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Dear Humanity,

My channel has found yet another way for me to communicate with you directly, a good reason to celebrate. There are many moments worth celebrating,  especially when there are fewer demands or limits on experiences.  Like a wounded animal or a man who limps, humanity favors time worn clichés such as, 'it could be worse' instead of a lighter 'it is sufficient' or  'it is an improvement'. Why wave a flag of caution or shield yourself under an umbrella of superstition? Another of your clichés asks if you are 'still waiting or the other shoe to drop'. Are you? If so, please know that it has already dropped, so you can go about your business without worrying about that one.

Worry and concern is a malaise that must be set upon the shelf or discarded. It cannot be healed. Did you know that it is easier to cure a man of cancer than it is to heal a man from worry? Worry is the result that uncertainty will prevail; it is the belief that the problem rather than the solution will prevail. Worry it is the condition created by the body when there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Long ago teachers from another world (aliens) came to earth and taught humanity many different skills. They taught humanity how to think collectively and how to anticipate each others' needs. The humanity of long ago could not predict the weather with any more accuracy than you can today. In fact, they did not have weather satellites or dopplers. On the other hand, they were able to anticipate the moments and days after a hurricane as easily as you now anticipate the days before one. This knowledge allowed them to plan effectively and to put their efforts to work in the right places. After the teachers left, the skills they had taught were not reinforced and were eventually forgotten. Other teachers will come to share newer skills with you, but until then, there is much that can be remembered and embraced.

An exercise to emerge from worry or concern

Center yourself in the present moment. Describe the moment as accurately as possible. Be objective, yet aware of your subjective feelings. Notice if there is more truth (or light) in your objective field or in your subjective field. Which field has more knowledge? Although you may be more accustomed to relying on your subjective fears, notice that the objective field is both broader and lighter. Notice that it is a reliable source of strength and seems to emerge from a teaching place within you. Invite the teacher to share something with you that you did not already know about yourself, perhaps something that you and the teacher have in common. Resist the temptation to make it yours by subjecting or narrowing it.   

Carry this new objective truth as consciously and presently as possible for the rest of the day. Practice objectivity with jus this truth. Do not challenge yourself to let go of any previously established concerns, fears or beliefs. Whenever possible, recognize the difference between a newer objective truth and an older subjective belief. Repeat the exercise and invite the teacher within to share another truth with you.

Do not challenge or chastise yourself for your subjective feelings. Your newer objective skills are impartial and wiser than your older overly rehearsed thoughts. Even if you are uncertain about future events, trust that your inner teacher will be present and prepared to offer the appropriate wisdom and guidance as it becomes necessary. Anticipate your ability to access wisdom, Begin to rely upon other skills already present within you. Trust that more skills will also emerge as they become available.



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