the ground and beneath it too. In those moments when quiet becomes silence and only truth can speak or be heard, there is no mistaking a request to be set upon the path of justice through extraordinary means. Do not disprove your authority by pointing fingers at those in power, as doing so will only lead you down the same path. Shifting the blame from the left to the right will offend both and upset any remaining sense of balance. What then? What strategy to follow, what claim to make? Begin by remembering that your soul embodies within the human form, and as such is an integral part of the citizenry of the human race, established upon the earth to discover its own capacity to be and do great and honorable things.

A potent human mind has the ability to act and influence those things that hold sway over its future. A formidable human mind is strong and agile with the authority to act upon its own behalf and to intervene on behalf of those who are less than mighty. A skillful human mind measures its strength not in muscle but in sway, dominating the forces of nature of which it is a part and avoiding the deceptions of supremacy and rule. An able human mind commands out of leadership while skirting the need to exercise the kind of control a government imposes on its citizens. In right order the human mind remembers a life entrusted to principles that began elsewhere and only continue here on earth. A resourceful human mind has persuasive faculties that transfer energy from resource to source and back again. A productive human mind generates an electro-magnetic field whose qualities are magnified when successfully engaged.

Your individual efforts already have the basic structure of a collective, but one whose field is still indistinctive in shape and scope, but one whose field is not yet vital enough to recognize its own outline or mode of expression. You have no track record to fall back upon yet and you cannot distinguish the kind of behavior that will lead to cohesive thoughts, but that will come later. There is no correct formula in asking for assistance. There is no fixed set of words or procedures to follow. There is no religious or spiritual ceremony to enact, or legal document to inscribe. There is no prior arrangement, mold or frame of reference to follow, as all of these would only confine you. That being said, your heart is shaped of human compassion. Its expression is musical and lyrical to the soul. Begin there. Look for the sound of the words that are already in your heart and give them substance. You do not need to put much thought into the meaning of the words, as these may be less than accurate. The sound that each word makes was born long before its meaning came to be, which is why so many unrelated languages have similar words. Each soul, like a parent, recognizes the unmistakable sound of its own heart. It does not go unheeded. A cry made by a human heart has a great impact upon those who guide and assist it. When you cry out in anguish angels hear you. They respond and minister to you in ways both small and large according to their own discipline and calling. Is it so different or far-fetched to assume that those in a position to assist would hear a request for assistance in restoring one’s planetary resources?

Uilora: Unique times such as this offer grand opportunities. No one appreciates having difficult situations forced or foisted upon them, but to be frank, there is no element of surprise here – the using or usurping of planetary resources is not a new subject and is in fact, centuries old. Many generations have tackled their problems or at least met them head on, some have made progress and others have simply passed them along to the next generation. For instance, my parents told me once that their predecessors had a few encounters with several interested humans at gatherings long ago. If you will not take offense at a small attempt at humor, I would add that these gatherings were disguised as neighborhood “parties”. Some of these were called “hostess parties” and as the name implies, they were inventive ways for women to gather and explore topics of general and current interest. Of course some of the parties included genuine demonstrations for products such as Tupperware, but others might surprise you.

Neighborhood parties afforded the same opportunities for couples, family members and friends. Other polite, but thinly veiled excuses included encyclopedia sales, funeral plots, poker nights, and neighborhood improvement gatherings. Please do not imagine that every neighborhood get-together included an assembly of ET’s, but these gatherings provided average citizens in both urban and rural areas unique opportunities to discover more about themselves and their world. Many who will read these words now are a little more open-minded today due to these and other previous experiences. Unfortunately, these gatherings did not bring about as much open dialogue and change as my parents and others had hoped for. The after effects of World War II were many. The scars were far more than physical and too difficult for most to bear. The struggle to restore a family, a lifestyle or a job took precedence over almost everything else and the United States was still divided and confused about differences in appearance or place of origin. Other countries fared better, but only by a small margin.

The world is now at a similar crossroads, and although fifty years and more have passed the obvious is still true enough to be restated -- countries are at war within and without. Shortages of necessary resources such as oil, water and food loom large for many. Immigration of those who flow and overflow from one area to another threatens communities and economies, the powerful are still hungry for more, and the greedy hunger for their own share. Like dogs, the powerful and the greedy will not be satisfied to share a dish or scrap it out for a slightly larger portion of the remains of the day. Instead, they will demand first rights and perhaps even refuse others the second and third portions that remain long after their appetite has been satisfied. And while it is difficult to ignore a hound that is scratching at the door, sometimes it is best to do so. Of course, we both know that this narrative has more to do with a different kind of hunger.

Gaia’s Conclusion: It would be well for humanity on its own behalf and my own to begin to gather new and different ideas about its future, even if it must do so a few scraps at a time. A bird must feather is own nest, and as it does so, still run the risk that the tree it has chosen may be cut down and used for a different purpose or that its nest will only serve one season and not many. It is time for humanity to look boldly ahead and to choose this life as one that changes because of compromise instead of one that has been compromised by change. The days before you are not numbered unless you count them one by one. Count by two’s and already they double, by three’s and your opportunities have trebled, multiply by five and the troubled moments of the present will be long behind you. Dwell in the moment long enough to be counted present, but not long enough to become its prisoner. If your eyes cannot see further out then help them to see further in. Trust in the things you cannot see but have merit just the same. Plan lightly and tentatively if you must, but warm in the conclusion that your step is a safe one. Look equally to the right and to the left without prejudice as justice follows its own path and balances its own scales. Be the night watchman of your own thoughts and affairs, but take care that you do not become the watchdog of the fenced beliefs of others. Welcome the light of change and the variable moods that accompany it. Remember that the earth also has its moods and that orange skies are not a sign of anger, but of creativity moving outward from the deepest well within.



kay 15th August 2010 10:00 am

Thank you, Pepper, Uilora and Gaia. There's a lot to think about here, so I'll just say thank you for now.

Light Seeker 16th August 2010 2:39 am

I find the description of the powerfull wanting more and the greedy that are never satisfied synonamous with most leaders of countries today. It is sometimes difficult to discern whether that what they do or say is for the higher good of the people they serve or for their own hunger for dominance and power. Struggles within political parties for leadership borders on the service of self.
Give me a leader who places the needs of the people who elected him above himself and you will have a country free of strive, where tolerance of others is part of the culture.
I pray for the day when that will be a reality in South Africa.


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